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Piggy Wiggy Silicone Spatula

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Brand: Paladone / Product Type: Spatula

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    1 Review
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      11.01.2012 17:59
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      A cute kitchen utensil

      Several weeks ago I was doing a bit of cooking, I have quite a lot of cooking utensils in my kitchen but one thing which I was missing and really could have done with was a spatula to scrape the mixture out of the bowl, I made do with what I had but decided on my next shopping trip I was going to buy myself a spatula as I was fed up of trying to scrape mixture out of a bowl using a spoon as this meant quite a bit of wasted. I was having a look around Home Sense recently and remember my lack of a spatula and headed for the kitchen section, they had several to choose from but one caught my eye, mainly because it was pink, it was the Piggy Wiggy Silicone Spatula.

      The Piggy Wiggy Spatula doesn't actually come in any packaging but comes attached to an oval shaped card, the spatula is held in place with 2 plastic tags which go around the handle, through the card and are twisted around the back, these can easily be removed by cutting them off or simply untwisting the tags. The card has the name of the spatula written down the left hand side, Piggy Wiggy Silicon Spatula" this is written in large pink and green letters, the contrasting colours really makes it stand out, the right hand side of the card has the producer of the Piggy Wiggy Spatula which is MSC International, personally I have never heard of this make but it didn't put me off buying it. Just beneath this is a statement saying "This little piggy gets the job done". The bottom part of the card is taken up with a picture of a cute pigs face, the card also states that the spatula is heat resistant up to 600F. The back of the card is mainly green in colour and contains a small amount of information about the product, the words "Piggy Wiggy Silicone Spatula" are also written across the middle of the card, there is a sentence at the top which states what the spatula can be used for and the bottom of the card contains contact information for the manufacturer.

      The Piggy Wiggy Silicone Spatula is basically a regular spatula, the bottom part (the area used for scraping) is made from a reasonably thick pink silicone, it is very flexible yet tough and strong, the bottom is slightly curved which helps with getting into the corners of various shaped bowls, The handle of the spatula is made from a rigid plastic which is a pale pink, on the end of the spatula is a very cute pig, on one side is the pigs face and if you turn the spatula round on the back is his tail, there is a plastic loop coming out of the pigs head to allow you to hang the spatula up should you require. The whole spatula measures about 5 inches in total and is quite slim meaning it does not take up a huge amount of room, I have a draw where I keep my cooking utensils and the Piggy Wiggy Spatula slots nicely down the side. The whole spatula is made up of different shades of pink which fits in with the Pig theme but it is this that first caught my eye with this product.

      As I have mentioned I purchased my Piggy Wiggy Silicon Spatula from my local Home Sense store and it cost me just £3.00, personally I thought this was a real bargain, the spatula is extremely well made and sturdy which makes me think it is going to be very long lasting and hard wearing. Since buying my Piggy wiggy Silicone Spatula I have also seen them for sale in debenhams and I was surprised to see that here they were being sold for £6.00, this is double what I paid for it. Whilst I love my Piggy Wiggy Spatula especially as it is so cute I do not think I would pay £6.00 for it, but £3.00 is a fair price.

      Since buying my Piggy Wiggy Spatula I have used it several times and so far have been very impressed, the strong yet flexible silicone end means that I can easily scrape mixture out of a bowl without wasting any, and the shape and flexibility allows you to get right into the corners, areas where mixture would get left when using just a normal spoon. The spatula is also excellent for mixing as well as scarping, again the shape and silicone end gets into the corners meaning that the ingredients are thoroughly mixed together. I was particularly pleased with the fact that the spatula is also heat resistance as this means I can use it on both hot and cold mixtures. There is nothing to say whether this item is dishwasher proof, however for me this does not really matter as I do not have a dishwasher, also it really doesn't take a lot to wash, there are no little nooks where mixture can get stuck so keeping the Piggy Wigy Spatula clean is easy.

      I would definitely recommend the Piggy Wiggy Silicone Spatula, it is strong and durable. The spatula can be used for a variety of things when cooking so for me it is a worth while addition. By purchasing the item from Hone Sense I got a real bargain however I'm not sure I would be prepared to pay Debenhams prices for this, the spatula may be available in other stores, however these are the only two I have seen it sold in. Overall I am extremely pleased that I found the Piggy Wiggy Spatula and would recommend everyone has one in their kitchen.


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