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Premier Jumbo Cupcake Mould

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Brand: Others / Product Type: Moulds

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    4 Reviews
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      23.04.2012 19:10
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      I love my mould

      A girl at work had her birthday a few weeks ago and she was bought a handmade giant cupcake which was really beautiful, I like decorating cakes and felt that I would be able to make a good go at one of these cakes and liked the novelty factor of it so I went in search of a mould. Following the advice of a colleague I went to the discount store B&M and sure enough I found they sold the moulds and even better they had reduced it from £4.99 to £2.99 which I think is brilliant value as the mould is made of silicone and will last for years. The mould comes packaged in a cardboard box which is decorated with all different giant cupcakes which gives you ideas of what you can create, the box isn't sealed in any way and so is very easy to open and inside you find 3 parts aswell as a set of instructions.

      The moulds are all made of silicone and are red in colour, the bottom of the cupcake is about 4 inches in diameter at the bottom and then tapers outover just like the bottom of a normal sized cupcake, the base is fluted so that it gives the same effect as a paper case would on a normal cupcake. The top piece is ridged in steps up to a final curved point at the top of the cake and then finally there is a third piece which you can fit to the base when you are cooking the cake and it will give you a little pocket inside the cake where you could put a filling if you choose to such as jam.

      Using the mould is very easy and the instructions are easy to follow however they don't give any idea what quantities you need of your cake mix all it states is 2 cups but I can't say I mix my cakes mixes in cups to know the measurements from that. I firstly mixed 10 flour, 10 sugar, 10 margarine and 5 eggs in the usual way and following the instructions I filled the base to the second line inside it. I found that I didn't have anywhere near enough cake mix and so had to mix another 4 flour, 4 sugar, 4 margarine and 2 eggs and placed the rest of the cake mix in the moulds which I had already rubbed around with some margarine to make it easier to get the cake out of the moulds when cooked.

      I always bake my cakes on gas mark 4 and the instructions say to bake your cake at your usual heat but states that the moulds will withstand up to 275 degrees although my oven is gas marks so this doesn't mean much I know that 200 degrees is gas mark 6 so was confident my cake making wouldn't break the moulds. It states that the top should take 35-40 minutes and the base will take an extra 10 minutes although how they can state this in the instructions when they don't know what you are going to have your oven set at is beyond me.

      I left my cakes for 35 minutes and then checked on them, they were still no where near cooked in the middle but I could see they were going to cook around the edges much quicker and end up burning so I turned the oven down to gas mark 3. In total the top took about 55 minutes to cook and the base took about 1 hour so nowhere near what was stated in the instructions. I was dissapointed to find that the cake hadn't risen to the top of the mould and in future I will be ignoring the marks inside the mould and putting more cake mix in. The base of the cake once cooled came out of it's mould very easily however I found I had to roll the mould backwards off the top of the cake to get it loose but once out both base and top looked how they were meant to although the top of the cake was wider in circumference than the base it was to sit on but that just shows the base needed more cake mix.

      Once the cakes are totally cooled you need to use a sharp knife to cut away the excess at the top of the base and the bottom of the top to make sure they are straight and will sit upon one another. I placed buttercream on the base and then placed the top on it and the cake looked great and I was well impressed at my first attempt, my daughterb helped me to decorate the top of the cake with buttercream and then we placed chocolate buttons all over it too. I think our cake looked really good when we had finished and it gave myself and my daughter some quality time together without my younger daughter which we don't get very often. The moulds were very easy to wash and I put them in a bowl of hot water to lift the cake remnants whilst we decorated the cake and when I washed them the cake bits came away easily and there was no marks to show the moulds had even been used.

      I really enjoyed making this cake although I will learn from my mistakes when i get the chance to make another one, the cake is quite hard to cut slices off as it is so high, it is about as high as it is wide when completed. The cake will probably give about 10 servings this depends on how big a slice you cut although it is hard to cut small slices off it. I gave my parents half of the cake as I knew it would never get eaten in our house before it went stale and they were really impressed with it. The one the girl had been given at work had Cadbury fingers all around the base which looked really great and I did buy some in preparation but because the base didn't come out as high as I expected the fingers were too long.

      I think this mould is brilliant, the instructions aren't really very helpful but it is pretty self explannatory to put the cake mix in the mould and to test if it is cooked I just used a clean knife and when it comes out clean it is ready. The cake was a little sickly as there was too much buttercream so we are going to try a different topping next time we make one probably chocolate as you can't go wrong with a chocolate cake. This mould is great it gives great results and you can amaze people with how good your cake is and the price was pretty great too.


