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Brabantia Essential Line Can Opener

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Brabantia / Type: Can Opener

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    3 Reviews
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      22.01.2014 07:45
      Very helpful
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      Not a particularly sucessful buy for me

      Review of Brabantia Essential Can opener

      I must be honest, can openers and I are not on very good terms. No matter what design of can opener I buy, I end up having problems with them. In fact, it is so bad that I find myself rejecting canned food brands if they do not have a ring pull sometimes! Just lately however, I am on a budget and find I am buying quite a few supermarket own label basic ranges when grocery shopping for items such as tinned tomatoes. These basic ranges rarely include a ring pull on their canned goods, no doubt to keep costs down.

      We do have an electric can opener but I find this a bit of a faff to get out, unwind the cable, plug in and use. I am a bit of a fuss pot who does not like gadgets and anything more than a toaster, kettle and the microwave out on the kitchen work surfaces, so I tend to use a hand held can opener rather than clutter up my work space with another gadget.

      **The Can Opener**

      I purchased this Brabantia can opener approximately 18 months ago. I cannot recall the exact price I paid, but I pretty certain it was in the £5-£10 region. My can opener was bought from one of the local supermarkets, probably Sainsbury's or Tesco.
      The can opener is fairly chunky, the cutting mechanism is made from stainless steel and the handles are durable white plastic. The can opener can be used either vertically or horizontally, the can opener is locked onto the lip of the can and the user needs to hold on to the plastic handles with one hand whilst turning the metal key like handle. This is where I get into difficulties as I find it almost impossible to turn the handle whilst holding onto the plastic handles. Perhaps I lack co-ordination or basic dexterity skills, but I find this very awkward to do!

      When used correctly (and by someone who can actually do it!) the can opener slices through the tin, cutting off the lid evenly and cleanly. The lid can then be safely removed from the can and disposed of. The can opener also has a bottle cap remover incorporated into the cutting end.

      **My Thoughts and Conclusion**

      I really do not like this can opener; I find it rather large and cumbersome. The can opener is quite awkward for me to use although in all fairness my partner has no trouble with it at all. The opener comes with a 5 year guarantee and although we haven't used it that often and it spends most of its time lurking in the back of the utensil drawer, it is still sharp.

      I am fully aware that the problems I have with this tool are mine, I have had similar issues with almost every can opener I've ever bought.
      On a positive note the can opener has a useful hanging loop and it is very easy to keep clean, a quick sluice in with the washing up is all that is required. It can be cleaned in a dish washer if you are lucky enough to have one!

      I would not rush to replace this can opener with a similar model due to my usage problems; however it is a useful thing to own, if you are less cack handed than me!

      I am awarding this Branbantia can opener a 2* rating given my less than satisfactory personal experience with it.

      Thank you for reading
      ©brittle1906 January 2014
      N.B.My reviews may be found on other sites under the same user name


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        08.12.2013 00:02
        Very helpful




        A can opener is a kitchen must-have in my opinion. I buy a lot of canned food such as tinned tomatoes, pulses and soups etc and whilst I do try and buy the ones which have ring-pulls as these are so much quicker and easier to open, I always end up with ones with no ring pull, mainly because my favourite brand of tinned tomatoes doesn't have ring pulls on the cans.

        I used to have an electric can opener which was given to me ages ago but this packed up at the beginning of the year. I decided to buy a manual one as I found that the electric one took up quite a lot of room in my kitchen cupboard and it was always a faff to get it out then put it away again. After having a browse online I decided to buy this can opener which I bought from amazon.

        I've got a Brabantia bin which was an influence in my buying decision as it's such good quality, and I didn't want to buy one of the really cheap ones knowing that they'd probably break within a few months. I paid just under £10 for the can opener which in my opinion is expensive, however I do think its worth it given the durability and quality and it is very easy to use.

        It is readily available from plenty of places including dunelm mill and prices do vary slightly depending on where you buy it from. The can opener is simple in design but it does look good quality and it also feels very good quality. The first thing that I like about this can opener is that although it is a good size and not fiddly or awkward to hold is that it is a lot easier to store than my electric one as it easily fits in one of my kitchen drawers without taking up very much room at all.

