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Colour Coded Chopping Boards

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Brand: Kitchen Craft / Product Type: Chopping Board

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    1 Review
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      12.11.2011 21:23
      Very helpful



      Great stand, and useful colour coding too

      I know this sounds odd, but I can find chopping boards a bit troublesome. I like to have them out so I can get at them easily, but they never stay where they are if I try to stand them up and balance them. So, when I was buying new ones as part of a mass kitchen-refurbishment I was rather taken by the idea of a set with a matching stand. I should add that I wasn't buying everything new just because I'd fancied redoing my kitchen - all my equipment, utensils and so on had been, shall we say, permanently borrowed, so it was necessity rather than choice that had me shopping en masse in August. But, since I had the option to start afresh, I decided to see what was out there rather than just replace like with like. I also had a lovely amount of dooyoo Amazon vouchers to spend, and from the selection on that specific site, chose these because they looked good and were cheap.

      This set includes 3 chopping boards in a stand. The boards are colour coded but if you're not up to speed with kitchen safety, they're also marked with a picture of what they're supposed to be used for: a carrot on the green one signifies vegetables, there's a self explanatory joint of meat on the red one and a fish on the blue, while the white boasts a steaming dish of something, and is supposed to signify any generic hot food. Now obviously this is suggested use only, and since I never have meat or fish in the house, I just use them willy nilly, but if you do cook with raw meat etc, I can imagine this would be a helpful way to remember to separate your chopping. The colours are just visible when the boards are in the stand, but it's the tabs on top with those illustrations that really mean you can't get confused.

      The boards are made of polypropylene and are dishwasher safe. I have been extremely impressed by the way they wash and keep their bright colours, without picking up stains along the way. I cook with tomatoes a lot, and have tinged countless bits of Tupperware pink in the process, but these don't absorb colour in the same way.

      The boards are nice and chunky and don't have any 'give' at all. I've had others than bend somewhat, especially with heavy or hot things on top, but these are solid, more like slate boards, so much more useful / reassuring. They are a good size too, at about 28 cm by 19 cm. Classy thing that I am, I have been known to eat (when home alone) off a chopping board rather than a plate, especially things like toasted sandwiches. These are a good size for that, and the shape means you can have several 'zones' too if you're trying to design some sort of tapas tasting plate with 4 or 5 items on.

      These things are all very well, but I really board this set for the stand that comes with them, so that needs a mention to. The stand is much heavier than I had anticipated when full, but that's mainly the weight of the boards. Empty, this stand still has a good grip though, thanks to the non-slip base. It is a neat cuboid and, something I'd not realised when I ordered, has slits inside for the boards so you have to slide them in like drawers. This is quite helpful as it means that even if you only have one board in it, it will still stand up straight and not flop at an angle. It's not fiddly to fit the boards as the end slits are quite generous though when I'm putting a single board in I sometimes do get it slightly off, lying from the right of the first slit to the left of the second, for example. All this means is, if I want to put all 4 in, I need to sort out the wonky one first.

      The stand has an attractive, plain design. It's a sort of brushed silver grey plastic, and not one that takes hot or sticky fingers and turns them into perma-prints. It's wipe clean too, but I've not needed to clean it so far, in part because it's quite easy to remove the boards by lifting from the extended tabs, and not having to fish down inside the holder. Considering you can't have 4 white boards in a stand if you want them colour coded in this way, it's a pretty reasonable, plain alternative. There are some stands that are much smaller and only cover a fraction of the boards, which leads to a much more colourful display, whereas with these as you can see in dooyoo's picture, the stand is as tall as the boards, with just the tabs extending up.

      I find it so much easier having these chopping boards all together in the stand as they sit neatly and compactly on my work surface, easily to hand but not getting in the way. For this reason, I would highly recommend the set even if you're not fussed about separating ingredients. When I bought them on Amazon they were about £12 which I thought ok for 4 boards and a stand when they are a decent quality. The price has now crept up to £20 which I think is a little much, but I have seen these in B&Ms too for about £10 so it's worth looking when you're out and about unless you're hell bent on using vouchers. Highly rated for size, quality and convenience.


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