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Paladone Boot Print Potato Masher

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Brand: Paladone / Product Type: Potato Masher

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    1 Review
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      06.02.2012 15:36
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      Not a product I would recommend

      My husband Mark bought this potato masher for me as a bit of a joke. In the last 2 1/2 years since we have been in our house I have managed to break 3 potato mashers. I don't know why I guess I've just been unlucky. He bought me the Paladone Boot Print masher from a little novelty shop in a nearby town. Mark loves mash and he has it as part of his meal most days so mashers in our house get a lot of use.

      Paladone make household products with a bit of a novelty twist. The Paladone boot print potato masher is just that, a potato masher in the shape of a shoe print. It comes with simple packaging, the masher is just attached to an orange and red card. This has the slogan "put the boot in" written on the front. I'm not sure how much Mark paid for the Paladone masher but they are currently available on Amazon for £4.95.

      The masher is made from a black plastic material which is dishwasher safe if you have one, if not a washing up brush does the job. It has a slightly shaped handle which is comfortable enough to gip and there is also a small hole in the end of the handle if you wish to hang it up. Personally I never hang anything like this up as I'm always worried about flies getting on it, I like to keep all utensils tucked away in a drawer.

      The boot print masher measures 20cm's high and at its widest part is 13cm's which is wider than any other masher I have had.

      I've been using my masher for 3 weeks now and so far I haven't managed to break it. As a masher I would say its just about OK, it does a half decent job but in my opinion the holes or gaps in the actual boot print are too big my previous masher had a criss cross pattern on the masher and this was much better than the boot print, it doesn't seem to mash the food totally smooth. We often have what we call veggie mash, this is usually carrot and swede or parsnip added to the potato, the boot print masher doesn't do a good job when mashing this, it leaves it very lumpy.

      Another little problem with this is the size, if I'm only doing mash for Mark I obviously use a smaller saucepan and here's the problem, the masher being 13cm's wide is too big to mash the potato properly in a smaller pan. The boot print shape is a bit of a nuisance too, it doesn't get right to the edges of the saucepan meaning I have to either get a spoon and stir the potato round or someone gets a lumpy bit!

      As mashers go the Paladone Boot print Potato Masher is not the best. There's too many little niggles to justify spending almost a fiver on it. It does have a bit of novelty value in that you could serve your mash the a boot print stamped in it but personally I wouldn't recommend it.


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