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Kilner Clip Top Glass Storage Bottle

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Brand: Kilner / Type: Bottle

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    2 Reviews
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      05.09.2013 10:22
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      glass clip top bottle for liquids

      When I lived at my previous home, I hated my kitchen. It was black and white and too modern for my liking. It was a rented property so I couldn't do anything about it so I decided to use my own personal style and buy items and decorations to make it feel more like home to me. I like farmhouse/cottage style items in a kitchen and I felt like these would be perfect for my kitchen. I went to Dunelm Mill and spotted this 1L bottle for £2.50 on offer at the time and bought it to be able to fill with my cooking oils. The price is brilliant for these bottles and you are paying for excellent quality. You can find these bottles usually with jam preserving kits or with the beer/wine making products in Wilkinsons.

      The size bottle I am reviewing is the 1L bottle. I bought it with the intentions to fill it with oil so when getting it home, I washed it out with hot water which was terribly difficult due to the small bottle opening. I didn't use washing up liquid as I knew it would be hard to get out so I just used some boiling water instead so it would sterilise it slightly. I let it dry and added the rapeseed oil I used when cooking and frying foods. It was a difficult task and I would suggest you use a funnel to do this as I got it all over the side trying to aim it in the bottle. When it was filled it looked perfect to go with my farmhouse theme.

      The bottle is square in shape and is approximately 32cm high. The clip top is a very clever function as it is always attached to the glass as you couldn't lose it like you can a bottle lid. Top open and close this, there is a metal bar which you lift up and it releases the top from the bottle, lifts out and sits on the side of the bottle. I would say, if you are also intending to put oil in these, then make sure to have some tissue handy when doing this as it makes the bottle greasy and oily when you do this. To close the lid after use, you simply place the lid over the hole and pull the bar back down to the bottle and it closes it nicely with a rubber grip suction which stops anything getting in or out. The bottle is clear and has a red label on the front reading "KILNER est. 1842".

      ****WHERE TO BUY****
      Wilkinsons sell these bottles at really good prices and can be found in the kitchen wares sections.
      A 0.25L clip top bottle is: £2.50
      A 0.55L clip top bottle is: £2.75
      A 1L clip top bottle is: £3.00

      Dun-elm Mills prices are cheaper than Wilkinsons but some might not have a Dun-elm Mill close.
      A 0.25L clip top bottle is: £2.29
      A 0.55L clip top bottle is: £2.69
      A 1L clip top bottle is: £2.99

      ****MY THOUGHTS****
      Kilner have lots of different items in their range of glassware. It is mainly aimed at people preserving as they sell jam jars, clip jars, clip bottles, jam sealing kits and all the tools you would need to preserve fruits, drinks or chutneys and the like.I have taken a huge interest in preserving and plan to make jams etc for gifts for Christmas and now I know that Kilner is a brilliant brand, I will source their products to aid the making.

      These bottles would be perfect if you make your own cordials, wines, flavoured oils or juices. They are easy to fill with a funnel, look very presentable and pretty and would make perfect gifts. I have seen similar bottles to this at cheaper prices but nothing is as good quality as this brand. I have two blue bottles which I bought for 99p and the clip tops aren't great and probably won't last long. If like me, you want something nice for your oils to be kept in instead of those horrible plastic ones the oil comes in, then I definitely recommend these. Now we have moved home and the kitchen is less modern, my bottle fits in so much better and looks great on the side. I intend to go to buy some of the smaller bottles too so I can put my olive oil and sesame oil inside.

      I would recommend this to anyone looking to preserve liquids or even just for decorative purpose like me. The reason I gave this bottle 4/5 stars is because it is wonderful and does exactly what I wanted it to, however it loses a star for the pouring. I have trouble in pouring the oil from this bottle without is dripping down the side of the bottle and making a mess on the bottle requiring me to clean it with hot soapy water regularly to stop it looking greasy and messy on the outside as it also causes it to be slippery in your hand next time you go to use it. However, I don't see this as that big of a problem for me to not want to use it as it still looks brilliant.

