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2 Tier Dish Drainer with Removable Drip Tray

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2 Reviews

Brand: Premier / Type: Dish Drainer / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    2 Reviews
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      05.07.2015 12:06
      Very helpful



      Looks great, but doesn't last very long.

      I bought this dish rack in red from Argos for £14.99. It also comes in black and silver.

      I was attracted to this dish rack because it A. It came in red which is the theme of my kitchen, and B because it looked quite futuristic and quirky, and I like my items to have a little "out of the ordinary" look.

      The rack comes as a flat pack item which you need to put together, it's quite easy and doesn't take long at all.

      It has a bottom flat rack, a curved upper rack for items such as plates, a cutlery drainer which hangs off one end, and a cup/glass holder which hangs of the other. My kitchen is of average size, and the sink area is spacious, but despite that I could not fit the rack on my draining board with both hangers on each end, so I had to dispose of the cup hanger and just use the cutlery one, otherwise wet washing would have been dripping directly only to kitchen side.

      I have used this draining board for about 6 months. I find it holds a large amount of washing, so is great for a family, and keeps everything spacious enough to dry quite quickly.

      The draining board also had a plastic drip tray and the bottom which can slide in and out to be washed, so that you don't have to move the whole rack to clean the draining board underneath.

      I have not had this item for long but unfortunately it is looking a bit sorry. The nuts keeping it together keep dropping off, and the bottom shelf has become rusty.

      Although it was nice looking I probably wouldn't buy it again, as it didn't last as long as a plastic alternative.


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      15.03.2012 11:22
      Very helpful



      Ergonomically designed to cater for families


      I guess I am one of those few who do not own a dish washer so I spend a few hours every day by my kitchen sink "lovingly" cleaning my dishes/tableware. When there is a lot of washing up to be done, I don't seem to have enough space and end up piling the dishes precariously as the draining rack cannot accommodate that many dishes at a time. At times I resort to using one of my serving trays at least for the delicate stuff like cups, drinking glasses to save them from breaking. I also believe in letting the dishes dry naturally so I usually leave then on the draining rack until they are dry. After washing up, the kitchen work surface is literally just taken over by dishes and this can be a bit unsightly as well so fed up with this I decided it was time to act. This led me to a search for another dish drainer and I finally settled on the 2-Tier Dish Drainer which is what I am reviewing here.


      The 2 tier dish drainer is made of chrome coated wire with black coated main frame and it comes with a removable black plastic drip tray. It also includes 2 detachable hanging holders, one for glasses/cups and another one for cutlery which also has with its own removable black plastic drip tray.

      Both the top and bottom shelves and the detachable hanging holders are made of the chrome coated wire mesh.

      The overall size when assembled is: height 39 cm x width 56 cm x depth 25 cm.

      It is manufacturer by Premier Housewares

      =MY OPINION=

      = Packaging, Availability & Price=

      The drainer comes packed in a box with the picture of the 2-Tier Drainer on both of longer sides. The drainer needs to be assembled for use and comes with assembling instructions. The assembling is pretty easy as the parts aren't too many and it is obvious from the picture which part goes where.
      The drainer is readily available from Amazon.co.uk and the price ranges from £16 to £19.00. I bought mine for £16.49.

      = Capacity & Ease of use =

      The drainer is ideal for use both on the standard kitchen sink drainer and on the kitchen work surface but with lots of care to guard against water spillage all over as this may damage the surface. Mine sits above kitchen sink drainer although it slightly overlaps the drainer length but good that it has a tray which then catches the water so that it doesn't fall on the kitchen work surface.
      The top tier has 23 slots in compartments and ideally can therefore hold up to 23 plates. I would say from experience that it's most suitable for round shallow plates and side plates and can holds large plates with a diameter up to 32 cm as well. Plates with protruding bases like bowls will take up too much space as there is no provision for the protruding base. I normally stack these on the bottom shelf or if not fully loaded, I can spread them out on the top shelf and they will dry nicely.

      The cutlery holder has its own drip tray and can hold a lot including big kitchen knives and wooden spoons. The wire mesh for this is fairly closely woven. This is really handy to minimise items slipping out. The glass/cup hanging holders can hold up to 8 cups/glasses. I have noticed though that for my sink size it is difficult to have both the glass/cup holder and cutlery holder on either ends of the drainer so I have prioritised the cutlery holder and I place the cups/glasses in the lower shelf. In any case the glass/cup hanging holder protrudes beyond the area covered by the drip tray so any water would drip straight onto the kitchen surface which in the long run may damage the surface. The other minor problem is that the dishes on the lower shelf get soaked by all the dripping from the dishes on the upper shelf so tend to take longer to dry.

      The gap between the top and bottom shelf (the depth) is not very big so it is difficult to fit large saucepans. These can't be stacked on the top shelf either as they make the whole thing look very clumsy.

      Cleaning is very simple, all that is required is to wipe wire mesh with a cloth and wash and rinse the dripping trays once in a while. The trays are easy are slide out of position for cleaning and really need to be emptied regularly to avoid accumulation of stagnant water that can be a good breeding place for harmful bacteria. I empty mine before each wash and give them a thorough clean at least once a week.

      = Safety=

      The drainer is fairly sturdy, does not topple over or buckle under even when fully loaded. Needless to say common sense should prevail and ensure the weight is fairly spread out so as to avoid accidents. The gaps for holding the plates are just the right size and have a trough to hold the plates so they don't fall through.

      Also avoid stacking it with oversized protruding items like big frying pans and pots with protruding handles or sharp objects pointing outwards as these can be hazards.
      The drainer is chrome plated and this should guard it against rusting.


      This drainer looks nice and is a good space saver too in the kitchen. The colours match the colour scheme in my kitchen and yes I would recommend it but be aware that it cannot accommodate big pots and pans.

      By the way, did you know that:

      -Cutlery mainly includes eating utensils like forks, knives and spoons
      -Crockery can include all forms of china or pottery dishes such as plates, serving platters, bowls, cups, saucers (tea sets)
      -Tableware include items used at meals, crockery, cutlery and other accessories
      It was an interesting experience for me to use these nouns again as I find that they are rarely used nowadays. Call me old fashioned ha ha!

      Thank you for reading and rating

      ©hildah, March 2012


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