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Brand: Ikea / Product Type: Other Ktichen Utensils

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    3 Reviews
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      07.05.2012 12:07
      Very helpful



      not sure that I'd buy again

      I bought this Ikea Slipad knife set as a short term stop gap set of knives. All of our stuff was in storage between moves and I needed some cheap basics to tide us over, knives being one of those basics.

      This is a knife block containing 5 different sized knives. It currently retails for £11.29. however I'm sure that I paid around £9.99 for it, I'm sure that I didn't pay any more than this as it was only designed to be a stop gap set.

      The knife set consists of the knife block itself, plus 5 different sized knives; a bread knife, a large 19cm cooks knife, a slightly smaller 15cm cooks knife, a paring knife, and an all purpose utility knife.
      Each knife has a different coloured plastic handle, so once you get used to which colour is for which knife then you can just instantly grab the knife that you need.

      My biggest gripe with the knife set is that the knives are not dishwasher safe, you have to wash them by hand. To be honest if I'd realised this before I bought it I probably wouldn't have actually bought it at all. We don't do any washing up in our house, everything goes in the dishwasher!
      I did put these knives in the dishwasher, and really they should have been washed by hand as they have all developed rusty colored specks on the blades. I did continue to put them in the dishwasher once they developed the rust specks as I guess that I'd ruined them anyway. However what I can say is that after the initial rust specks had developed that was it, they didn't seem to develop any more, even with lots more goes through the dishwasher.

      The knife block itself is just plastic, however you can split it in two to clean it properly. It very easily comes apart and then slots back together again. Again it's not dishwasher safe, but surprise, surprise guess where I put mine! The knife block itself was perfectly fine in the dishwasher, although I did only ever put it on a 35 wash.

      The knives themselves are certainly sharp enough for day to day needs, they are not the sharpest knives that I've ever used but they do chop everything that they need to. Over time I have noticed that they have gone a bit blunter, and to honest they haven't had that much use, as once we got all of our stuff back these were just relegated to spares.

      The bread knife in particular is very sharp, in fact I'd probably go so far as to say that the bread knife is too sharp, as it completely carved up my wooden bread board! The bread knife is the only knife that I didn't save as I did feel that it was too sharp.

      We did end up using the knife set daily for a month until our stuff arrived, and at the end of the month I did save most of the the knives to use as spares if needed, and they have ended up being used on and off occasionally. I probably wouldn't buy this knife set again, as for me the biggest issue is that the knives can't go in the dishwasher.


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      12.04.2012 18:46
      Very helpful



      Good looking knife set but not the best quality.

      I have a real thing for brightly coloured kitchen accessories and I especially like Joseph and Joseph who do a range of bright plastic kitchen items which are usually not only practical and innovative but they also look fantastic. I have a few Joseph and Joseph items now but the problem with them is that they are expensive for items that are essentially only made from plastic.

      ===== Ikea Slipad knives =====

      I zeroed in on the slipad knives as soon as I saw them in Ikea thanks to their bright colours and they really popped on the shelf.
      I decided to buy them as they were really cheap at only £10.99 and looked better than other knife sets I had been looking at elsewhere which were going to cost at least triple this. I am a big fan of Ikea and think that they make fantastic products for the mass market and most of the things I have bought from there have been decent enough if not the longest lasting so I was pretty confident that the knives were going to be of a decent quality. Besides I thought for just over a tenner I couldn't really go wrong.

      The Slipad is a basic knife set for the kitchen. It isn't designed for the professional cook but for the amateur like me it has all the knives that I will probably need.
      There are five knives in total in the set and they are a bread knife, 2 cooks' knives in different sizes, a paring knife, and a utility knife.
      They come in a plastic stand with slots to fit the different knives into. What makes these knives stand out compared to a plain old knife set is that the handles are all different bright colours. The handles are made from plastic and the blades are made from stainless steel.

      ===== My experience of using the knives =====

      When I got the Slipad home and put it on my worktop I was really happy with how it looked because it was just the look I was aiming for in my kitchen and they fitted in really well with the other more expensive bright plastic kitchen items I already owned. However I didn't just get them for show as I actually needed some knives for the kitchen so they were going to be used on a pretty regular basis if not every day.

      First impressions were quite good and the knives seemed sharp enough for most basic jobs that I was using them for. There was the odd time where I could have done with them being a little sharper especially the paring knife which is the one that I would use the most often. I used the knives for no problem for a couple of months but then I started noticing that they had lost some of their sharpness and were beginning to blunt themselves. Now this isn't completely unexpected as no knife is going to stay sharp forever when it is getting used often but they seemed to blunt almost overnight to the point that they were almost unusable. I tried sharpening them but to no avail (though this could be because my knife sharpener is pretty useless anyway) and they were still pretty much useless for precise cutting.
      I still use the knives just not for anything that requires me to be able to cut precise or for anything soft like tomatoes because I now have a special little sharp knife that I only use for this. For things like peeling the smaller knives are fine and for things like slicing baguettes etc. the larger knives are serrated so I can still saw my way through most things.

