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Fusion Brands Poach Pod

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Brand: Fusion Brands / Product Type: Poach Pod

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    1 Review
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      27.10.2011 11:33
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      Go for the Silicone ones

      Earlier this year, my partner and I delved into the world of poached eggs, after years of neither of us having ever so much as tried one. What inspired us to incorporate poached eggs into our diet was the simple design of the silicone poach pod from fusion brands which we purchased from Lakeland. Impressed by the overall outcome of our poached eggs we have been using the poach pod several times a month and recently my partner came across a new addition to the poach pod family in the form of the stainless poach pod....and as with every new product that comes on the market we just had to have it.

      **What is a poach pod**

      I you have read my previous review on the silicone poach pod then most of you will know exactly what the product is and what it does. For those of you who don't know, a poach pod is a simple cooking tool designed with the idea of perfectly poached eggs every time. Acting as a tray or basket for your egg the poach pod is designed to float in a pan of boiling water while your egg simply poaches away. As well as being able to poach eggs the poach pod can be used as a tool for baking, moulding and serving and anything else your imagination can muster up.

      **How to use the poach pod**

      The stainless poach pod really is no different to the silicone poach pod with regards to the cooking instructions and preparation. Simply bring a pan containing 1.5 - 2 inches of water to the boil coat the interior with oil or some other non stick substance, such as butter, crack the egg into the pod and pop into the pan reducing the heat to low so the water is just simmering. The cooking time will vary with the average being 3-5 minutes depending on how runny or hard you like your egg. I like mine quite runny and find that 4 minutes does the job. To remove the poach pod from the pan, there are silicone finger grips situated at the top which protect your fingers from the hot metal and prevent you from being burned. Run a spoon around the outside of the pod and tip upside down to enjoy your freshly poached egg.

      **The result**

      The first negative point I found about this particular poach pod was the fact that although this one has a non-stick coated interior, and every website we checked out before buying indicated that no greasing was required for this poach pod which is really what sold it to us, when we opened up the instructions it clearly states that the poach pod should be lightly oiled when poaching eggs. The whole purpose of having non-stick cookware is to cut out the need for grease or oil and still have your food be released cleanly and this is simply not the case with the stainless poach pod even with greasing we found that some of the egg stuck to the inside of the pod. While cooking our eggs in the poach pod one of the things we noticed was that due to the extra weightiness of this particular poach pod, the whole thing ended up submerged in the water, which although that is how you poach an egg, it's not what the poach pod is designed to do ultimately sinking to the bottom, which if you don't have a suitable poach pod utensil for removing the pod from the boiling water, you can't exactly stick your fingers in to grab the finger grips. You can use a ladle to remove the poach pod if you find yourself in this particular situation or alternatively you can invest in the poach pod lift which is a product from the same manufacturer that allows you to lift the poach pod in and out of the water.
      To release the egg you have to run a spoon around the outer edges but due to the fact that the pod is stainless steel you can't really flip this product upside down with ease because if you touch the metal you will burn your fingers, and the silicone finger grips aren't really very well placed or large enough (i.e. too close to the metal so one little slip of the finger could result in burnt finger tips) for the removal of the egg to be easy.

      Obviously because we have the silicon pods already we can't help but compare the two and here are some of the comparisons.

      1. The silicone poach pods are easier to store because they can be squashed down whereas the stainless ones retain their shape due to the fact that they are sold metal.

      2. The Stainless poach pod is heavier causing the pod to drop below the water line whereas the silicone pod floats effortlessly on the top

      3. There is a greater risk of burning yourself using the stainless poach pod where the risk is minimal with the silicone one

      4. Removing the egg from the silicone poach pod is far easier than removing the egg from the Stainless one as you can turn the silicone pods inside out if you find yourself in difficulty - you cannot do this with the stainless one

      5. Two Silicone poach pods cost less than a single Stainless one

      **Do I recommend**

      In this instance I was suitably unimpressed with the Stainless poach pod. It costs £5.99 for a single one and while it may be a little more pleasing to the eye, it certainly does not do the job as well as the silicone poach pods which cost £4.99 for a set of 2. Of course you still get pretty tasty poached eggs from the stainless poach pod but the actual ease of use of this particular pod is actually quite difficult. The non-stick coating in actual fact isn't non-stick at all as you still have to take the time to grease the product before use, and when in use the pod dips down below the water level which isn't supposed to happen. Grasping the stay cool silicone grips isn't as easy or convenient as it should be and in the end I think fusion brands made a mistake introducing a metal version of the product into the market as the silicone pods do an excellent job, are easier to store, less expensive and a lot easier to use.


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