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Ikea Burken Jar with Lid

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Brand: Ikea

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    2 Reviews
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      25.11.2013 12:13
      Very helpful



      Lid fits well, cheap to buy.

      A few years ago I bought a couple of these jars because I like to keep a nice neat and tidy home, I am very well organised and very house proud. I detest clutter with a vengeance and cannot abide bits and bobs in different places. I like to know exactly where to find what I am looking for, so storage jars are what I store items in for keeping things nice and tidy in my home. On a recent visit to Ikea I bought quite a few more of these jars to go with my collection.

      They come in 3 different sizes, 0.5L, 1.1L and 2.2L. I have all 3 sizes. They are all glass jars which come with a nice silver coloured aluminium lid. The lid fits snugly over the jar and keeps any food nice and fresh inside them. It isn't a flimsy aluminium lid and I find the lid is easy to place onto the jar and it isn't hard to just pull it from the jar when you want to take something from it. On the top of the lid there is a little handle which I find really easy and handy to grip and then just pull the lid from the jar. A super little feature on the lid in my opinion. The glass is transparent and a good solid jar. It isn't too heavy but it is a good weight and isn't at all flimsy. It sits well on a surface too and doesn't tip over.

      I like to store spaghetti shapes or pasta in the larger jar and I store dried rice in the middle sized jar. The smaller jar I store my OXO cubes and any fish cubes. I bought 2 of each size recently and I decided to place cotton wool balls into the middle size, some odds and ends in my smaller jar and in the larger jar I store my grandchildren's craft items such as glue, soft balls and pipe cleaners and lots of other craft items. I also decided to store my hair bands in the smaller jar because it is a good small size for the amount of bands. I buy packs of bands so the jar just keeps them in one place and the jar fits inside my drawer in my bedroom. In the middle size jar I have decided to store my tea lights because it is a good size for storing a pack of tea lights. I place this jar in my wardrobe because it is a little bigger. The rest of the jars I decided to give to my hubby so that he can store some things in his cave lol. He just stores odds and ends in them and finds them quite handy in his cave and so he can also find what he may be searching for and doesn't get frustrated having to keep searching for them and they are then in one place. He isn't as organised as I am though but he does try lol. But his cave is his haven and the jars work well for storage in sheds and garages.

      These jars are ideal for storing any items or food items you want to store so you can keep them all in one place. The transparent glass means you can see what is inside the jars and you don't need to label them, although you could still stick labels onto the glass if you wanted to but I don't tend to bother with labels on my jars.

      These jars wash really well too and look as good as new after they have been washed. They last for years you take care of them and wash them regularly.

      These jars are extremely cheap to buy, the smaller jar costs just £1.80, middle jar £2.75 and the larger jar costs £4.25. I think they are super value for money jars and worth every penny spent. The quality of the glass and lid is also of a very good quality for these prices in my opinion.

      If you are looking for storage jars and are lucky enough to be able to visit an Ikea store, I highly recommend giving these jars a go. You can store whatever you wish inside the jars and they seal really well. I think they would be ideal for a utility room to store anything you have you need to store in jars. I am going to replace my plastic container I store my wash powder in and buy a larger jar for storing the powder when I buy another one on my next visit to Ikea. They are cheap and affordable and very good jars to help keep items and food neatly stored around your home.

      I will buy some more on my next visit to Ikea because they are fab jars and last for years. They would also look nice on a kitchen worktop if you wanted to leave them on display. I don't like to keep jars on display in my home and so I tend to just place them in my cupboards.

      These jars are ideal for my usage and I love them and cheap enough to buy. Good solid glass and a nice coloured lid and quite nice stylish jars for the cheap price in my opinion and worth every penny spent. I highly do recommend them for storage and also think are ideal if you have a caravan home or second home because they will last for many years.

      Also appears on Ciao under my username pinky50.

      I give these jars 5 stars.

      Thank you for reading my review and I hope it has been of some help.


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      15.02.2013 08:42
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      I'll have some corks please!

      Ikea Burken Jar with Lid.

      Since my partner and I seem to make countless trips to our local IKEA, personally I blame our love of the hot dogs for attracting us there in the first place, we seem to have many Ikea items throughout our flat. The product I will be reviewing today is the Burken Jar with Lid.

      The Ikea Burken Jars are available in three sizes, 0.5l, 1.1l and 2.2l. We currently have four of these jars in our kitchen and all of them are the middle sized 1.1l variety as we thought this was a good size. The 0.5l seemed to small to be worth filling with anything as it would need refilling too often and the 2.2l looked too big and bulky for our liking. The design of the jars is very basic with the main jar being made of transparent glass and the lid being made from a brushed, matt-silver effect metal with a small handle on the top. The inside of the lid has a rubber seal to make it airtight. Personally I really like the look of the jar, it is simple but effective. I think the lid does look a little cheap and could be made a little better but for the price of the jars they are a decent purchase. We bought these jars at IKEA in Krakow, but I have checked on the IKEA website and you can buy them in the UK at the following prices, 0.5l jars are £1.80, 1.1l jars are £2.75 and 2.2l jars are £4.25!

      We needed the jars as after I moved in with my partner it was discovered that while my partner drank tea and coffee these products always remained in their original packaging, don't ask me why but this really irritated me and when I had a free day I set out for Ikea to craftily replace this habit while my partner was at work. On my first trip I only purchased two jars, one for sugar and one for tea bags. Upon returning home from work my partner noticed them instantly and surprised me by saying how nice they were! The following weekend we went and purchased another two jars with the intention of using them for coffee and hot chocolate, however before the coffee reached one of the jars I got a little creative and found all of the corks from bottles of wine we had drank and put them in the jar instead, which makes a very nice feature in the kitchen!

      In Use
      As I already mentioned, one of our jars ended up being used for decoration instead of coffee and personally I think it looks really good. I recommend doing something like this as it is something slightly different and inexpensive (if you are a wine drinker!)

      The other three jars we have are used for tea bags, sugar and chocolate powder for my beloved hot chocolate. I like the fact that the jars are transparent as it means I can see the contents and simply pick up the one I need, this is also useful when we have visitors and for whatever reason they are making their own drinks, they can see where the things they need are with ease. I do try to be a good host but there are moments when I cannot be in multiple places at once!

      There is one problem with these jars and this is the airtight seal. At first the seal was very strong and kept the lid firmly in place, however I began to notice that after maybe a few months the sugar had begun to clump together which suggested the jar was not as airtight as it had been, it was then I realised the difference from when we first bought the jars. For us this isn't really too much of a problem as we get through sugar so fast that it hardly has time to clump together and it generally only seems to happen if we go away for a few days. The chocolate powder doesn't clump together, I'm not sure if this is because the seal has lasted on this particular jar or if it is something to do with the powder itself.

      Keeping Clean
      I tend to clean these jars before each refill, I try to use all of the item which is in the jar and then I can give it a clean and avoid any build ups of products, sugar in particular is the worst for this. The jars are easy to clean and I wash them in the same way I would wash a cup or glass. The lids are also easy to clean if they actually need it, but they do need a little longer to dry as the rubber seal seems to hold moisture and this isn't good to have moisture trapped when you put the lid back onto the jar.

      Would I Recommend?
      I would recommend the Burken Jars. I think they look good and are suitable for their purpose. The design of the lid isn't perfect but they are nicer than some of the other options in Ikea. The glass jar is made from a nice thick glass and can withstand some knocks and bumps, which seem to happen quite frequently when I am in the kitchen!

      Overall, 4 out of 5 stars from me, one is lost for the lid design and the poor airtight seal.

      Thanks for reading :)


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