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Brand: Lego / Type: Lunch Box

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    1 Review
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      27.02.2014 13:36
      Very helpful



      Nice for figures but not big enough for anything else.

      ~*~ Lego Lunch Box ~*~

      Both my sons were big lego fans both starting when they were 3 or 4 and lasting a long time, we have boxes and boxes of the stuff , If I could put all the sets back together again i'd be a very rich woman indeed .
      A couple of years ago now Lego started bringing out other ranges than just the lego bricks this is where we first saw the lunch box . I ordered it from John Lewis as they were the only ones who had it in stock. At the same time I also ordered the water bottle, they were both around the £10 mark .

      ~*~ The Box ~*~

      What's in the box ? well nothing !
      It measures 20 cm in length, 8 cm high and has a width of 10 cm and looks just like a giant 8 brick complete with the Lego name on each of 8 top bits just like the bricks. The lid lifts off and there is a single compartment inside.
      The box is dishwasher safe but not suitable for the microwave

      ~*~ In Use ~*~

      This was a birthday present for my son when he was 9, along with the water bottle. He was very impressed when he opened it an couldn't wait to take it to school and show his friends. When I asked him did anyone notice your lunch box he said yeah his friends were jealous and thought it was brilliant.
      Unfortunately, as good as its looks its just not a great lunch box
      I am the one that makes his packed lunch and the box just isn't big enough and it's a real struggle to get enough in it.
      Sandwiches are okay as long as the bread had a square shape to start with , then you can fit them and a packet of crisps in. If your bread is the taller more rounded top the sandwiches and crisps won't fit together . The most I have ever got in the box has been sandwiches, crisps which were from a multi bag so usually a smaller packet, and a two finger KitKat.
      Apples and any other fruit that's round won't fit as the box isn't tall enough and Bananas take up too much room there's no room for anything else.

      The opening of the lunch box, while easy to do as the lid just slides off also means that it's not that secure and if your school is like ours, where lunch boxes get put on shelves or trollies, if knocked over everything could spill out.

      ~*~ Thoughts ~*~

      As a child's lunch box it's just not practical enough or big enough , but as a Lego box for a Lego fan its still a nice item. We gave up using it as a lunch box after about 3 days as my son was complaining ofsquashed sandwiches.
      So now its just a Lego box and he tends to keep his rare Lego figures in here away from his sister.

      3 out of 5


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