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Jme Ice Box Drinks Bucket

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Brand: Jamie Oliver / Product Type: Other Ktichen Utensils

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    1 Review
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      22.08.2011 08:39
      Very helpful



      A stylish ice bucket from the Jamie at Home range

      I've mentioned in a previous review that one of my friends is a Jme @ Home Consultant selling Jamie Oliver branded kitchenware products. After I had a browse of her stock it was very clear that although the products aren't cheap they are excellent quality and there are some really great products within the range. I wasn't sure if Mr Lools would feel the same when I showed him the catalogue but quite surprisingly he was even more impressed than me and before even seeing the Jme Ice Bucket he had already decided "we were getting one".

      ***Jme Ice Bucket***
      The Jamie Oliver Ice Bucket is basically a large stainless steel ice bucket to place ice and drinks in. The bucket is about 40cm in diameter and 25cm high. This is a bright white silver matte colour. The bucket has two rivets which run all away around it and on the front in the centre "ICE BOX" is indented into the bucket. On the sides of the bucket there are two large circular handles. These are perfect circles (about 7cm in diameter and about 1cm thick) which allow you to carry the bucket even when it is full of ice and drinks.

      On the side of the bucket there is a bottle opener which is attached to the bucket with a chain.

      You can purchase the Jme Ice Bucket from the Jamie Oliver website or you can purchase via a consultant and through the catalogue. The Jme Ice Bucket is priced at £25.00. If you host a Jamie @ Home party you can accumulate points for purchasing items like this which you can redeem against other products. This equates to around 20% of the value of your purchases so for purchasing this Ice Box I got £5 of points into my account when I hosted a party.

      Delivery of items from the catalogue vary as it is dependent on when a consultant places the main order. After my party my items were delivered to my home address by courier within 4 days of my party.

      ***Using It***
      As the bucket is large it comes in a very large box; I was surprised at just how large! The ice bucket is wrapped in cellophane and packed with a lot of foam pieces in order to protect it from damage.

      Once unwrapped I was extremely impressed as the photos did not do it justice. The ice box is made from a very light silvery white metal. This is a matte effect with an almost speckled look which gives it quite a rustic look to it without it looking tatty. It is also very sturdy ant the rim of the bucket and handles are very chunky looking. The ice bucket when empty is slightly heavier than expected but still easy to lift and carry.

      Our first outing of the ice bucket was for a small BBQ for about 4 other guests. All of the guests thought that this was a great party piece and definitely convenient as it saved walking back into the house everytime everyone wanted a drink. This is not a great distance but getting up from the decking area, to walk through our dining room, then into the kitchen or garage to get to the fridges is a pain when you just want to sit back and relax. I filled the ice bucket up in the kitchen on the first outing which was my first main mistake. I poured in two bags of ice (bought from Asda). Buying bags of ice is probably the best solution to fill this bucket as you would need over 10 trays of ice otherwise. Inside the ice bucket we fit 2 bottles of wine, one bottle of soft drink and 15 bottles of beer which lasted for the majority of the relaxed afternoon BBQ. I then quite stupidly tried to lift the bucket to our decking area and had to shout for Mr Lools to carry it as it was far too heavy. Therefore my advice would be to put it where it will be located and then filled.

      This was extremely convenient and even on a warm day we sat out for 3 hours in the sun with the ice bucket and did not need to refill. The drinks were also cool but I had put drinks from the fridge into the bucket. In order to chill drinks from room temperature you would probably need to put these bottles under the ice rather than just position them in the ice like we did. We did put another half bag of ice inside as it started to melt but even in the sun the bucket stayed quite cool and the ice did not melt immediately. After use we poured the water out of the bucket into the garden. Dried the inside out thoroughly with a towel and then put back in the cupboard.

      The next time we used the ice bucket was for a larger BBQ where we had 18 guests. The bucket was extremely full and needed refilling a number of times during that night with drinks. It was slightly cooler so the ice inside did not need refilling but with this many guests the large bucket could not hold enough drinks to last a few hours like last time. It did save on the amount of trips to the fridge though. At this social gathering the attached bottle opener was the greatest benefit as we always find with large groups of people the bottle opener gets lost which was not the case by using the Ice bucket.

      The ice bucket is very convenient but probably not suitable to use for less than 4 people as it is so large but for groups of over 10 you do find you need to keep refilling it with drinks especially if you are filling it with individual beer bottles which take up space but are consumed reasonably quickly unlike bottles of wine or champagne.

      We have used the ice bucket around 4 times now and it looks as new apart from one small dint in the back of the bucket near the base. One of Mr Lool's friends was quite drunk and was helping to bring the bucket inside. He swung the bucket round and it hit off the side of our patio doors on the lock latch. Considering the force the dint is very small and only it can notice it when the light shines onto it. Even after being filled with water the appearance of the metal bucket is as new and the bright white metal still looks the same.

      This is not an essential outdoor or piece of kitchenware but it is a great party piece. The males at our BBQ were particularly impressed with this ICE BOX and a number of them also declared they wanted one of their own. Looks wise this does look of a high quality as the silver bucket is a very bright white silver and the chunky appearance particularly the handles make it look sturdy and of a good quality.

      Convenience wise this is a great purchase and if you are hosting a BBQ means you don't have to keep going back inside to get people drinks or have people constantly walking in and out of your house. With ice inside as well we managed to fit 2 bottles of wine and 18 bottles of beer inside at one time, therefore could sit for some time in the garden before the bucket needed its drinks refilling. The attached bottle opener is another convenient aspect meaning the bottle opener doesn't get lost like it does at most of our social gatherings

      Aside from the price because the bucket is quite large it does mean it takes up some storage space in your kitchen cupboards, however we can fit other items inside of it. Secondly it is heavy to lift, therefore advisable to fill where it will be placed rather than the other way round! Once it is filled up though you can sit back relax and enjoy the Great British "summer"!!


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