        It measures 19.8cm high and 5.5cm wide. It has got long, easy to grip plastic handles which have got a hollow part at the bottom which act like hooks so when you're not using them you can hang them up with your other kitchen accessories, I would love to do this but I don't have anywhere to hook them to! I also like that unlike my electric can opener it is silent when I am opening a can - the whirring sound on my electric one used to drive me mad.

        The inclusion of a wine bottle opener is handy, however I have to say that I don't use this often purely because I don't drink much but on the occasions where I've used it it was a little more fiddly than the can opener I already have but it did the job so I can't complain. The can opener is incredibly easy to use and it takes a matter of 30 seconds to open a can.

        The metal part is easy to get in the right position on the can and I've never had any problems with getting it to fit onto the edge of the can. Once it has a grip of the can I simply turn the metal handle in a winding sort of motion whilst holding down the can openers handles to keep it in place. You do need two hands to open a can with this can opener.

        The can opener cuts through the plastic completely effortlessly and it keeps a grip of the can. It is easy to remove the can lid once it has been cut off and the edges of the can are never sharp which is a big advantage because I have to open my dogs tinned dog food with this and he likes licking the can once he's had his dinner so I never worry he will cut his mouth on the can.

        The can opener does sometimes get bits of the food from the can on it but it is very easy to clean and I have put it in the dishwasher plenty of times as it's dishwasher safe. Overall I recommend this can opener. It is well made, durable, easy to store and I give it 5 out of 5 stars.


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        06.03.2012 18:36
        Very helpful



        A smart looking well built can opener that works like the first time every time.

        There is nothing more frustrating than finding yourself stood in the kitchen with an unopened can of Baked Beans in one hand and a broken can opener in the other. This is what happened to me a while ago, so I whipped out my spare can opener, which I then discovered was also broken.

        I had in all honesty got a couple of those cheap and nasty can openers that can be brought from Wilkos for about 29p so I guess I got the quality I paid for.

        I popped my laptop on and started browsing Amazon.co.uk as I had some balance left from vouchers, I decided now was the time to get myself a sensible can opener, one that would last me a long time so I would not be reduced to screaming in frustration trying to prise my way into the Baked Beans with a bottle opener and a knife.

        What I came across was the Brabantia Essential Line can opener, like the one in the picture. I remember my mum having a Brabantia can opener that looked similar to this when I and my two sisters were growing up; if it withstood our teenage abuse then I was sure this one would be up to the job. After a few minutes of thought I decided to buy one, at the time it cost me £9.99 including delivery.

        When my can opener arrived I had a good look around it, it felt nice and sturdy with its plastic handle grips and stainless steel openers, it was a good weight in my hand, and I felt quite happy with the price I paid.

        So to put it to the test, the can opener was very easy to attach to the can, this can be done either vertically or horizontally, once the can opener is locked onto the lip of the can you keep hold of the plastic handles with one hand and use the other hand to turn the metal handle, the can opener then slowly munches its way around the lid of the can. When used vertically the can opener removes the lid on the inside of the can and you need to poke the lid a bit to get it out of the can, when used horizontally the can opener removes the whole of the lid neatly and it can then be lifted off.

        The cutting action of the can opener is excellent, it moves smoothly and cleanly around the lip of the can leaving no sharp edges. The can opener is very easy to clean, just a quick swish in some hot soapy water (it can also be put in a dishwasher) and once dried it can then be stored in the kitchen draw or utensil jar or hung on a utensil rack using the stainless steel hanging hooks on the bottom of the plastic handle grips.

        The can opener has a nifty bit on the end for prising the lids of bottles, it can do this but the can opener is a bit bulky in my hands for bottle opening and I prefer to use a bottle opener.

        The Brabantia Essential Line can opener comes with a reassuringly long five year guarantee, I have had it for over a year already and it still looks and works like new.

        I recommend this can opener, it is currently selling on Amazon.co.uk for £7.07 including postage.

        Thank you for reading, this review may also appear on other sites under the same username xx


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