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Lakeland Easter Egg Moulds

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Brand: Lakeland / Product Type: Moulds

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    3 Reviews
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      07.03.2012 21:07
      Very helpful



      Handmade one of a kind Easter Eggs

      I've recently bought these Easter Egg moulds from Lakeland to make home made Easter gifts for friends and family, and also to help my little nephew to make his own Easter Egg for his mummy.
      They were just £3.99, and in the packet you get the plastic moulds to make 2 large Easter Eggs, and 36 mini Easter Eggs.
      I also bought some Easter themed cellophane gift bags from Lakeland, and some yellow ribbon from the card shop to package my finished home made Easter gifts.

      I've a had a couple of gos with them already - practice runs, I think that you definately need to have a couple of practice runs with these if you are intending to give them as gifts. They are easy enough to use once you get the hang of them.

      To make the large Easter Egg you just basically brush layers of melted chocolate into the egg mould, building the layers up to create your desired thickness of chocolate. The reccomended number of layers is five - so that the egg isn't too thin and shatters, but you can do as many as you like.
      Once you have built up as many layers as you want, and the chocolate has set completely, then just pop the egg out of the plastic mould, and then to sandwich it together you just need to brush melted chocolate around the edges and gently place the two halves together, and then leave to set again.

      To make the smaller Easter Eggs you just basically pour melted chocolate into the small egg moulds and leave them to set completely. The smaller moulds make solid eggs, rather than hollow eggs. They then just pop out of the moulds, you can then either just leave them as they are as half eggs, or sandwich two halves together with a dab of melted chocolate - and again just them leave to set.

      You can use absolutely any flavour of chocolate that you like - from cheap supermarket own brand to expensive Belgian chocolate. The eggs you make will be individual and unique. You could create a marble effect by mixing the chocolate as you pour it into the small moulds, you could sandwich two different chocolate types together. You could even marble the large eggs by brushing on different chocolate types in patches i.e. white and milk.

      I'm thinking that if I buy a selection of chocolate, such as mint, orange, chilli, white, dark, milk etc I can make lots of different mini eggs and fill the larger eggs with these.
      I'm thinking that I will also use the small half eggs as individual cupcake decorations, or individual cornflake crispie Easter nest decorations.
      Actually the more I think about this the more uses I come up with!

      The moulds are reusable if you look after them, just hand wash them in warm soapy water and don't let them get crushed. They are not dishwasher safe. Overall I'm really pleased with these and will get lots of use out of them, and I'm sure that my little nephew will love making his own Easter Egg creation for his mummy.


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        27.03.2010 11:03
        Very helpful




        This year I have been less than inspired by the range of Easter eggs in the supermarkets, On my Easter egg hunt I have visited Sainsburys, Asda, and Tesco and whilst they all have a huge quantity of the the same Mass produced Flake, Cream egg, Caramel etc they have little else.
        Then I received my lovely Lakeland catalouge through the post and I saw they sold Easter egg moulds, wow what a perfect solution to my problem I would make my own. I went the same day and bought a pack, here is how they got on.......

        What you get - In the pack you get four large half egg moulds and four moulds to make 18 mini half eggs. So in total enough to make two large eggs and 36 mini eggs at one time.
        The packaging is great, it is simply a cellophane bag with a cardboard top attached to it. There are clear instructions printed on the cardboard topper.
        The moulds are made of clear plastic. You can reuse them as many times as you wish, just wash them in warm water. They are not dishwasher safe. Be gentle and look after them and they should last you for years to come.

        How to make the large eggs - first of all you will need some chocolate, on the pack it recommends high quality chocolate, I used Sainsburys cooking chocolate which worked well, but I am sure any would work ok.
        Melt your chocolate using your preferred method, bowl over boiling water or Microwave, I use the microwave and it is so quick and easy, just break chocolate into a bowl and put in the microwave for 60 seconds. When it comes out give it a stir and it's ready to use.
        Now using a pastry brush paint the moulds with the chocolate, don't try and do it thick as it will just drip into the middle. Just a thin layer is sufficient, once you have painted the moulds put them in the fridge to set this only takes about 10-15 mins. You need to repeat this process four times. Once the final layer has set you can take your eggs out of the moulds. I found that the longer I left the egg in the mould, the easier it was to come out.
        To join the egg halves together just use a little melted chocolate as glue.

