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Ikea Akut Utensil Set

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Brand: Ikea / Type: Utensil Set

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    2 Reviews
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      15.05.2012 10:37
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      Ikea Akut

      IKEA Akut 3-Piece Kitchen Utility Set
      Since moving into our studio flat and discovering we were lacking in many of the essentials, my partner and I have made countless trips to our local IKEA. One of the items we purchased was the Akut 3-Piece Kitchen Utility Set. The set consists of a large spoon, a spatula and another utensil which is like a large fork. (This is where you can tell I'm not too hot in the kitchen!)

      We initially made this purchase as we were looking for a spatula kind of item. At the time we weren't too fussed about getting a high quality product as we just wanted something that was better than nothing. I found this set in one of the many large baskets placed around IKEA and decided that for the price this was the perfect purchase. I should point out that I bought this set at IKEA in Krakow, but I have checked on the IKEA website and they are available in the UK for only 70p for the set! Bargain!

      In Use
      For a couple who don't cook very often these utensils always seem to end up in the pile of washing up so we must be using them a lot!

      The piece of the set which gets used the most is the spatula, I am forever using this to separate lasagnes' and pies from oven dishes and usually on awkward angles which involve the spatula being bent on strange angles, despite this the spatula is still in one piece and is showing no signs of fatigue or wear.

      Next up we have the giant fork, this is also used a lot and mainly for the same things as the spatula, in other words, when the spatula is waiting to be washed the fork is a great substitute! We also find the fork is very handy for mixing salads along with the spoon at the same time. This combination works just as well as any salad tossing tool! Our fork is also still in great condition, it isn't as flexible as the spatula, but then its not really designed to be used for the same things as a spatula.

      The spoon is the piece in the set which we use the least, as I mentioned above it is great for mixing salads in combination with the fork. Other than this the only use I can think of for this spoon has been when I have made scrambled egg in the frying pan. This is the main occasion I have been known to leave utensils resting on pans and melt them, however I have found that even if I leave this spoon resting on the edge of the pan with the heat still turned on it doesn't seem to melt. The other bonus of this spoon, and in fact the whole set, is that when I do leave them resting on pots and pans they remain cool enough to pick up again without burning yourself.

      Since I am the one who spends most time at home, washing up tends to fall into my list of jobs, and I hate it! But since our kitchen is way too small for any kind of dishwasher I am left with no choice but to fill the sink and get scrubbing! Thankfully these utensils are really easy to clean. I tend to leave most items in the sink in soak for a few minutes before I wash them as I think it makes my job a lot easier, I have noticed with these utensils I don't actually need to soak them unless they have been left dirty for a while as generally nothing seems to stick to them and they come up nice and clean with great ease.

      The utensils are made from a thick and strong black plastic and according to IKEA advertising they will withstand large amounts of heat without melting. I am happy to say this is true. In the past I have lost count of the amount of times I've had lectures off my mum for melting her utensils while attempting to cook and I obviously haven't learnt my lesson as I am forever still leaving utensils resting on the edges of pots and pans. Since purchasing this set I have told my mum to go and buy some as so far we have not had any 'melting accidents' and after 6 months of regular use our set still looks like new.

      This set is priced at just 70p! Which is an absolute bargain in my mind!

      Would I Recommend?
      At just 70p for the set I can safely say... Yes, I would recommend the Akut 3 piece utensil set from IKEA. They are high quality at an excellent price and very durable against my constant kitchen abuse!

      Thanks for reading :)


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        07.05.2012 12:50
        Very helpful



        3 piece kitchen utensil set for 70 pence!

        I bought this Ikea Akut kitchen utensil set as a short term stop gap set of kitchen utensils. All of our stuff was in storage between moves and I needed some cheap basics to tide us over, kitchen utensils being one of those basics.

        This is just a very simple 3 piece plastic kitchen utensil set consisting of a spoon, a fork and a turner. All of the items are in black plastic, and they are dishwasher safe. The Akut kitchen utensil set is available for the bargain price of just 70 pence for all three items.

        The three items in the set are actually quite short and squat, they have very short handles. I had initially thought that this might make them a bit awkward to use, but it's actually the opposite. I find that the short handles make them really easy to use and really comfortable to use.
        The kitchen utensils are each made from one piece of moulded plastic, they dont have a seperate 'handle' attached (if that makes sense!).
        The utensils have holes in the handles to enable you to hang them up if you wanted to.

        The spoon is quite a shallow spoon, and isn't suitable to use as a serving spoon as such, but is more than adequate as a cooking utensil. The fork has three prongs to it, and all of the prongs have flat square edges. The turner has quite a small surface area but will turn most things with ease; burgers pancakes, steaks etc, it has 3 wavy 'airholes' on the surface of the turner, it's not a solid surface.

        The kitchen utensils are suitable for all pan types, especially non-stick as they are plastic, you don't need to worry about the utensils scratching your pans at all. They are made from a very sturdy plastic and I've never had any warp or go out of shape at all. Also they wash well, they never have any odours or stains clinging to them at all.

        I've been actually really really impressed with this little set of kitchen utensils, and I have continued to buy the set from Ikea whenever mine is ready for replacing. I initially bought the little set as a stop gap set, but now I use them all the time as my main kitchen utensils. They are so cheap to replace at just 70 pence for the set, and I've even picked up the pieces seperately in the 'As Is' section in Ikea for just 10 pence each. I always have 2 sets on the go, as I do always tend to use everything in the kitchen when I cook. My huband always jokes that I'm the only person he knows that can use virtually everything in the kitchen to make beans on toast!


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