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Betterware Large Heavy Duty Oven Liner

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Brand: Betterware / Type: Oven Liner / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      31.10.2009 14:07
      Very helpful



      The best purchase I have made this year.

      Reason For Purchasing:
      This was not a product I would of ever thought of buying, but my friend is a Betterware rep and I always feel obliged to order something from her each month when she hands me a catalogue. Well I have many Betterware products in my home and to be honest some of them are actually very good and this oven liner is certainly one of them.

      Well I bought this large oven liner over one year ago, as it was on an offer in the Betterware book at the time. It cost me £7.99, but it is usually around £9.99. This is a hard product to review actually, but I basically just want to recommend it. I ordered this liner and received it in a see through plastic wrapper with a little note on how to use and clean it etc inside.

      This large oven liner is apparently made from a PTFE coated, non stick fabric. PTFE (by the way) is also used as a non-stick coating for pots and pans and is more commonly know as Teflon. Well to me the oven liner is made of a black plastic type of material which is quite unusual and has a really unique feeling to the touch. It feels very smooth and is lightweight also. It certainly is a material I have not come across before and is obviously not plastic, as it would not be oven proof, but it sure feels like it to me. Well there certainly is not much to this oven sheet. It is just a plastic type of oven sheet that sits on the bottom of my oven base. It feels very well made, is quite thick and is a very strong material also. It is hard to crinkle it or tear it by hand, I have found also.

      Installing The Oven Sheet:
      This oven sheet was certainly easy to install. I just unfolded it and tried it out for size at the bottom of my oven (where it is meant to go by the way) This large sheet fitted inside my oven base (it is 50cmx40cm in size) but I did need to trim it to size, in length, and this was done very easily with a pair of scissors. These oven sheets also come in a medium size also, as I noticed them in the Betterware catalogue. Well I took out the bottom wire rack of my oven and set this oven sheet inside. It is not sticky based or anything, but it seems to magnetise itself to the metal base inside. Well that is it really about installing this sheet. I just popped it on my oven base and waited to test it out. If you have a double oven you could also use this oven liner on the base of the grill part also, as it will not catch fire and is safe to do so.

      The Purpose Of The Oven Sheets And Use:
      This oven sheet is designed to collect all those horrible spillages and crumbs that we collect on the bottom of our ovens without the effort of having to use elbow grease and oven cleaners to clean them off. My first use of my oven with this oven sheet involved, was to cook a pizza. The sheet did not flap about with the fan of my oven when I turned it on. It stayed perfectly still at the bottom and I noticed also that the oven liner did not heat up or get hot.

      Well of course there was plenty of pizza crumbs left behind in my oven after the pizza was cooked, but instead of them being on the oven base, they where sitting on top of this oven sheet. I will have to admit I did not take this sheet out of my oven after cooking my pizza, to wash it. I left in there until the next day and only took it out after I had cooked a casserole, as it bubbled over and leaked out all over this oven sheet.

      Cleaning And Maintenance:
      Well taking the oven sheet out to clean it was very easy to do. It just lifts out with no effort at all. I just picked it up around ten minutes after I had turned my oven off, set it by the side of my sink and wiped it over with a soapy damp cloth. I could not believe that the gravy from my casserole had not stuck or dried into it. It certainly was a non stick sheet and it really was a breeze to remove the gravy from it.

      Well I have cleaned many a spillage and crumbs so easily from this oven sheet. If I cook a chicken or greasy foods and they spill unto this oven sheet, I then tend to pop it into the dishwasher, as I hate cleaning grease of things by hand. This sheet is dishwasher friendly. It comes out of your dishwasher like the day you bought it. I have cleaned this sheet dozens of times in the last year and it has really held up very well indeed.

      Well this excellent oven sheet has certainly kept the bottom of my oven looking like new and seldom do I have to scrub the spillages of it. It really has saved me a lot of hard work as we all know how hard it can be to clean our ovens out. This really is an excellent invention indeed and one I am very pleased with.

      My Overall Opinion:
      I really could not live without this oven sheet now. It has made my life a lot easier cleaning wise. I hate cleaning my oven out. It is my worst chore and one I dread doing. Well this sheet when fitted, will certainly catch nearly every crumb and spillage going. It really will make cleaning out your oven much easier. It really is a great oven liner that is easy to remove and clean.

      I certainly would highly recommend this oven liner to everyone. If you do not use one already, I certainly would encourage you to do so. It really will save the bottom of your oven from getting messy, keep it like new and also will save you a lot of time and hard work cleaning it. This is one of the best buys I have made in the last year and one I will be sticking with.

      £10 does sound a lot for an oven sheet, but I promise you. It will be a product that you will always stick with after trying it out. I am really very pleased with it and I am quite amazed at how easy it is to clean also. This oven liner gets a full 5/5 from me. Well-done Betterware for introducing me to this product. I won't ever live without this type of oven liner now and I am sure I will get another year out of it also, as it's been very durable indeed! A great product from Betterware!

      A few years ago my old oven I had then, broke down, so I called out a repair man and was told it was the element that had gone in it. Well the repair man also told me never to line the bottom of my oven with foil as a lot of foils state on them that they are only suitable for food wrapping etc and are not safe in our ovens. Well I was quite shocked at this and have noticed since that some foils do state that they are not suitable for oven use. I tried to find out more information online about this, but there's nothing really. I guess maybe baking foil is slightly expensive and thicker so maybe this is better and safer than the thinner wrapping foils. Well anyway, I will stick with this oven liner and just use baking foil now in my oven, but please check the foil boxes out before using it in your oven as a liner. Further information would be welcome also about this.

      You can apparently buy cheaper and similar oven liners at various Supermarkets now. I have not bought any of these to compare them to this Betterware one though, but if I do I will update this review for comparison.



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