        To make the small eggs - Melt your chocolate as above, but instead of painting the moulds you pour the chocolate in, to make solid eggs. You can add little extras if you wish like small nuts or little sweets.
        The smaller eggs take a little longer to set than the large eggs, they will need to be in the fridge for about an hour.
        Again to join the two halves together use melted chocolate.

        I made these eggs with my two children, who are 5 and 10. They found it really enjoyable and loved seeing the eggs take shape. They did need adult help with the painting and pressing the eggs out. But otherwise could do it quite independently.

        I bought little presents like packs of rubbers, bracelets and lip gloss etc to put inside the eggs for my daughters friends, their teachers and the girls I have to get eggs for. I am on the hunt for some small 'boy' or 'men' presents so any ideas would be great. In some of the eggs I put some of the small eggs we had made.

        My children decorated the eggs with writing icing and edible easter toppers. I then wraped them in clear cellophane and tied with yellow ribbon. They look amazing and so personal. They taste great too (well I had to check, didn't I !!)

        The moulds are an absolute bargain, they cost just £3.49 a pack.
        You can buy them from Lakeland strores around the country or online at www.lakeland.co.uk, you can also order over the phone on 015394 88100 if ordering online or by phone they will charge you £4.25 postage and packing if your order costs less than £50.

        If you look on the lakeland website there is a little video demonstration of how to use the moulds.

        I think these are brilliant, they make it very easy to make stunning personal Easter eggs. It also gives the children something to do. FAB !!


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          14.04.2009 17:35
          Very helpful



          How we made our own chocolate Easter eggs

          At Easter time in my family we tend to get a bit carried away in a frenzy of chocolate and doing crafty things badly. Last Easter we purchased these egg moulds, and made eggs, with suprisingly not bad results, as in they were edible and didn't look too awful.

          Lakeland always sell slightly unusual Easter items and we purchased these moulds for about the same price as an Easter egg - £3 at the time, though they are currently £3.46, and available online and in the Lakeland stores.
          When we bought our moulds we also bought some cellophane Easter bags from Lakeland to package the finished article.

          The mould set consisted of 4 larger egg moulds and 4 sheets of 18 little half egg shapes, to make 2 large eggs and 36 small eggs at the same time should you wish (hope my maths is right there). There were also full instructions with the moulds as to how to make your own eggs.

          Now clearly I wasn't expecting Hotel Chocolat results, but Dairy Milk being on offer at the time at Morrisons, and the days being long and rainy I was prepared to give it a go. I thought it would be a fairly fun activity and perhaps cut down on the amount of packaged eggs we bought.

          Using the moulds:

          We had to melt the chocolate carefully - I found a bain marie (aka saucepan with hot water and a bowl in) worked best, you could microwave but if you overheat the chocolate is ruined easily. We didn't want to waste good chocolate so we melted the chocolate carefully.
          For the smaller eggs you pour the chocolate straight into the moulds and tap to release the bubbles and then chill.
          The larger eggs were more tricky - we had to brush the inside with chocolate to build up layers, five in all. This took time and patience but we managed to make one each for the grannies in our family.
          The finished eggs popped out of the mould fairly easy and the moulds were ready to use the next year.

          Finishing your eggs:

          We had to stick the eggs together using melted chocolate, which was fine with the big eggs and produced a rather strange shape for the little eggs in some cases. As half eggs the smaller eggs made nice cake decorations so weren't a complete failure.


          I would recommend this set, though less packaged eggs are now available, it was fun to use. The advantage is that you can make your eggs from your favourite chocolate and as thickly as you like, though using the moulds does make me have renewed respect for proper chocolatiers - it is clearly an art. It probably doesn't work out much cheaper to make your own eggs but at least the grannies' eggs were original, especially once decorated with sweets, and they were duly presented on Easter Sunday with much assurance as to the hygienic manner in which they had been produced. I would give this product 4 stars as essentially it is quite pricey for a bit of moulded plastic.
          We did enjoy having a go at making our own eggs so I would recommend this set, like many Lakeland products it is a bit different.


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          Make Easter eggs at home.

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