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JML Incredible Oven Glove

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Brand: JML / Type: Gloves / Category: Cleaning Products & Utensils > Bucket, Broom, Brush etc.

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    1 Review
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      05.12.2013 21:45
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      Now the gloves are on the hot trays can come out....

      I like to do a bit of cooking when I can. I find it a little therapeutic in a way, especially when I am making something from scratch, and when I'm using the oven I like to be as safe as possible knowing that the heat from the offending oven can burn the skin off my fingers quicker than I can shout 'Aarrrrrrrrr, that hurts'.

      So, to stop me acting like a certain foul mouthed cook when I am taking something hot out of the oven I always use something called an oven glove.
      Sadly though, as anyone who has experienced this with the oven gloves, these gloves are more like mitten and they can be a little 'problematic' in a way, especially when trying to handle the smaller heat affected trays that need more than the finger and thumb grip in order to navigate them safely.

      Luckily though there is a cracking little glove, which is actually a glove and not a mitten, that can help you take out those trickier hot trays from the oven without the dangerous juggling techniques that I tend to do in order not to burn my finger, thumbs, forearms and what ever else may come into contact with the heat of the tray.
      This cracking little glove comes from a rather well known company, even if it does sometimes slightly some rather odd items. That company being called JML, who you must have heard of, maybe watching the adverts on the television in your home or in those shops that like to show you how to use certain JML items. With this glove being actually called the JML Incredible oven glove, which, as you may guess from the name, is quite an incredible oven glove.

      * So, what does this oven glove look like..?
      It's an oven glove, simple as that really, unlike the usual oven gloves that are more like those mittens that you see little kids dropping on the street. Those gloves with a thumb slot and a massive slot that accommodates the rest of you hand.
      This oven glove has four finger slots and a thumb slot, making it a glove, as the name proudly states.
      But apart from the fact that it is shaped like a glove it is made to keep the heat from your hands. It's woven material, being a cotton type material wrapped around some form of heat resistant stuff that reminds me of a Kevlar type material. To be honest I haven't got a clue what this glove is made of but I just like to sound like I know what I'm talking about.
      Anyway, this glove is really no thicker than a standard winter glove that you throw snowballs with. There are no gaps in the tightly knitted material and the end, where you slide your hand in, has a lovely light blue ting which gives the white glove a bit of colour.

      * But I'm left handed, what about me..? I hear you ask, (or is that the voices in my head once more...?)
      Before you go on about the fact that you're left handed, don't worry, this is made for the sole purpose of being capable to be used on both hands, but not at the same time of course unless you buy two gloves of course, which I may do before to long as this one really is a boon, as they say. In other words it can be used on both hands without feeling uncomfortable on either.

      * What do I do when it gets food and gunk on the glove then..?
      This is where you wash the glove as cross contamination of food stuff, even spills from the tray, can be a little 'dodgy', shall we say.
      But washing it is a simple matter of throwing it in the washing machine and away you go. Although you do have to make sure that it is dry before using it again as we all know what happens if you grab a hot baking tray with a damp cloth don't we..? Or for those that don't, let me tell you that if you grab a hot tray with a damp cloth you may as well just grab the hot tray with your bare hands, it would cause less pain, believe me. The dampness of the cloth attracts the heat from the tray, blasting through the cloth, heating up the moisture inside the glove and straight into your delicate hand, blistering you skin in seconds, causing more pain than you can imagine. (Yes, I've been there a few times, especially with T-towels that felt dry but weren't as dry as they should have been... don't fret though, I'm alright now, but thanks for asking).

      * And what do I think of this JML product..?
      Marvellous, without a doubt, it's the best oven glove I have got my hands on, or more got my hands in. it's that good that I ended up getting two of them, considering that I do have two hands, and two gloves make taking those heavier trays out of the oven a lot easier with both hands.

      It feels so comfortable on my hands with my fingers and thumb slotting nicely into where they are supposed to go, with the lovely feel of the material seeming to wrap around every digit whilst still managing to keep a good covering between my fingers and the heat of the trays.
      And as these are gloves, not mittens, having fingers instead of just one mitten section, I find that gripping the trays a lot easier as I can move my fingers individually around the trays as I pick them up.
      Plus, after washing them in a standard wash they dry in no time at all, being able to be dried quicker by putting them on a radiator over night, so they are ready to be used again for your next hot meal to be taken out of the hot oven or grill.

      It is supposed to give your hand protection from anything up to 350°c, which is hotter than most cooking heat settings so there should not be that many hotter things that you need to grab with this glove on.
      I can't guarantee this heat claim as I have not tried to grab someone's hot stuff, maybe an exhaust pipe or even the business end of a soldering iron, so I really can't say whether this 350°c statement is true or not, but as I can grab a tray from a hot oven without burning my hand I don't really care about anything hotter to be honest. T be honest, when I grab that tray from the oven I can barely feel the heat coming from the tray as the glove does seem to perform so well indeed, giving my skin some great protection indeed, which is good.

      * So how much does it cost to protect your precious hands from turning into some form of charcoaled meat...?
      This glove costs a mere tenner. Yes, £10, which is great value for money in anybodies books. Plus, if you pop onto the JML direct site you can get a pair of gloves for about £15.00, which is even better value for money.

      * Would I recommend these gloves..?
      YES, without a doubt. I have saved many layers of skin from ending up on the bottom end of a baking tray when I've worn these gloves.
      They are better than your normal 'mitten' type glove as the fingers help grip the hot trays and the material they are made of keep the heat from the trays well away from my skin, which is what you want at the end of the day.

      ©Blissman70 2013


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