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Joseph Joseph Uni Tool Kitchen Utensil

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Brand: Joseph Joseph / Product Type: Other Ktichen Utensils

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    3 Reviews
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      28.01.2014 07:44
      Very helpful



      Works well enough, not an essential item

      Some people have an alcohol or gambling addiction, others are obsessed about shoes. The first addictive behaviour I ever recognised in myself was when I attended my first Tupperware party. I was 17 years old and had no idea of the absolute delights and purpose-specific kitchen gadgets that existed. I spent all my month's pocket and part-job money in a flash. This was 25 years ago. Time has moved on but my interest in culinary resources has persisted. I learned about this item from one of the university students on placement at work, and immediately decided I just HAD to get one.
      A uni student's unique Uni-tool

      This "uni-tool" is a single item designed to replace five "essential" kitchen utensils. Made from tough nylon and silicon, this 30cm long item is described by Joseph Joseph as "the ultimate in space-saving design". This groovy gadget can be used as a slotted spoon, turner, cutting tool, solid spoon and spatula.
      The company market's this as being a space-saving item and it certainly is that when it comes to drawer space. However for me, the biggest advantage of this item is that I can have a single item sitting out next to me on the kitchen worktop while I am cooking.
      Another advantage is that the Uni-Tool is suitable for use with non-stick cookware items.

      What's it really like to use?

      As this item is marketed as having five different uses, I thought that it would be worthwhile to assess each of these functions individually.

      1. Slotted spoon - this is fairly small. I normally use this to rescue my daughter's pasta once cooked. The size is large enough to accommodate a child's portion, but not an adults.

      2. Solid spoon - again quite small however it does do the job satisfactorily

      3. Serrated edge/knife - to be honest, I rarely use this on anything than the occasional lettuce....ie as my lettuce knife. It works well for slicing lettuce heads.

      4. Spatula/spreader - this implement works well as a standalone item as a spatula and a spreader. I use it as a spatula when preparing cake mixtures. I use it as a butter (or jam) spreader if I am making several rounds of sandwiches.

      5. Slider/Turner - who actually uses one of these? I rarely use such an item, but when I have done so, this uni-tool generally does the job. My personal preference is for this part of the implement to be wider.
      Overall, in use this item somewhat does what is asked from it and without any obvious problems.

      Additional information

      Finally, this lightweight uni-tool is dishwasher safe, although I do prefer to wash it by hand in hot or warm soapy water and left to air dry. On that note, there are no obvious marks on my grey version of this.


      This item is available in tow colour combinations: red (with a hint of yellow on the handle) and grey, with a splash of green again on the handle.

      It's currently available directly from Joseph Joseph via their internet shop for £9, which is similar to what I paid two years ago.


      Ultimately, this Uni-tool is somewhat useful. While I particularly like that I can have just a single item on the kitchen bench, my ultimate opinion is that this is a nice-to-have item that is certainly a non-essential household item.


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        08.11.2011 21:20



        good gadget to have

        I thought I would tell you all about our 'Joseph Joseph Uni-Tool' which we have had for a little while now. It is plastic, about 32cm in length, and dark grey with a touch of lime green around the top of the handle. It has holes / slots in the bottom part. It is very versatile because it can be used for a wide variety of different things.

        We bought it from a cookware shop while we were on a fishing trip in Devon with all the family and we saw these being advertised in the window. I cannot remember how much it was exacly, probably a couple of pounds but we thought it looked really useful and bought it straight away.

        We use it for making pancakes, friend eggs, scrambled eggs, frying onions and mostly for icing cakes (well, my other half does that, I don't). It is especially good because it has a really useful sharp bit on it (serrated edge) which allows us to cut soft things up as well as scooping stuff out of pans, though it is not as deep as a normal spoon.

        It is very easy to keep clean and we usually just wash ours on hot soapy water and leave to dry on the drying rack but it is dishwasher safe you folks will be pleased to hear.

        All in all a great little gadget and really recommended.


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        18.08.2011 15:13
        Very helpful



        A wonderful idea, poorly executed.

        I'm a keen cook, and over the years I've amassed quite an array of various gadgets and gizmos to make the job easier. In fact, I'm running out of space in ,y drawers, and often find that it takes me ages to find a spatula when I need one amongst all the other bumph filling my drawers.

        So I was excited when I found one tool that does the job of five - the 'Joseph Joseph Uni-Tool'. Now, it isn't much to look at - in fact, by just looking it it, it's pretty difficult to actually figure out just what purpose this little dark grey and green plastic thing could have. A shoe horn, perhaps?

        Well, due to some very clever design, this single kitchen tool can be a soup spoon, a slatted spoon, a spatula, a spreader, and a knife. All this and only 30cm long! Sounds fantastic, but is it?

        Well, no. The slotted spoon, for example, whilst ideally sized for removing a poached egg from boiling water, does not have sufficiently deep sides to lift out a decent sized portion of cooked veg - you'd need to dip the spoon at least twice to get a decent sized adult portion of veg.

        Similarly, the spoon, whilst wonderful for tasting soup whilst cooking to check the seasoning, is not going to be much help to you when it comes to dishing the soup up into bowls come serving time - It's just too dinky. And really, an ordinary spoon would be less bulky for tasting from the pan.

        The serrated edge that acts like a knife is perfectly capable of chopping a large lump of cooked meat into smaller chunks for the pan, but would be utterly ineffective when faced with a raw steak or a loaf of crusty bread.

        The only parts of this tool that I consider to function as well as a separate tool designed for the job is the spatula, which flips pancakes, shepherds egg whites into place, and scrapes the edges of the pan just as well as any other, but no better, and the spreader.

        Now the spreader, it has to be said, is fantastic for icing a carrot cake - you can scoop up a decent amount of cream cheese icing, and spread it quickly, smoothly and evenly. The tool is a comfortable weight and shape for this, sitting perfectly in the hand, with a good secure grip.
        This is dishwasher safe.

        The main annoyance with this device for me, aside from some of the tools not being as good as an individual version would be, is that there is no way of hanging this device up. Had it been as brilliant as it promised, I would have wanted to hang this up on the wall next to my cooker, instantly within reach whenever I needed it. But sadly, no hole enabling this to be hung, and this now languishes, along with many other time-and-space-saving gadgets, somewhere at the back of my ever more crowded kitchen drawer, a sad waste of a tenner.

        A wonderful idea, poorly executed.


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      Multi-Use Kitchen Utensil