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Brabantia Steel Tea Coffee & Sugar Canisters

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Brand: Neways / Product Type: Other Ktichen Utensils

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    5 Reviews
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      01.05.2013 13:03
      Very helpful



      Great looking canisters that do the job well

      I love Brabantia products for the home, as I think they look good and it's nice to have matching products. Unfortunately, I can't remember how much I paid for these canisters, as I bought them a couple of years ago, but I remember getting them when they were on offer. I feel that they are usually pretty expensive to buy when not on offer, but considering they look great, do the job, and last for a long time, it's probably a price worth paying.

      Like I mentioned previously, I have had the canisters for over 2 years ago, and they look exactly the same as when I bought them, with no dents even though they probably get bashed about a lot when being washed and pushed around in the cupboard.

      The canisters look great and sleek with their shiny stainless steel appearance and a black lid, with matching black writing, and I love the little Brabantia logo that is at the bottom of each canister.

      They are very easy to use, as the lids come off the canisters very easily, whereas other canisters I've used in the past require some force to pull the lids off. The lids simply click back on again. The canisters are also easy to clean, although they do need to be left for a while so that they can dry properly, as they can look dry but when you tip them up, water seeps out from the bottom.

      I have found that the size of the canisters is just right for my needs, small enough to easily fit in a small cupboard but large enough to hold plenty of sugar, coffee and teabags, and so I don't have to refill them very often, which is handy.

      Overall, they are a great looking and easy to use product, that I would certainly recommend.


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      25.02.2013 17:34
      Very helpful



      An attractive accessory


      Along with my new kitchen units and worktops, there just had to be new accessories to add the finishing touches. I have owned several home ware products from the manufacturer Brabantia for years and have now added some new ones. I consider Brabantia to be a good reliable make and can usually find something I want from within their attractive ranges. For the kitchen I usually try to buy matching, or at least as close to ass possible, products as I think this makes everything look smart.

      I knew that I wanted to buy a biscuit barrel and matching storage canisters for tea, coffee and sugar; in fact I had owned these products in a matt steel colour for over ten years and had been pleased with these products longevity. I now wanted new as the undersides had rusted slightly and this would mean that they would spoil the new surfaces in my kitchen and also generally not look quite as good as something brand new.

      I looked on-line and saw the design I wanted but didn't buy from the internet as I like to look around in several stores first. I also noticed that these canisters are now made with a special coating to stop them rusting.

      I eventually purchased the canisters from an Ilford (Essex) department store called Bodgers, but unfortunately they didn't have the biscuit barrel in stock and so, I bought the matching biscuit barrel from another store at a later date.


      This set consists of three round storage canisters which are matt steel in colour and they are completed with black plastic lids. They are made of 'corrosion resistant polychrome or lacquered steel plate with Galfan coating' and this material is finger print proof; a useful feature as in my home, along with most others, I would think, canisters storing tea and coffee are used frequently. Also, in my household, everyone takes sugar and so all three tins are often used. Anything that limits marking has to be a good idea.

      The three canisters currently sit on my kitchen windowsill. When the kitchen is completely finished, (which should be this weekend with the fitting of the flooring, all being well) I might then find them a new home. But I do think they add to the look of a modern type kitchen being sleek, and in a fashionable shade whether placed on a windowsill, shelf or worktop; however, they are too nice to be stowed away. The black lids match my new worktop and my sink. The matt steel effectively contrasts with the black worktops and brightens up the kitchen.

      TO USE

      They are lovely to use. I would say that in regards to ease of opening and closing these are an improvement on the last set. Although there wasn't a problem with my previous set of containers these open even more smoothly, which for me, having difficulties with opening some household items, makes life much easier; the more easy open and close items I have in this room then the quicker and easier it is for me to work in the kitchen.

      The lids click on and pull off with ease. Fitted with flavour-seal 'click' lid


      As well as looking good and being made of finger print proof material these canisters are easy to clean inside. The interior is smooth plastic and feels nicer than the inside of my previous tins where the inside was metal. The lovely finish on these can be wiped clean and dried in no time at all.

      The containers are fitted with flavour-seal 'click' lid which is designed to keep foodstuffs dry and fresher for longer than they would normally keep for.

