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Baco Rainbow Sandwich Bags

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Brand: Baco / Product Type: Bag

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    1 Review
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      24.03.2011 18:18
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      A fun idea.

      Last term, and nearly everyday my son was coming home with a different sticker on his lunchbox, this is not very unusual as the dinner ladies at his school sometimes award stickers for good eating and behaviour, but he insisted his best friend was bringing them in daily with his sandwiches, he went on so much in fact that when I went shopping I found the root of these stickers, as part of the sandwich bag section in Asda!

      The product in question is - "Baco rainbow sandwich bags with stickers".

      I have to say I usually go for the cheap "Smartprice" sandwich bags, as after all they only get thrown away once used, but when I spotted these I found them to be on offer at £1.00 a box, so decided that if it encouraged my son to eat his sandwiches it would be worth it.

      These bags come in a cardboard box, with a handy perforated lift and seal lid, perfect for pulling one out at a time without it bringing every bag out at once, but also negating the need for ripping.

      The box itself is aimed at children and their ability to nag a parent into submission, with it being literally covered in pictures of the characters that can be found on some of the stickers, and who are also the main characters on the actual website, known as "rainbow island".

      There is also other information to be found on the box, there are 30 sandwich bags in the box, with 30 sealing stickers, and the bags measure 210mm x 223 mm, which in fairness is the perfect size for a standard sized sandwich, this said however there is a list of other uses these bags could have.
      The bags are stated to keep the food within fresh and moist, with the bags being ideal to write upon, a good thing for me as I make sandwiches for both of my kids ate the same time, my son is not too impressed if he ends up with his sisters ham sandwiches!

      Other uses could be for "bits and pieces" or (which I have actually done) is for party bags, as these are much thicker than normal food bags and due to them being brightly coloured are actually ideal for this purpose, I do find these are a much cheaper alternative to the bog standard party bag!

      There are usually four different colours of bags within the box, two of what I would deem as girls colours and the same again of so called boys colours, and a sheet of all different stickers, which of course are the main draw for the kids!.

      Each bag is a singularly packed rectangular shape, is much thicker than any other food bad I have used previously, so thick that this is probably why there are stickers for sealing, as if tied the child would really struggle to simply "rip" open these bags.

      The idea is to place the sandwiches, or indeed whatever it is you are wrapping, with there then being enough bag left to make a flap for sealing, which is where the sealing sticker is then placed.

      The stickers are all a uniformed size and shape (again rectangular) but all contain either bright and vividly coloured patterns or characters, or simple children's jokes - "how does scruffy the dog stop his film......with the "paws" button...." things like that, the fact they are easy to peel from the food bag and still sticky enough for re-use means the kids can then either share their stickers or put them all over their lunch boxes, which is the route my kids have taken!

      These come either in a box or wrap, with the wrap containing a few more bags than the box, but with the offer on the boxes at present works out better price wise, though at normal price they do go back up to £1.50.

      These are a nice extra touch for my children's lunchboxes, and anything that could potentially "jazz" up the ever constant round of sandwiches within has my got my vote!

      For more information on products and to visit the characters that are featured on the stickers themselves visit - www.bacorainbowisland.co.uk

      Thanks for reading x


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