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Ikea Koncis Garlic Press

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2 Reviews

Brand: Ikea / Type: Garlic press

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    2 Reviews
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      08.11.2014 22:15
      Very helpful



      Kitchen must have!

      I've always had my reservations about garlic presses as too many of them just squish the garlic rather than crush it into a useable state, but we used one whilst on a self-catering holiday in France and were so impressed with how effective it was we just had to have one our own.

      We recognised it as an Ikea product instantly, partly because the entire house had an Ikea feel to it and party due to the style of the item, it had an Ikeaishness to it. Then low and behold we found one in an Ikea store and made the purchase.

      We are on our second Ikea garlic press as the metal had started to corrode on our first, we're not sure why but we decided to replace it and didn't hesitate to buy another one on our next Ikea adventure. The original one is still in use by our 3 year old and is a part of his Playdoh kit.

      I always use it the Jamie Oliver way, as in place the entire clove of garlic in the device, skin and all and the plunger successfully crushes it through leaving it easy to remove the remaining garlic to be disposed of.

      It's fairly easy to clean and usually gets put into the dishwasher, I'm not sure if it's dishwasher safe but for the price I'm not that bothered if it was to become damaged like our first one.

      All in all an excellent kitchen staple which we use very regularly but also makes a wonderful addition to our child's Playdoh tools.


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      03.09.2012 13:04
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      No Vampires Here!

      Since moving into our studio flat and discovering we were lacking in many of the essentials, my partner and I have made countless trips to our local IKEA. One of the items we purchased after a few too many near misses involving garlic bulbs, knives and my fingers was the Koncis Garlic Press.

      My partner and I love to cook and Friday evenings are our "us" night where we will cook something nice together as during the week we don't really get much time together in the evenings due to us both having pretty busy schedules, I know hard to believe when I feel like I spend half my life on Ciao and Dooyoo! But really we do! A lot of the things we cook involve adding garlic to the pan and in the past I always seemed to get the task of slicing it into miniscule pieces, this obviously was putting my fingers at risk as the garlic bulbs can be rather tricky to keep still while slicing and dicing. Needless to say, Ikea was needed! We found this Garlic Press in our local Ikea for a pretty reasonable price. I should point out that we bought this Garlic Press at IKEA in Krakow, but I have checked on the IKEA website and it is available in the UK for £2.29.

      In Use
      The Garlic Press is reasonably easy to use, but does require a strong grip. When you open the press you can simply place the garlic bulb inside if it is small enough, the press is quite capable of crushing the whole thing, if of course you can squeeze it hard enough. I find it easier to cut a bulb in half and place it inside, this simply makes my life a little easier. Squeezing the press can be pretty tough and on the odd occasion I have had to use both hands. The garlic gets pressed through the small holes in the bottom of the press and more often than not it will stick there rather than drop into the pan so you will need to scrape it off with a knife, not really a major issue, just a little fiddly.

      The process of pressing garlic can be repeated a number of times, however I have noticed that the more you press it can cause to holes to block up a bit and make it a little harder to press the garlic through.

      Cleaning Up
      Since I am the one who spends most time at home, washing up tends to fall into my list of jobs, and I hate it! I especially hate cleaning this Garlic Press, with a passion! The inner part where the garlic gets crushed is removable, this does make washing it a little easier, however I seem to find that even if I leave the press in soak in hot water and washing up liquid the garlic will still be firmly caked to the inside of the bottom of the inner part. Due to the size of the press this is really awkward to get your fingers inside and remove, I have found the easiest way is to use my nails to try and catch the edge and peel the layer of garlic out, not good for my nails but so far it seems like the only solution.

      The Garlic Press is made from a nice matt silver coloured metal and in my opinion looks quite nice. It is also pretty heavy for such a small item. Being made of metal there is obviously the concern of rust, but as of yet I have seen no signs of rust and the press still looks pretty new even after around 9 months in use.

      This Garlic Press is priced at just £2.29! Which is a good price for a quality press, I just wish it cleaned itself!

      Would I Recommend?
      Regardless of my moans about cleaning this press I would still recommend it, it is after all much safer for my fingers than trying to slice and dice with a knife!

      Thanks for reading :)


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