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George Wilkinson Round Sandwhich Tin

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Brand: George Wilkinson / Type: Sandwhich Tin

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    1 Review
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      02.03.2012 23:08
      Very helpful



      Good quality for the price

      After dinner every night my husband has to have desert of some sort, which usually consists of cake meaning I do a lot of baking every weekend. I had been using some tins I bought a while back which had hinges so that you could remove the bottoms of them to get the cake out, however a few weeks ago I had put my cake mixture in the tin in the oven to bake, a while later I looked in the oven only to discover that half of the cake mixture had seeped out of the bottom of the tin and all over my oven, after that incident I decided it was time to abandon the hinged tins and buy some new ones. I had a look around a local cheap shop and discovered George Wilkinson Classic Necessities Round Sandwich Tins, they were ideal for what I wanted, there was no way the mixture could leak out of the bottom of the tins and they were the perfect depth to make a decent thickness of sponge cake, and as an added bonus they were being sold at a very reasonable price.

      The Sandwich Tins did not actually come in any packaging at all, however they did have a half circle label stuck in the centre of each tin, on the front of the label are the words "Classic Necessities" written over a picture of a cake being cut, the rest of the label is taken up with a black stripe and an orange stripe, in the black section is written "non-stick round sandwich tins" this is in orange and white writing. In the orange section are symbols which give you different facts about the tins, the size of the tins are also written on the front of the labels. The care instructions and guarantee is also given and the George Wilkinson address appears at the bottom of the label should you require it.

      The George Wilkinson Sandwich Tins are nothing fancy to look at, they are basically plain black metal round tins with a small lip around the edge, each tin measures about 185mmx25mm which is 71/4 x 1 inch, the edge where the base of the tin meets the sides is also rounded, there are no sharp edges making greasing and cleaning the tins easy. The tins are a matt black colour and made from a light weight metal which is handy for taking them in and out of the oven meaning they are not overly heavy when full. Other features of the George Wilkinson Sandwich Tins are that they are dishwasher safe and also have a non stick surface, again perfect for when I am baking a cake. I was a bit concerned when I purchased the tins in case the non stick surface didn't work as this would make removing cakes from the tins impossible, also I was hoping I wouldn't have to use a sharp object like a knife to remove the cakes as this would mean the non stick surface would be scratched and would not work.

      The Sandwich Tins come with care instructions on the label as previously mentioned, these were pretty standard for this type of product and includes
      *Wash thoroughly before use with hot soapy water
      *Lightly grease with fat or butter before every use
      *Do not bake at more than 200 degrees
      *Do not place over direct heat, gas or flames
      *Do not use in a microwave
      *Allow baking to cool before removing from the tin
      *Always line the tins with pastry when using fruit fillings
      *Soak tin in warm soapy water to remove any burnt ingredients from the tins
      *Do not use metal scourers or abrasives to clean the tins
      *Allow to dry before storing
      All of these are pretty standard but will help to keep the tins in good condition for longer meaning you do not have to keep replacing them after just a few uses.

      The Sandwich Tins actually come with a two year guarantee which I was quite surprised about, the details of this can be found on the back of the label, this states the tins are guaranteed against faulty materials and workmanship under normal commercial use, so basically if the tins do not live up to expectation and you are just using them for personal use in your homes that's fine but if you are using them as part of a business they are not covered under the guarantee. Also should you wish to claim against the guarantee you need to have stuck to the guidelines outlined in the care guide again on the label, the George Wilkinson address is written at the bottom of the label should you need to contact the manufacturers in reference to the two year guarantee.

      I purchased two George Wilkinson Sandwich Tins from a local cheap shop and they cost me just over £1.00, I was extremely pleased with this price, however they can also be purchased from various other shop and websites, the price varies depending on where you purchase them from. When I saw how cheap the tins were I did wonder what the quality of them would be like, but I needed some new ones and these would do for now, however after trying them out a few times I was very impressed with them, they are of an excellent quality despite their cheap price, they were definitely worth the money.

      I would definitely recommend the George Wilkinson Non Stick Sandwich Tins, they are of an excellent quality and do just what they say, I have used these several times to make cakes and so far they have not stuck at all, all I need to do is loosen the cakes from the side of the tin being careful not to scratch the sides and then lightly tap the bottom of the tin to remove the cake. For me the main benefit of the tins was the price, I did question the quality of them but after several uses have found them to be of an excellent quality especially for the extremely low price they were being sold at. The price was low as I purchased them from a local cheap shop, they are a little more expensive if you purchase them from various other shops and websites. I would definitely recommend these tins to anyone and would certainly purchase other tins from this range in the future.


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