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Pampered Chef Egg Slicer Plus

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Brand: Pampered Chef / Type: Egg Slicer

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    1 Review
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      15.04.2012 20:12
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      An egg-slicer that does the job

      As I have stated in previous reviews I seemed to attend a lot of Pampered Chef parties a few years back and I have accumulated a lot of their gadgets in my cupboards over time. The Egg Slicer Plus however was not one that I bought; I won it in one of the prize draws offered at the parties.

      Pampered Chef products are usually of good quality but they are also quite expensive and although some products are worth paying the extra for some are really not any better than the cheaper alternatives.
      The Egg Slicer Plus is currently selling for £6.50 but alternatives like Prestige or Tesco sell egg slicers for £3.50-£4 so is this product really worth paying over 50% more for?

      The Egg Slicer Plus looks fairly traditional in its design. It is made of white plastic with wires for slicing the egg.

      To slice the egg you need to lift the top section to put the egg in the moulded bottom half. The top hinge only allows the cover to be lifted at a right angle which I find quite annoying as it means that it also has a habit of falling back down whilst trying to extract the slices, I would prefer it if it could be folded right back and out of the way.

      The base of the slicer is quite thick and sits flat and firm on the work surface and its robust design means that it doesn't flex. This is useful as when slicing the wires fall exactly into the gaps in the base, I had a slicer years ago which seemed to bend and half the time the wires couldn't get all the way through the egg as they caught on the base. The base also has a generous mould for the egg so will take large size eggs too.

      The wires are sharp and when the lid is pressed down it does not take a lot of force to successfully cut the egg into neat, regular slices without breaking the white and making the slices messy. The base is also a convenient depth to allow the egg to be lifted out easily.

      The wires themselves are actually attached to a separate metal frame which slips inside the lid. This is supposed to enable easier cleaning but I think the base part is just as difficult to clean as the wires so I don't think this is a major benefit. In fact I find it more irritating as, if someone else is putting the washing up away it is not always put back together so I end up rummaging in my utensil drawer for it so that I can put it back together. Somehow other items always seem to get caught in the wires.

      The manufactures state that this is also ideal for cutting up strawberries and kiwi fruit. I did try it with strawberries once to decorate a cheesecake but they seemed to get mushy and it didn't work, perhaps it would be better with fruit that was only just ripe. I have also tried it with Kiwi and it worked ok on fruit that was ripe enough for the centre to have softened slightly but not for very ripe fruit.

      This can be put in the dishwasher and mine has been a few times but I think egg slicers are best washed by hand as the dishwasher doesn't always seem to get it terribly clean. However the wires are not showing any signs of rusting yet and I have now had this slicer for several years.

      This Egg Slicer works fine but I can't say that I think it is worth several pounds more than the other models I have used in the past. It is solid and neat looking and appears to be robust but certainly not the most interesting of gadgets.


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