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Nuby Flip-it No Spill Straw Top Beaker

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Manufacturer: Nuby / Age: 18 Months+

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    2 Reviews
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      20.06.2013 17:11
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      Nuby beaker with straw

      When I started to give my daughter a bottle after breastfeeding the brand that she took to and the only brand she took to was the Nuby brand. I loved the bottles and thought they were a great quality product which is why when we moved on to training cups, sippy cups and then water bottles we stuck quite loyal to the brand and bought Nuby cups.

      This Nuby flip-it no spill straw top beaker is one my little girl and now little boy have and they have been really good cups. We bought ours in Boots and if I remember rightly they were in the £5 region which is not too bad for good quality cup. I mainly bought them because I wanted my kids to have a cup with a straw which is what this cup does. It's a great way of having an older cup for kids but one that will still not spill in the car or in your house, etc.

      The straw is really quite clever and well designed in my opinion. It is made of a soft silicone material so its really ind to children's teeth and gums. However, we did find a probably with this. My little girl loved to chew her straw when she was drinking and a portion of it she actually chewed off so we had to throw that away and buy her another cup although I have read that you can buy replacement straws for these cups which would be an excellent idea if it is true.

      The straw can be covered up with a flip top cap. This cap is really easy to move side to side and both my kids can do it easily to close their cup and then release the straw when they want a drink. This stops it from dripping and also keeps it clean and away from any dirt whilst it is being carried around. The straw actually comes apart so it's very easy to clean as well which I like and then when you are ready to put it back into the cup you just slot it in. There is a little plastic holder on the underside of the lid that it fits in to. the great thing about the straw is that liquid will only pass through it when it is sucked on so no other spills which is great. The thing that is a bit annoying about the cup is that if you flip the lid too quickly you will find that quite a few little spray of liquid come out from the straw as it pings into place which is not great because you can get a bit wet but not a bit problem, just funny, it makes my little girl laugh anyway!

      The spill might not spill but I have to say I find that these cups do drip a little bit from the screw top lid. I find when I put these in a bag and just let them roll about they will often leave a damp patch in my bag as liquid can come out of the top which is a bit annoying but not annoying enough for me to ditch the cups.

      I find these cups a really good size. They hold about 14 ounces of liquid which is plenty and means I don't need to keep on refilling their cups all the time. The cup is shaped like a egg timer so its thinner in the middle than the edges meaning its really easy for little hands to grab hold of . It also has some plastic curves on it where fingers can be placed to making holding onto it even easier.

      They come in fun different colours, we have red ones with a blue top and the word Nuby written on the bottom. All in all a great sippy cup and according to Nuby, the UKS NO 1 BEST SELLING FLIP CUP!


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        20.06.2013 12:17
        Very helpful



        Hope your spiders like juice!!!

        Who are Nuby?
        When I had my son almost 5 years ago, Nuby wasn't a very well known brand. I remember we found the soothers in Tesco once and bought some but never saw them again and heard nothing more about the brand. When pregnant with my daughter I heard about a free giveaway on the nuby website for some soother, so went and had a look what the brand is about. They seem to have had a boost in products since I had my son, they now sell bottles, sterilisers, soothers, cups, cutlery, plates, teether toys and cuddly toys with annoying laughs!! All their products seem sturdy and well made and many are bright and colourful.
        Nuby products are now sold in most boots and Tesco stores, as well as the Nuby online shop.