      Their bases have a protective coating. As I have mentioned, y previous containers lasted well apart from their bases which did corrode a little so this should be a very useful feature in my new kitchen.

      The containers are made of an anti-corrosive material.

      A ten year guarantee from Brabantia.


      The size of these containers is ideal for my home where tea, especially, is often used. Once filled with tea bags, sugar and coffee they don't need filling up again too often.

      Where sugar is concerned I fill the container and then in addition fill a sugar bowl from the larger container which is handy.
      A 1 kg packet of sugar fits into one container.

      I mostly buy a large box of tea bags and can fit around just over half into the tea container.

      The coffee container is big enough for a large 500g of coffee to be emptied into it. I'm not a big coffee drinker and so, as coffee lasts longer than tea in my household, I never used to fill the coffee container but kept my coffee in its original container, feeling it kept better in there but, as this container has a fresh ' flavour-seal click lid' I have recently decided to use all three containers.

      * Capacity 1.4 Litres

      * Diameter 11.0 cm

      * Height 17.5 cm

      * Width 33.0 cm

      * Depth 11.0 cm


      I purchased from Bodgers of Ilford for a little under £20.00 (£18 I think) during a sale.

      Amazon £19.63

      Debenhams £21.00

      Dunelm Mill £16.99 (That's a bargain!)

      Argos £23.99


      I am pleased with my purchase of this set; it was just what I wanted. I feel it looks good and has some clever features and although my last canisters lasted well, I believe these ones have some improved design features which should mean they will last for even longer than my previous containers. I like this manufacturer and would recommend this set of storage canisters.


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        29.01.2013 11:38
        Very helpful



        A fantastic set of coffee, tea and sugar canisters from Brabantia.

        I have an open plan kitchen and living room. Because of this I have a red and silver theme throughout that matches my kitchen cupboard and also all of the furniture in my living room area too. I like to colour coordinate things and this is why I have lots of black and silver in my kitchen.

        I purchased these Brabantia tea, coffee and sugar canisters about 18 months ago when updating my kitchen with items that I planned to keep for at least several years hopefully. I know that I paid £16.50 for these canisters as I bought them from Amazon and it provides instant order history when I re-look at any product on their website. My main reason for buying these was that I had been wanting them for ages and I had a problem with paying for something on my bank card. I wanted to confirm that the card was working so I decided sod it I'll order these, and I did! £16.50 isn't the cheapest price for these and it is unlike me to buy something without shopping around. I've seen these for around £10 in recent months on numerous sites and in store at Sainsburys (I believe) so definitely shop around if you want these!

        As you can probably already tell there are three canisters in the set. These came well wrapped in a cardboard box type thing that unwrapped easily to reveal the three canisters, each in the brilliant steel look (matte also available) with black lids. These looked flawless and I did check them over for marks as I'm quite a fussy mare when it comes to things like that. Each canister states tea, coffee or sugar on it and then says Brabantia in very small letters towards the bottom. These canisters are 1.4l in size but I can confirm that mine hold approximately 250g of coffee, 1kg of sugar and about 120 tea bags depending on their size and how well I squish them in. The height is 17.5cm and the diameter is 11cm but all I know about that is they look a standard size and were just a fraction bigger than the Wilkinsons ones that I was replacing them with (because the lids were getting stuck often).

        The lid on these canisters is very simple to use. When you remove the lid it gives up just a seconds resistance and comes off easily. When putting the lid back on it seems to click in place and it stops any smells from being released.

        These canisters work very well. The smells are kept within the canisters and this also means that no kitchen smells are transferred to the items either. This is important as my canisters live quite near my oven which I will admit normally needs a good cleaning! My husband never has any complaints about his coffee not being strong or the sugar going in to lumps like it can do when just left in the bag.

        I love how easy these canisters are to clean. I have only needed to clean them inside on a couple of occasions and I just used hot water and a sponge to give them a wipe around inside before rinsing clean and leaving upside down on my dish drainer to drain off the excess water. I make sure to remove all water carefully from around the rim area just to avoid any problems with rusting or rotting but so far all looks perfect still. The outside I just clean when I am cleaning my other kitchen gadgets and items and this keeps it looking fresh and clean. It is quite difficult to make the outside messy really and it is only when something gets spilt on them that the outside needs a clean as these canisters do not seem to show up fingerprints at all which is fabulous.