      Thanks for reading my review



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        05.08.2013 18:07
        Very helpful



        A handy way to store home made drinks securely

        Since we turned out our kitchen so it could be done up, I have lost a carefully packed box containing most of my preserving supplies, including my glass bottles. I have a feeling that they accidently got mixed up with some stuff that got donated to charity but the end result is I started the summer without everything I needed to make the most of all the fruit from my allotment. I have re purchased a few items including the Kilner flip top bottles that I am reviewing today. I bought my last ones by mail order but the increasing popularity of preserving meant I was able to buy the replacements on the high street - in Cargo to be precise where I paid £4 each for two one litre glass bottles. I chose the flip top kind with seal rather than screw top bottles because I noticed that my local shop stocked replacement seals for the former - and I just like the look of them!


        You can use the bottles to store liquids of any kind, other than carbonated ones. I mainly use them to keep home made cordials or still lemonade, or for the making of flavoured oils. I chose the 1 litre size because that is the quantity of juice/cordial that most of the recipes I have make. You can also buy smaller ones and normally I would have used those to make my rosemary flavoured oil in as a litre is quite a lot to use of something distinctly flavoured as that, but needs must and we will be eating it in everything! The bottles came minimally packaged with just a cardboard "luggage label" attached to the neck suggesting that if you want care instructions you should visit the Kilner website. This means if you don't know how to sterilise the bottles before use, which is recommended if you are going to store anything in them except very briefly, you will need to go to the website or look the info up elsewhere. I was O.K with that as I remembered what to do from having similar products before. Otherwise we are just told the bottles are dishwasher safe and that the seals should be replaced after using them to store anything highly acidic. I bought some spare seals at the same time as the bottles and I have tried to replace them just to see how easy it is. The answer is slightly fiddly but it's a quick process once you get a grip on it - you just pull the old seal off and push the new one in it's place.


        I have recycled glass jars from other products before now, but I like the Kilner bottles because of the secure seal and the fact that they are squared off in shape. This means the can be tightly packed in my store cupboard with greater ease than round sided bottles can. They will also lie down safely in the fridge without rolling off the shelf which would have a very messy result. You could I suppose also stack them when they are laying down horizontally but as I am currently down to just 2 bottles, I am not going to risk the fact the top one could get knocked off! They are too tall to sit upright in the fridge according to how I have my shelves organised but as they are narrow and can sit in the fridge door without taking up a lot of room, that is fine. The base of the bottle is clearly thicker than the rest which helps to stabilise the bottle when you are filling it. I think the tall neck would otherwise make it a bit top heavy. I use a funnel to do the filling because the bottle mouth is not that wide and my hands are not too steady when I pour things. It does mean pouring out from the bottle again is easy though whereas wider mouth would be messier.

        THE LID

        The flip top looks like a metal cage around the bottle neck. The lid is on a pivot at the top and the seal sits underneath. The cap is therefore always attached and can never go astray. It secures the contents very well - even bottles stored on their side haven't leaked and keep fresh. I must say that I remember the first time I had to use a bottle like this, I found it difficult to close and my mum showed me the right way to use it. Now I can't believe I couldn't work the opening and closing out! It may take a bit of getting used to and I do remember the key thing I didn't know was the fact once the stopper is in firmly, you have to remember to flip the metal pivot down otherwise the bottle isn't actually sealed. This mistake was behind my complaints that my old bottles leaked in the early days. Now I know it was me that was at fault.


        The bottles can be but in the dishwasher but I do mine by hand and that does a fine job. I haven't had any problems with different flavours lingering from one use to the next and I do think the glass is easy to keep clean in general. I suppose it could show scratches but mine haven't yet.


        I love my Kilner bottles because they are so useful and good value for money too. I love being able to take a bottle of home made still lemonade on a picnic and I think the bottles look nice and traditional so I feel I can put them out directly on the table if we are having friends around. They are clear so any coloured drinks you have made show through beautifully. The only decoration is the Kilner logo on the front which isn't that obtrusive. The bottles feel substantial and solid and I am happy to carry them out the house if they are packed carefully. However, they are obviously still made of glass so you will have to be careful if children are around. Apart from that, I definitely recommend these to anyone who wants to make and store their own drinks such as cordials. I don't think mine have been empty since I bought them and they are still good as new.

        I bought my recent purchases in Cargo and previously I bought some in a independent cookware shop. I believe they are also stocked in John Lewis. A search online reveals that they are available from several online suppliers including Amazon..


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