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Benedetti Foil Dispenser

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Brand: Benedetti / Type: Dispenser / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      22.04.2010 21:28
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      what worked with cling film, doesn't with foil

      I first came across Benedetti products when I discovered the Benedetti Cling Film Dispenser, I used it, loved it, and even wrote about it on this very site in glowing terms. Thus it was, that I was sadly over-excited when I saw that they had brought out a foil version.

      What I loved about the cling film dispenser was the fact that it made a tricky job simpler and that clever design made it better than other cling film boxes. Sadly as soon as I used this foil dispenser I realised that, apart from costing more than the average, and being made of plastic, this dispenser has no real added benefits at all.

      The Foil Dispenser contains a roll of 300m foil, a product which I am sure we are all familiar with. The lid contains a hidden cutting blade to cut the foil, which is 25m long. Where the cling film version cuts the product neatly and leaves the roll ready for use, the foil version cuts the foil perfectly well, but then the end just sticks to the edge of the box and has to be prised off. What they seem to have done is taken the design for the cling film box, scaled it down and expected it to work, which it doesn't. I'm not in the box design business but I think they needed to make this box slightly differently from its sister product to make it work properly.

      The next issue I have with this is that the foil is very expensive compared to a normal cardboard box-contained roll of foil - it's about £4, whilst a 40m long roll of Tesco equivalent will cost you a whole 50p less, that's half a pound cheaper for substantially more product.

      The foil isn't any different from normal foil, what should, in theory justify that higher price is that you are paying for a more solid box and, like its cling film sister product you should be able to buy refills. I say should be able to, as, as far as I can tell the refills are not available in any shop or online. Tesco have piles of cling film refills, lots of foil dispensers but no foil refills - which sadly I only realised having bought the foil. In theory the end of the box has a dial that you open to slide in a new roll, only I can't find one. Anywhere.

      Overall I'm really disappointed that this item seems to have been launched without proper thought and with the refills not being available, though of course they may be planned. This is short sighted as I can't be the only person to have bought this, used it, only to be disappointed and to leave this languishing in the kitchen drawer - I can't quite bring myself to throw it away, but this is one White Elephant I could have done without spending money on, so sadly I can't recommend it. Disappointing.


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      Tin foil equipped with an easy-to-use dispenser

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