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Jme Alphabet Cookie Cutters Tin

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Brand: Jme / Product Type: Cutter

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    1 Review
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      19.08.2011 08:59
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      A collection of alphabet cutters from Jamie Oliver

      I've mentioned in a previous review that one of my friends is a Jme @ Home Consultant selling Jamie Oliver branded kitchenware products. After I had a browse of her stock it was very clear that although the products aren't cheap they are excellent quality and as someone who is a regular cake maker I was impressed with the range of baking products. I'm trying to expand my collection of baking accessories and cutters and came across the Jme Alphabet Cookie Cutters which have proved a wise purchase.

      ***Jme Cookie Cutters***
      The cutters are from the Jamie @ Home Kids range. The Jme Cookie Cutters come in every letter of the alphabet so you can bake cookies which spell out messages, names or words. The 26 cutters are made from stainless steel and the letters are capitals. Each of the letters are a slightly different size due to the different shapes but the largest is around 5cm by 4cm wide.

      The cutters come in a white storage tin with letters with an alphabet design. Inside of the tin you also get a recipe card which has a gingerbread recipe and also an illustration of how the cutters fit back into the tin.

      The Jme Cookie Cutters are available from the Jamie Oliver website from his online shop or via a Jamie @ Home Consultant. The cutters and storage tin cost £24.50 which appears expensive however if you were to purchase cutters of this size individually from a baking supplies store they cost in the region of £1.50 each so this does work out better value.

      ***Using them***
      As stated above these are from the kids range from the Jamie Oliver collection. Although I do have my own children at 19months they are probably a little too young to enjoy the full benefits out of these and so it has mainly been me using these to make cookies and also to make letters from fondant icing.

      The first few uses of these cutters were to make cookies. I initially tried the gingerbread recipe on the recipe card inside to make my first batch of cookies. This tasted delicious and was very easy to make my only criticism was that once the dough is made it requires 1 hour chilling time in the fridge. This is not an issue for adults but if you are making with a child they get quite disappointed when they find out they have to wait to start cutting the cookies. I baked cookies using this recipe with my 6 year old cousin, and he was constantly asking was it time to start making them once the dough had been put in the fridge. Therefore my advice would be to use a recipe where you can cut the dough immediately.

      Using the cutters to cut alphabet shapes is very easy. You simply roll out the dough and press down. Because the cutting side of the cutters is quite sharp you do not need to press down too hard in order for it to cut through the dough. I did find initially when I used the cutters if you didn't press down straight into the dough and applied pressure at one side of the cutter more than the other the alphabet shape you were producing was a slightly irregular shape. This was the case when I let my cousin do this so if you are making with a child the shapes you create will not be perfect. Obviously children are unlikely to notice this it is only if you are making and wanting to create neat cookies.

      When used with most cookie dough's once they have rolled out and you have adequate flour on the surface you are rolling onto the cutters not only cut into the dough they come away clean from the dough and do not get stuck inside. This means you can lift your shape straight from your bench top as opposed to having to try and carefully poke the cut dough from inside of the cutter. I did find however if the dough I was using was slightly wet or sticky, it would get stuck in these cutters but this is due to an issue with the dough and not the design of the cutter.

      I have also used the cutters for cake making and to use with rolled fondant icing. Because the cutters are quite large and create 5cm letters I do not use too often for this purpose as I usually require smaller letters but on occasion these have been suitable to use. Because these are metal cutters as explained above they bend slightly if you press the cutter down and don't apply even pressure to the top of the shape. This is more of an issue when using to cut icing. Therefore I find in order to ensure perfect letters from fondant icing you roll to the correct thickness (usually very thin) put greaseproof paper underneath the icing then cut using the shape applying even pressure. This should then create a perfect cut out that you do not need to touch and risk damaging.

      Cleaning the cutters is very easy and you can do with warm soapy water. It does state on the tin that these are dishwasher safe however I have only hand washed. I have used all of the different cutters on a number of occasions now and the stainless steel is still in excellent condition and looks bright and shiny. You do need to take care are the cutting side of the cutter is quite sharp therefore children will need supervision whilst using these.

      The tin the cutters come in is attractive however does damage quite easily. There is a dent in my tin after I dropped a pan on it whilst it was in the cupboard. My only other criticism of the tin is it is just the right size to fit the cutters in providing you put the cutters in the correct way with no spare space and the cutters are stacked on two levels inside of the tin. The recipe card provided inside shows how to layer the bottom level of cutters and top level of cutters but if you do lose this card it does take some figuring out. In fact when I misplaced the recipe card and instructions it took me 10 minutes to get the 26 alphabet cutters back in the tin which isn't ideal when you are trying to tidy up after baking.

      As a keen baker and cake decorator I have found these to be an excellent purchase. The cutters are durable and with a bit of practice I have managed to perfect my cutting technique which allows me to make neat alphabet shapes even from very thin pieces of fondant icing. The initial £24.50 may appear quite expensive but if you were to buy individual letters for your kit you would end up spending a lot more. These are from the kids section in the Jamie Oliver range and I feel that the box is very attractive to children and the cutters are very easy for children to use with a little supervision. Although because they are metal some of the cutter letters bend slightly and your child may find they have some quite irregular looking letters. Although my six year old cousin didn't seem to notice or care he was more concerned about getting his cookies in the oven and then eating them!

      A great purchase with an added puzzle of trying to fit the letters back in the tin for your kids.


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