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Ethos Kid's Breakfast Set in Lunchbox

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Brand: Ethos / Product Type: Lunch Box

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    1 Review
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      17.11.2010 10:49
      Very helpful



      A complete set for breakfast and lunch

      Whilst browsing on Amazon for tableware for my son, I happened to come across the Ethos Kid's Breakfast Set and Lunchbox. The RRP for this little set is £14.99, which seemed reasonable for a four-piece set and a lunchbox. I added it to my Amazon wish list and continued to browse the site. I didn't order it immediately and I'm glad I waited, as all too often Amazon prices fluctuate, so I managed to order this set at a fraction of the price.

      The breakfast set is all neatly packaged within a metal lunch box, it all fitted snugly into the box and each piece was wrapped in paper and card to protect it in transit. The-four piece set comprises of a breakfast bowl, plate, cup, and an eggcup. All a child needs for a full breakfast, and the lunch box for you to pack their lunch into. My immediate thought was how dinky the plate was, and how large the cup was, the cup was far bigger and heavier than my son's plastic beakers. The set is possibly aimed more towards primary school aged children as it comes with a lunch box.

      The metal lunch box is rather nice; I much prefer a metal tin to a plastic one as it feels more robust. The box is brightly coloured, it is designed to look like a house with the top of the box having a red roof which covers the entire top section of the box right over the lid and onto each side, there is a farmyard animal in each of the windows, as well as a cat and a dog. The cow, sheep and pig are the colours you would expect, however, the cat is green and the dog is blue, which I'm not too keen on. The animals are standing upright on their hind legs and they are all wearing a party hat. The front of the house is blue and the back is pink, it is a rather colourful and cheery affair that is sure to appeal to a child. The lunchbox is supported with a pink plastic carry handle, the box is held together by a metal clasp which is easy to open and close.

      The design of the box is nice and it is of a good quality. It is an ample size for a little ones lunch, however, my son is not in need of a lunch box just yet. We actually use the lunch box as a pencil tin, and it holds a lot of pencils and crayons along with a few other art andcraft bits, considering the amount that is crammed into the box it is quite heavy, the plastic handle is strong enough for it to be carried about and swung around. It has had a lot of use and it gets dragged around on the table and floor, and it is clunked against surfaces, my son also sticks magnets onto the tin and drags them across the surface to pull them back off again. The little box has taken all the abuse and it is still in great condition with no damage to the picture whatsoever. The box is quite handy and it can be used for either storing small toys, as a pencil tin, or for using it for its intended use of a lunch box.

      The breakfast set has the same design on each piece. The set is ceramic, and it is quite chunky in design. The plate is rather small; however, it is just big enough for a slice of toast. I use this plate for my son at lunch time for a sandwich or for a small snack, so it is an ideal size for a little one. Although being a small size means that there is not much area for catching crumbs, not that this presents a problem for us, as my son doesn't miss a crumb. The plate is quite dainty, however, it is an ample size for a little one.

      The breakfast bowl is a good size, just as well as my hungry little boy likes a big breakfast. The bowl is nice and deep so the cereal and milk won't spill over the sides. It is, in fact, big enough for us adults to use, as I have been known to use this bowl for my breakfast and I don't need to fill it to the top. Unlike the plate the bowl is predominantly white with a picture border around the outer, so there is nothing to distract a little one from eating their breakfast.

      The cup is pretty much the same width as a standard cup, however, the only difference is that it is not quite as tall. I did wonder if my son would be able to manage this cup, as once it is filled with either milk or water it is quite heavy for a little one to lift as it is quite chunky in design. I gave my son a bit of assistance at first, however, he was confident to drink from the cup independently, although it requires two hands to support the weight of the cup.

      I cannot really comment much on the egg cup, does anyone still use an egg cup? The egg cup is of the same good quality, and it is the same size as a standard egg cup. I am yet to find a use for it. Still, it is nice as part of the set.

      This is a lovely little set, and it represents good value for money. I have, in fact, gone on to order a second set, as I think even at full price it is good value for money, as you are getting four pieces and a metal lunch box. My son is only 34 months old and he is still a bit heavy handed with his things, however, this set has proven to be durable as it has been bounced around on the table. The set is well designed, it is bright and cheerful and each piece is an ample size for a preschool child or for a primary school aged child. It would also make a nice gift. The pieces are chunky and the pattern is of a good quality.
      We have been using this set for several months on a daily basis, and I'm surprised that it is still in great condition, it hasn't suffered any damage. The pictures are still just as bright with no fading or markings on any of the four pieces. The lunch box has seen plenty of action, and it comes in handy for storing art and craft materials, and the other one is used for storing small toys. This is a lovely little breakfast set that would appeal to either a girl or a boy.

      The set is available in either blue or pink from Amazon.


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