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Kitchen Craft Microwave Egg Boilers

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Brand: Kitchen Craft / Product Type: Other Ktichen Utensils

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    3 Reviews
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      02.02.2009 18:17
      Very helpful



      Good whilst it lasted

      I think of myself as a fairly decent cook, but producing the perfect soft-boiled egg was something that eluded me. So my fiancé got me the Boiley Microwave Egg Boiler so that I would never have to worry about cooking eggs badly again.

      <<< How does it work? >>>
      You simply pop your egg (shell completely intact) into Boiley's base, add water to the fill line and screw on the top and whack it in the microwave. It will then cook your egg, soft, medium or hard, in 3 to 5 minutes.

      <<< Does it work? >>>
      The first time I tried it I was really worried about putting a whole egg into the microwave as I've always thought it would explode! But I followed the instructions and popped my egg in to nuke and crossed my fingers. 3 minutes later my egg was perfectly cooked and I was really pleased with the results.

      "Hurrah!" I thought, "Boiley has saved me from bad egg syndrome!"
      So I started having boiled eggs about once a week and used my new best friend Boiley about 6 times before he kicked the bucket. I did everything as normal, but then a loud BANG! emanated from the microwave and I knew that all was not well with poor Boiley. I rushed over to the microwave to check on him and alas, his head had come clean off and the contents had blasted all over the inside of his killer.
      It didn't take a forensics expert to ascertain the cause: the small hole at the top of his head had become blocked by a misalignment of the metal casing inside.

      <<< A happy ending? >>>
      We thought that our Boiley was a one-off dud, so my fiancé contacted Firebox where he'd originally got Boiley and asked for a replacement. They said that a few other customers had experienced exploding eggs so they had stopped stocking this item - not very good news! You can of course purchase this from other websites, like Amazon, otherwise I wouldn't have written this review to warn people of exploding Boileys.

      The plus side is, I have now learnt how to cook a perfectly soft-boiled egg in a pan and it's just as easy - sometimes the old ways are the best!


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        04.12.2008 21:32
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A gadget that` boils` eggs but leaves you no shell.

        Microwave egg boilers are a little bit gimmicky really, but im often tempted to send for kitchen gadgets.
        The microwave egg boilers were advertised on The Kitchen Craft website, they cost £2.25 for a set of two.

        The set comprises of two egg boilers in one box, each egg boiler has two parts, a bottom which you crack your egg into and also a lid.
        To use you crack your egg into the bottom section of the ovate shaped egg boiler (with a flattened bottom), then you just prick the yolk with a pin and then pop the lid on the top.
        Put in into the microwave for about 20 seconds and your egg will be `boiled`.
        You can eat the boiled egg straight from the egg boiler.

        I thought the egg boilers were a kitchen gadget that I could live without.
        As a child we always looked forward to having the boiled egg with `soldiers` and a little bit of salt on the side of the plate to dip our teaspoon into.
        A lot of the fun of eating the egg was derived from trying to successfully dig the egg out of the shell!
        Then we would always turn the shell upside down in the eggcup and make out that the egg was still whole.

        The microwave egg boilers are fine, dishwasher safe, durable and inexpensive, the egg is always cooked well and I suppose that it stops you accidentally eating any shell.
        But maybe they take away some of the fun of eating a boiled egg!

        I have one poached eggs in my microwave for years using a similar technique.
        I take a teacup and lightly butter the inside, crack the egg into the cup and cover the cup with cling film, put it into the microwave for a few seconds and out comes a nicely poached egg...same principle.

        The egg boiler idea is good, but in practise I am not totally convinced that it saves on much except time. The microwaved egg takes a few seconds to cook, the egg boiling in the pan takes 2-3 minutes. The micro egg boiler has to be washed out well after use, if you boil the egg in a saucepan then you just rinse the saucepan out.

        If I was going to choose another successful way of boiling my eggs I think I would prefer the electric egg boilers, you can get a Stellar electric egg boiler for around £13. My friend has one and gets on famously with it and at least you can still dig the egg out of the shell!


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          29.10.2008 13:33
          Very helpful



          Please tell me how to make the perfect boiled egg!

          Does anyone remember the fuss everyone made when Delia wrote a book telling us how to boil an egg? I am one person who needs that advice. I will happily bake cakes or cook casseroles but am unable to make a perfect soft boiled egg. There are so many variables involved in the process, is the water cold or boiling to start with, is the egg refrigerated or room temperature and what size is the egg. I'm not a totally lost cause however, I can make a hard boiled egg but getting the yolk nice and soft without the white being overly runny is beyond me.

          I saw the microwave egg boiler and decided to give it a try. At just £1 I wouldn't lose much if it didn't work. It's a simple device, the bottom made out of yellow plastic and the top from clear plastic and shaped like a large egg with a flat bottom.

          It's easy to use, just crack your egg into the bottom, pierce the egg and stick it in the microwave for a minute.

          I've had mixed results with this. I've needed to experiment with the timing a bit, a minute is too long for small eggs and not enough for the jumbo eggs I get from the Co-Op. I've found with a small egg then I can get a good result with the egg fairly evenly cooked but with the large eggs then it is impossible to have a soft boiled egg as the white is still too runny. It didn't like my double yolk egg either and the only way to cook it was to blast it till it was hard.

          You can use the boiler as an egg cup too but I've found it is too big to use easily and prefer to tip my egg onto some toast.

          Cleaning should be easy, it is just plastic afterall but egg white has the tendency to weld itself to the holes in the top half. One day I even had an egg explosion in my microwave and when I took the top off to look noticed some egg white that had formed an invisible film over the holes so no steam could escape.

          Overall it's ok, the results are not as nice as a normal boiled egg but they are passable if you use a small egg. I've found I can get better results by poaching my egg in a mug in the microwave, spreading the surface of the egg over a larger area makes it cook more evenly.

          Any tips to help me get the perfect soft boiled egg in a pan will be appreciated!


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