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Lego Stackable Storage Jars

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Brand: Lego / Product Type: Jar

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    1 Review
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      12.04.2010 20:32
      Very helpful



      Oddly sized kitchen storage

      I saw these selling online and as soon as I saw them I knew I just had to buy them- despite them being quite pricey- £16.95 full price for one set of four plastic square containers of varying sizes. We have quite a few Lego items in our house and I am always curious to see what other homewares they are bringing out.

      When I have ordered and bought Lego homewares before- normally finding them on the Lego website or Ebay or other quirky kitchen ware supplier sites. They are normally quite pricey (not too bad, but a bit more expensive than the storage jars you would normally pick up in the supermarket). We needed some jars as I had commented to Mr Norton the cupboards were a state and we could use some jars to keep rice/ pasta/ sugar/ coffee etc in to tidy things up a little and also to add a touch of magic to the kitchen with the bright colours and cute design.

      In one set you get four containers:

      There are four lids- blue, green, yellow and red. Each lid will fit on any of the jars as they are all the same diameter.

      There is one tall container- this measures 9 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide/ deep. Storage space 7.5 inches high.

      There is one medium sized container- this measures 5 inches tall and the same 3.5 inches wide/deep. Storage space 3.5 inches high.

      There are two small containers- these measure 2 inches high and the same 3.5 inches wide/deep. Storage space in the small containers is only 1 inch high.

      All the containers stack together in any order/ combination. If you place the tall jar on one side and then stack the other three next to it, they come up to the same height.

      These are easy to wash and they look great. The lids have four circles on the top of each with the word Lego written on each as with a piece of Lego.

      The downsides are the two small containers are pretty much useless- they are too small to keep coffee or tea in or sugar. The containers are too big to keep spices in too. So I have not yet worked out what Lego think you could use these to hold and be able to tip a whole packet of something in to these jars and not have the other half of a pack leftover using up more cupboard space!.

      Also the lids do not secure on the containers in any way. They are not air tight and the lids are easily just lifted off. If the storage jar is tipped over, the lid will just drop off.

      Overall, these jars look brilliant but due to their random sizes, it is a bit difficult to work out what to fill them with. And the lids not being secured makes them not very practical for kitchen use. Certainly not good if they are left near children as they could mistake them for toys and all your coffee or rice would no doubt be all over the floor in an instant. So they are a gimmick really. A cute gimmick. I am glad I bought them as I love how they look, but I have to remember to take them out of the cupboards carefully so I don't spill everything everywhere.


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