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Lakeland Stain-Proof Microwave Duo Egg Poacher

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Brand: Lakeland / Product Type: Egg Poacher

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    3 Reviews
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      23.01.2010 21:30
      Very helpful



      Good design, worth the price

      Im a bit of a convenience freak, so the microwave is a bit of a godsend to me. Combine that with my love of eggs, then this was sure to be a winner.

      This simple egg poacher is great as a convenient way of poaching eggs. It saves on mess, and I find it much quicker.

      The egg poacher itself can poach two eggs at once. Whilst this may be adaqute for some people, I normally prefer to eat three or four, which poses quite a problem. Yes you could just do two, then cook some more, but by the time you come to eat them, the first eggs cooked tend to go cold and as they continue cooking after they come out of the microwave, the yolks tend to go hard.

      Cooking the ggs is relavtively straight forward, all you do is crack the egg into the poacher, and then cover with the lid. I find the lid being clear very handy, as you can keep a check on how they are cooking, so you can have them how you want them cooked. I refer mine runny over toast, so you have to be pretty precise to make sure they dont overcook.

      A top tip here is to make sure that you grease the poacher before you put the eggs in, otherwise you will fidn them hard to get out after they are cooked, and you wil probably break them! Smearing some butter on the inside seems to work really well.

      Overall I cant really fault the simplicity of this. Yes i would prefer a bigger one to cook more eggs, but this easy way of poaching eggs is a real winner with me.


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      02.08.2009 17:06
      Very helpful



      Well priced, works well and it is easy to clean.

      As you may have already guessed I am one of Lakeland plastics biggest fans, I have bought many of their gadgets and have found them incredibly useful.
      Only recently I noticed a review on Dooyoo which caught my attention, it was all about the Lakeland Egg poacher.
      After reading the review I ordered one of the egg poachers and was looking forward to using it.
      The Lakeland website is very easy to use and it gives a lot of valuable product information.

      I used to own an egg poaching pan, anyone will tell you that they are fiddly and it seems to use up so much precious time just poaching a couple of eggs.
      Then I devised my own way of poaching eggs in my microwave, I used a teacup. Using a piece of kitchen roll I lightly buttered the inside of the teacup and then cracked the egg into the bottom of the cup, then I placed a piece of cling film over the top of the cup, taking care to make a fold in the middle of the cling film and then popped the cup into the microwave for a few seconds. This process worked and produced a decent poached egg even if it was a pretty effort .

      I paid £4.47 for my Lakeland stain-proof microwave duo egg poacher, it is made from strong and durable non stick polycarbonate plastic which is dishwasher safe.
      The Lakeland egg poacher is a simple but ingenious idea. It comes in two pieces, the bottom has two shallow circular compartments into which you crack your eggs and then you have the lid that slots snugly into place over the top of the raw eggs before you put them into the microwave.

      Once you have cracked your eggs into the Lakeland egg poacher then you need to add about a teaspoon of warm water onto the top of each egg before you put the lid on.
      Then you just put the Lakeland egg poacher into the microwave for around 1 minute on high.
      Everyone likes their poached eggs in different ways, some love soft yolks, others prefer semi-soft yolks and many like a hard yolk, this is where timing becomes an issue.
      If you practise then you can poach your eggs exactly how you like them, a few seconds less cooking time gives you a soft egg and vice versa.
      Then you remove the Lakeland egg poacher from the microwave and leave it to cool down for a few seconds before you tip the poached eggs onto your freshly buttered toast.

      Lakeland say nothing about lightly greasing the inside of the poaching compartments so initially I used the poacher as it stood. But I have found that if you wipe the inside of the egg poacher with a piece of greased kitchen roll then the egg slides out very easily and it is less inclined to break the yolk.

      The Lakeland egg poacher is easy to take apart and it is easy to wash, it takes up very little storage space too.
      The poached eggs are very acceptable and once you have got into the swing of using it then you can poach to your liking.
      The concept is simple but it works so well. The Lakeland egg poacher is not over-priced either.
      It is hard wearing and I would envisage that it will be with me for a long time to come.

      Some of the simplest of ideas are among the best ideas and the Lakeland egg poacher falls into both categories.
      If you want to poach more than two eggs at a time it is possible to fit two Lakeland egg poacher duos into the microwave at the same time but you have to take into account that you may need to adjust the cooking time accordingly.


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        23.07.2009 20:55
        Very helpful



        Great product, that is so simple yet so effective will make poached eggs in minutes.

        I know Lakeland products seem to be my theme this month and I may be getting slightly addicted to their products, but I thought I would share my opinion of their Microwave double egg poacher.

        What is it ?
        Basically it is a simple gadget that can poach two eggs in under a two minutes.
        It is a solid container that resembles the number eight, it is in two parts a base and a lid section.
        It is made of a strong durable stain resistant plastic that can be used and washed over and over again without it breaking.
        It is suitable for the dishwasher so no more scrubbing pans.

        How do I use it ?

        The microwave double egg poacher is extremely easy to use, my Grandad is partially sighted and he can use it with ease.
        First of all take the two halves apart, the base has slightly domed bottom so it is easy to tell the top section from the base.
        Place your eggs in the two compartments, put half a tea spoon of water over each egg then cover with the lid.
        Put in the microwave and place on high setting for 1 minute 30 seconds.
        Once it pings leave it for about half a minute or so to cool down otherwise it will be very very hot. That's it two perfect poached eggs in the time it takes to make a couple of slices of toast.

        How much is it and where can I get it from ?

        The poacher costs £4.39, when I bought mine it was on a three for two deal however on checking the website for the price it seems that this offer has now finished and a new deal is in place, where if you buy any microwave item you get a Microwave Mini Pot free.
        The microwave double poacher is from Lakeland, you can purchase it from any of their forty one stores or order it online via their website. You can also ring them up and order it over the telephone.

        I love poached eggs on toast, especially when I have been on a late shift and don't get home until ten o'clock, I am tired and hungry and the last thing I want to be doing is cooking up a dinner. This is so quick that in three minutes I am sitting down with a cup of tea and poached eggs on toast. No pans, no frantic stirring and no gizmos just simple and effective brilliance.


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