      I'm not too disappointed with the knife set because they were so cheap I didn't expect them to compete with more expensive professional knives and to be honest I did buy them for more how they would look in my kitchen than for how well they might work.

      Other than the blunting everything else about the knives is quite good. As I said they look good and they are easy to keep clean. They can be put in the dishwasher and the stand itself can be taken apart for easy cleaning. The handles are also really comfortable to hold and I don't find myself getting pain in my fingers with having to hold them at an odd angle.

      ===== Recommendation =====

      Well I am in two minds about these knives. They did blunt quickly and quite severely but they are a brilliant price and would be great for students, people who are just moving into their first house or even people who just like the funky handles.
      Even though they blunted they are still useable for most everyday tasks around the kitchen and the only thing they can't be used for is cutting soft fruit and veg precisely in delicate slices.
      There are much better knife sets out there but they will set you back more money so for just over a tenner I think these knives are worth about 3 stars.


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        25.05.2010 13:24
        Very helpful



        poor quality knifes not worth the money

        == Ikea SLIPAD 5 piece knife set ==

        == How I came by it ==

        Well I was looking in Ikea for nice pretty stuff for my home and came across this nice knife set witch looked quite cute and modern. I've had Ikea knifes before and found them to be great quality, so even though I couldn't pick these knifes up and feel them for quality purposes (Health and Safety of course don't have them out on display!) I thought hey I've had Ikea knifes before so they should be good, I picked up a set and popped them into my big yellow bag! For just £10 for a set of kitchen knives I thought they were a great bargain!

        == What exactly is a slipad ==

        Well as we all know and love with our favourite Swedish store they have this crazy notion of calling stuff very interesting names which if you're coming down from a very bad LSD trip Ikea would most definitely be off the agenda for that cause it would send you running off to the nearest mental facility.
        But if you speak Swede (not the Swede you buy down the local vegetable market and believe me if stand there talking to the vegetables the men in white coats will be paying you a visit and you too can say hello to LSD taker), then the word slipad properly makes a whole of sense and roughly translates to "basic knife set". In this set you get 5 knifes with different coloured handles .In this set you get 2 cooks knifes 1 bread knife, 1 utility knife and 1 paring knife. A good set on paper really!

        == Do Swedes make good knifes ==

        Well as stated before I have had knifes from Ikea before and found them to be great quality with no major issues, we got these initial knives in a big "starter set" when we moved into our first house together, and still have them now, but we wanted a nice kitchen set in a stand up stack. This proves to be my first fatal mistake of the day. I get my knifes home and set about knocking up a simple stew.
        So out come the carrots first impressions of them being good soon quickly sour into blunt force trauma as the knife quickly blunts it self out after the first carrot. Hmmm not all that good really so ok I've worked in kitchens before and used world beating knifes like global etc and yes whilst these knifes where some of the best knifes I've ever used they cost absolutely enormous sums of money. But for £10.99 you would expect something that able to destroy a carrot in seconds not wuss out on you and go all French, no this is to difficult we surrender.
        When I went to sharpen the knives on a specialist knife sharpener, I found it impossible! The knives have a kind of corrugated edge and so cannot be sharpened!!!!
        So ok I class a carrot a hard vegetable but you would expect a knife to be able to do the business on simple vegetables but no I've had constant let down, I tried the general utility knife on a mushroom and it soon went very blunt if your knife can't cut mushrooms then seriously they are having some very bad personal issues. So on this occasion no Swedes do not make good knife.

        == Price ==

        As stated before these knifes are £10.99 for a 5 piece set witch on face value seems a bargain but deep down these knifes are weak and just don't even last even from mild use.
        You could get a lot better knifes for similar money from your local supermarket. If the local knife wielding teenagers came at me with one of these knifes I would just laugh at them, it simply wouldn't even be able to cut through the top layer of clothes let along skin!!
        They just didn't step up to the mark at all, and although they look very pretty in the kitchen, they are really not much good for anything but maybe cutting bread (the bread knife is actually quite good!).
        It wasn't necessarily that they "went blunt" it was the structure of the knives, they just weren't sharp to begin with, they had this corrugated edge to them rather than the sharp blade which you expect on knives.
        So if you see these and think "wow what a bargain!" unless you are only buying them to look good and not to be used, then don't bother with them!!!


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