        What's special about the Nuby flip-it straw beaker?
        This straw beaker/cup certainly fits in with my view of nuby, they are sturdy and come in bright colours and some have colourful patterns. There is 2 variations, an insulated beaker and a non-insulated beaker. The insulated one RRPs at £3.49, the non insulated version comes in at an RRP of £3.99. This I think is partly because the insulated cup is thinner and holds less juice than the non-insulated.
        Both versions have the same lids so they can be swapped and changed to make different combinations of colours and patterns, and so us lazy mums don't have to search the kitchen if we cant find the exact lid to fit the cup. Anyway the lid and straw combination comes in 4 parts (arrrgh complicated).
        ...the solid plastic lid; this has a small handle which when pushed closed bends the straw and prevents any juice spilling out.
        ....a clear silicone non spill straw, this has a non-spill valve in. In order to drink you need to pinch the straw with your teeth to open the valve, once released it closes again. This is threaded up through the lid, and attaches to the inside of the lid
        ....a white plastic straw with thick rim at the top, this attaches to the silicone straw.
        ...a clear plastic straw....this extends the straw so it reaches the bottom of the cup to get the juice from the bottom.
        Told you it was complicated didn't I....its easy to take apart to clean, but very fiddly to put back together.
        These cups are part of stage 3 drinking: straw drinking and aimed at 9-12 months.

        Our experiences with the flip-it straw beaker....
        I don't think this is a cup I would have thought to buy without a recommendation or a free sample. I was very lucky to join the nuby facebook page when they were giving away a flip-it beaker to new members (yes free soothers AND free cups) so I put in my details and was sent a yellow insulated beaker with a robot design. My mum, not wanting my daughter to be left out sent off for one for my daughter and we received a pink insulated beaker with pictures of outdoor games on (skipping rope/hop skotch). I also managed to win a competition and won an orange non-insulated beaker, and for some reason (maybe a computer glitch) but they also sent me a purple and pink non-insulated beaker.
        Anyway....its safe to say we have quite a few of these beakers.

        I personally prefer the non-insulated versions, this is because they hold more juice so I don't have to fill it up as often, my children also prefer when their drinks last longer than a few sips. I find the insulated ones my son can drink it all at once, the non-insulated beakers he will come back to a few times before finishing it. I like that he always has juice available for when he needs it.
        The lids and non-spill part is identical on both beakers, and they really are non spill!!! in fact when they're new they're also non-drink! my son got the hang of it pretty quickly, but my daughter was 12 months when she got one and she threw it back at me in frustration. I tried to use it and almost turned blue sucking. the non-spill valve was very stiff so took quite a bit of biting on my part and poking the valve for it to soften enough for my daughter to be able to use it. I must add though, that all the biting and poking didn't damage the valve in any way and is still non spill, just easier to drink now.
        The lid closes the straw down into itself, so its very useful for throwing in a bag for when you're out for the day, the non-insulated beakers hold enough juice for a few hours. But when opening there is a problem. Ok its a problem on my part, the children think its hilarious. When opening the straw part on top, the straw flicks up and splashes juice everywhere. My daughter is 16 months and thinks its hilarious to try and splash me when she opens her juice, my son tries to get it as high as possible and has got the ceiling on one occasion!

        My son has been using one of the beakers for almost 2 years now, and the non-spill valve has broken. He has chewed it quite a lot so it's more his fault than a design flaw, but I know you can buy replacement straw/valves on the nuby website for £1.99 (2 pack) so you don't have to throw the whole cup away just because of one broken part.

        WHY, you may ask, does my 4 year old use a cup designed for 9-12month olds???
        Personally I think this is a silly age range. there is no way my daughter could have used this at 9 months, the non spill valve made sucking far too difficult for such a young child, she was over 12months when she could use it herself. I find my son to be quite clumsy at times, so would knock over a sports bottle and that would leak, these cups are non spill but don't look babyish. It great for when he goes to taekwondo, he can put his drink at the side of the mat and I don't have to worry about him spilling it. It also goes in his lunch box and I don't have to mop out food floating in juice at the end of the day. the lid is easy for him to close himself.

        Would I recommend?
        YES....these cups do have a few flaws, (my ceiling probably wouldn't recommend) but I think the good far outweighs the bad.
        good...NON-SPILL!!!! replacement straws, no need to throw out the whole cup
        bad....fiddly straw construction, juice squirts out when it is opened,
        These cups have been thrown and dropped many times and there are no cracks or breaks, so they are definitely sturdy and well made. We've had 2 years out of one beaker and it is still going strong so £3.99 isn't bad really, I have even gone out and bought more at full price and now have a shelf full (well it should be if I didn't keep leaving at grandparents houses....ooops)


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