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Lakeland Straight Edge Smoother

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Brand: Lakeland / Type: Baking Equipment

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    1 Review
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      25.04.2012 13:33
      Very helpful



      smooth icing effortlessly

      Now I can't say that I would ever have bought this under my own steam, it was my mum who reccomended it to me, via a friend of hers. I do a lot of baking and I had been chatting to my mum and saying that I could never get a perfect smooth level surface on icing the majority of the time. She asked a friend of hers how she gets her icing so smooth and her friend recomended this little gadget from Lakeland.

      It's called a 'straight edge smoother' and it appears to be just a piece of plastic, for the princely sum of £4.49! I hesitated for ages in the baking accessories isle over whether to buy this or not, as I hadn't thought that a) it would just be a piece of plastic, and b) how could said piece of plastic cost £4.49! In the end I did buy it, especially as my mum had taken the time and trouble to go and ask a friend for advice for me.

      So this is basically a doddle to use, and the thing actually works!

      It's just a large flat paddle like 'smoother' with a large comfortable handle on the top. You just grip the handle on the top and use the bottom surface the 'smoother' to smoothe over your icing to create a perfect smooth and straight finish.

      I've used this for fondant icing and it's so quick and simple and easy. I do just very briefly dip in it water before smoothing the fondant icing as I find that this ensures that the fondant icing doesn't then stick to the smoother. It so much quicker and easier than trying to spread the icing with a knife, it creates a perfect smooth finish in minutes.

      I've also used this for buttercream and again it's so quick and simple and easy. It makes spreading buttercream so effortless, I normally churn up half of the cake when trying to spread buttercream, not so when using this.

      I think that the reason this works so well is that the handle is on the top and you are pressing down and smoothing the icing around, rather than trying to use a palette knife from a different angle. Also because the surface area of the paddle of the smoother is quite large it seems to work much better than just trying to use a knife.

      I just pop this in the dishwasher when I've finished, but it would also be easy enough to wash by hand.

      I'm glad that I actually took the plunge and bought this as I do actually use it an awful lot. I'd certainly recommend it to anyone looking to get icing perfectly smooth and straight.


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