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Kitchen Craft Colourworks Scissors

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Brand: Jamie Oliver / Product Type: Scissors

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    1 Review
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      04.04.2012 18:09
      Very helpful



      do cut it

      I'm a keen cook and one of my must have items is a pair of kitchen scissors. I like to be able to chop up herbs, open packets of cheese, separate sausages with something a bit more hygienic, not to mention sharper, than the scissors the kids use in their varied art projects. I've bought used and eventually had to discard various kitchen scissors over the years which I've found out the hard way are either not sharp enough or prone to breaking. These colourwork scissors have proved to be the most durable, best at cutting and about the cheapest I've ever owned - I paid under five pounds for them some time ago and they've been in daily use ever since.

      The scissors are part of the colourworks range from kitchen craft and come in varied colours, from the orange pictured above to green, blue and the pink ones I own, all bright and cheerful neon tones you definitely wouldn't miss in a kitchen. I chose the pink as I also have a chopping board and collapsible colander in the same range, which are also really good items. These scissors are 22cm big and the perfect size for kitchen use. They have soft grip chunky handles and a slight serration on them on one side of the blades. A feature I really like is the blade cover which makes them both safer and easy to store - it has very strong magnets embedded in it which mean you can attach the scissors to any metal surface ready for use, mine store neatly on my utensil holder but the magnets are so strong you could in theory put them on, say, the fridge or any handy metallic surface with no fear of them dropping off.

      Thus far despite all the varied uses I put them to the scissors haven't dulled at all over time, I problem I often have with this kind of kitchen tool. They handle cutting up bacon, chicken, dividing sausages and opening packets with ease. Once used it's easy to clean them ready for another use. I tend to hand wash my scissors. I've never put them in the dishwasher as I haven't been able to find out anywhere if they are actually designed to be dishwasher safe - it might have been nice had there been an indication as to their suitability for dishwashing on the packaging. Another mystery surrounding these scissors is the serrated round metal bit on the inner part of the handle, which I have never put to any use at all; I can only assume it's for opening bottles, though if I owned a monkey I would definitely try cracking open peanuts with them. Actually thinking about it I already have two little monkeys - and I'm confident enough to let them use these scissors when they cook too for cutting up spring onions, herbs and cold meat for pizza topping. The scissors are really versatile, so on balance I can't really criticise the scissors though for having a feature which I don't really need as for their primary purpose - ie cutting kitchen items they are very good indeed.

      I would recommend these scissors for anyone who cooks a lot - as I do - they really are an essential kitchen item.


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