        I've nothing but good things to say about these canisters. I like how simple they are to use and they hold lots of sugar in particular which is great. The only time I've ever dropped one is when I picked up the sugar one by the lid with wet hands and it slipped and the lid came off as it slipped. The canister didn't get any marks on it after hitting the worktops and the sugar was pretty much all saved by my quick thinking. I feel like these canisters offer something better than the cheaper ones that I had from Wilkinsons before. They did look quite nice but unfortunately the lids started to rust and it got harder and harder to open up the canisters. I feel that these are worth every penny of the £16.50 as they look stylish and functional too. They blend in well in my kitchen and they are simple to fill and easy to open. No smells are released from these canisters and the contents are not affected by cooking smells either. 5/5 from me!


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          17.09.2011 16:55
          Very helpful



          Great cannisters though at a high price

          Brabantia Steel Tea Coffee & Sugar Canisters

          I A few years ago, we wanted to update our kitchen a little bit and after redecorating, our old kitchen equipment just did not go. We went to various places looking for items which would suit our new kitchen, and came across these tea, coffee and sugar canisters in metallic silver which we thought would sit nicely on our kitchen counter next to our new silver kettle!

          Unfortunately, I can not remember how much we spent on them, though Amazon have them up at the moment for £17.30 which seems a little excessive. I am sure that we paid a lot less than this, though as said, my memory is terrible and can not quite place the figure we paid. Do look around, though, as I am sure that you can pick these up a little cheaper than Amazon's price!

          The canisters are metallic silver each with a black lid and black writing on the side (tea, coffee, sugar). If you so wish, they can also be bought as part of a larger set that all matches up which includes a silver bin, biscuit barrel and bread bin. All these can be found on Amazon for various prices. We actually bought the bin at the same time though found it too large for what we wanted.

          Back to this product...!

          The silver is of a steel make and each are 1.4 litre canisters which hold approximately 250g of coffee, or 1000g of sugar. We rarely fill ours to the top as, although it states that the contents last longer in these steel canisters, I find that all canisters of this kind still make the bottom of the contents a little wet after a while so I prefer to fill them only half way and keep everything fresh.

          The canisters clean easily both inside and out and have a protective, coated base to protect against scratches and so forth.

          Although I think that the Amazon price at the moment is extremely overpriced, I would recommend these canisters as they do look nice and do their job well. After having them for a couple of years, they pretty much look brand new still which is great.


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          09.03.2011 17:30
          Very helpful



          see review x

          The canisters

          I bought these canisters absolutely ages ago; I really needed some decent ones that went well in my kitchen, so I thought steel things go well with everything. The canisters are totally steel through out including the lid. The canister is silver in colour, with the words sugar coffee and tea printed in black on each of the canisters. The lid is pure black, and detaches easy from the canisters when need removing.

          How much do each canister hold

          Sugar- this will hold around a full bag of sugar, although I never have actually filled it up, I usually only put half a bag of sugar in at a time.

          Coffee- I find that the canister is usually 3 quarters full with a medium sized jar of coffee.

          Tea- it holds around 80 tea bags.

          Do they keep fresh in the canisters

          I have not had any problems at all from the sugar going into lumps like it can do when just left in the bag, it all seems to stay fresh as long as you obviously replace the lid after using. As I said though I do only fill it half full, but I am sure it would work just as good when you fill it right up.

          Are they easy to clean

          Yes they are really easy to wash, just a sink full of hot soapy water and a cloth and they clean very easily. The sugar can sometimes get stuck to the sides of the canisters but in hot water this soon dissolves. Then dry them with a tea towel and fill back up again.

          My overall opinion

          The canisters are really good, I cannot quite remember the price I paid for them as it was a long time ago but they do the job and store my coffee and sugar well, and keep them well preserved. They are pretty basic and easy to open; all you need to do is pull the lid, and they come right off. I do remember when I did first buy them they were a little stiff at first to get the lid off but they soon loosen up in time with more usage.
          These really have done me well, and I have had no need to replace them as yet. So I would definitely recommend buying these as they last ages and doing the job that they are supposed to, and also no matter what the colouring of your kitchen is they still look great.


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