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Keter Allibert Plast Everest K Toilet Roll Holder

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Brand: Keter / Product Type: Roll Holder

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    1 Review
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      14.10.2011 15:13
      Very helpful



      If this held three rolls I would have given it five stars but as it doesn't I think four is right.

      ~~Keter Allibert Plast Everest Toilet Roll Holder Silver Effect~~

      When the base of my last toilet roll storage/holder (wicker with a chrome base) was becoming too rusty to keep, I started to look for a new one. As my bathroom suffers badly from condensation many versions weren't suitable. Most similar items seem to have a base of wicker and this would get too wet in my bathroom therefore wouldn't last long and wouldn't keep the toilet rolls dry. Others holders designed to store multiple rolls are a pole which holds several rolls. I like the toilet rolls to be kept in a container whilst not in use. Surprisingly, I didn't find it easy to find a simple thing which would be suitable for my bathroom.

      My bathroom isn't particularly large but, as the wash basin is set on a marble effect surface, there is storage in this area. However, if several people have showered even with windows open, the surface can become damp and, because of this I need a container that is waterproof or at least has a base that so the tissue can be raised away from moisture.

      After looking unsuccessfully for a while I was looking for other household items in a B & Q store (as I quite often do) when, dodging my husband to have my customary wander and attempt to spend, I saw some items made by Keter Allibert. I already have several bathroom items from this company. I think many of the designs are clever. Also, because their products are largely made from plastic they prove suitable for my humid bathroom. I prefer plastic products generally for this room as they are so easy to clean and last longer than wood or chrome.

      I have bought bathroom cabinets, shelves, bins to name just a few items from this range.

      On the shelves of bathroom accessories I saw what appeared to be just what my bathroom needed. Reading the sealed box I saw that the container was supposed to hold three rolls of lavatory paper, like the one that I was ready to dispose of. I found my husband and placed my purchase in his basket and we went to pay for our purchases.


      This container is:

      330 mm in length (height makes more sense to me)
      136 mm in width
      136 mm in depth

      It's made from polypropylene and is therefore waterproof. It is silver in colour having the appearance of chrome but, as said, it is in fact plastic. There are cut outs on the cylindrical container which is useful as through these it can be seen if it is empty or has one or two toilet rolls inside. The lid is silver and white plastic and has and integrated lift up handle.


      The plastic handle lays flat on the cover until lifted. This pulls the inside plastic frame up which hold the toilet rolls, then enabling a toilet roll to be removed and placed onto its holder or spare lavatory rolls placed inside. It's very simple and easy to use.


      I like this type of toilet roll holder as it keeps the lavatory tissue dry, clean and hygienic once out of its plastic wrapping.

      I think it has a modern look and blends well with other accessories in my bathroom. It can fit neatly on a countertop, shelf, cupboard or floor.

      Keeping toilet tissue in a container such as this does make the bathroom look tidier than if it were left out in its packaging or stacked on top of a cupboard.

      The container itself is easy to clean and only needs a wipe with a cloth dampened with bathroom cleaner.


      I was disappointed when arriving home and putting the container in the bathroom ready to place lavatory rolls in it. The box had stated that three rolls could fit inside but this is NOT the case; only two can fit inside. I buy Andrex or Kleenex toilet tissue so did wonder if using a cheaper less bulky brand would three of these types of rolls fit in? We had had a party around this time and I'd purchased some value toilet rolls in case there weren't enough supplied at the venue (there was so they came back home!) and I tried to sit three in but no way would they fit-the container held only two and would not have held more than another half roll, however much I tried to squash them in!

      I could have returned it to the store but as I hadn't seen anything else suitable I decided to keep it and just have to go to the cupboard outside the bathroom and re fill more often than I had with the previous toilet roll container. No big deal but I do think if it says it holds three then it should. I also think three rolls is a more useful amount to hold, especially if the container is for a family bathroom.


      I paid around £7.00 for this product but see it is now on sale in B&Q for £5.00, which seems to me to be a more reasonable price. I see that this is actually better than half the original price of £10.98


      For further details of Keter Allibert products please see the website: www.keter.com


      alternatively www.diy.com as (B&Q) as B&Q stock a good range from this manufacturer.


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