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        11.04.2012 08:11
        Very helpful



        A silicone mould for those that like their cupcakes large

        I love to bake cakes and over the last 3 years it has become quite a hobby of mine. Cupcakes tend to be my "skill"; although I say skill I tend to find that baking and decorating cupcakes are a lot easier than celebration or larger cakes. However I decided to look for more of a challenge and expand my baking skills by adding giant cupcakes to my baking talents. After searching for giant cupcake moulds I was quite shocked that some retailers were selling these moulds and tins for around £20 so when I spotted the Premier Giant Cupcake Mould it appeared not only to be what I was looking for but also excellent value for money.

        ***Premier Giant Cupcake Mould***
        The Giant Cupcake Mould by Premier is does basically what it say on the tin (or box in this case), it is a silicone mould to bake a giant cupcake in.

        The mould comes in three pieces and makes a cupcake with a 19cm diameter and 18cm in height. The mould has three pieces; the base, the top of the cake and a hollow out section which your place inside of the mould as you are cooking so you can fill your cake with jam or buttercream when sticking together.

        The Premier Giant Cupcake Mould is available from a variety of different stores. I have found the cheapest place to be B&M's which sell these moulds for £4.99. Wilkinsons also sell this brand of Giant Cupcake mould for £7.99. You can also purchase from Amazon for

        ***My Experience***
        When it comes to baking cakes in my experience I have learnt that often when trying out new techniques or different style cakes it is often better to read the instructions that come with cake moulds or look online for tips and advice before jumping straight in like I used to do.

        The mould comes with instructions in the box. These instructions explain how to use the mould and fill the different parts of the mould, a suggested basic cake mix and how to clean and store the mould.

        The mould comes in three parts although two parts of the mould are essential to make a giant cupcake the other is optional. The essential sections are the base of the cake which is the shape of a standard cupcake case only considerably larger and the top section of the cake which is a swirled dome. You then have a flat section with a hollow around 10cm in diameter in the centre. The flat section sits on top of the cupcake base. This creates a hollow in the top of the bottom section of the case which means when you come to put the cake together you have a place for "filling" whether this is jam or buttercream. You do not have to use this section to bake a giant cupcake and if you decide not to create a cupcake with the hollow you just have to trim the cake.

        The instructions with the cake give a basic cupcake mixture which is just a traditional Victoria sponge type mix. For complete novices this is a very basic mixture but gives a very effective mixture. Personally I found that this mix was a little too fluffy runny and although very light made the cake a little floppy and soggy to work with (and trim) so I tend to adapt the recipe to make different flavours but also add more ingredients (like more flour) to make the finished cake more solid. The amount of cake mixture for the needed is about 3 times the amount you would use for a standard 9 inch round Victoria sponge cake to fill the Premier Giant Cupcake Mould so if you are creating your own recipe it is worth bearing this in mind.

        To fill the mould you place your mixture into the two sections of the mould so that both of these sections are around three quarters full so you allow space for the cake to rise. What the instructions do not tell you is that it is worth placing the two sections of the mould onto flat baking trays for taking in and out of the oven. The mould is made from very flexible silicone which wobbles around when uncooked runny cake mixture is inside so makes this transfer a lot easier. The domed top of the cake has a circular flat base on the outside at the top of the mould so that the top of the mould can be placed level when cooking. If you are using the hollow out section this sits flat on top of the bottom part of the mould.

        Personally I feel it is advisable to use the hollow out section as it makes sticking the two sections of the cupcake together a lot easier and the cake sits together a lot more securely. For less experienced bakers it also means you are less likely to need to trim the cake when it comes out of the mould which can be tricky if you are not confident about hacking the giant cupcake creation to size.

        The cupcake mould is very easy to use even if you do not bake regularly. The instructions state that you should leave to cool for around 30-45 minutes before you remove your baked cake pieces from the mould. However again I think that this is something that with experience you learn and personally I leave the cake longer to ensure that the cake is firm and does not get damaged when you remove the mould. I found that when I followed the recipe in the instructions and removed the cake from the moulds after 30 minutes the cake almost fell apart and pieces fell off the cake. Therefore the longer you leave the mould on the cake the easier it becomes to remove.

        You do not have to grease the mould especially if you follow the recipe that comes with the cupcake mould. However this is a personal preference and I do especially if I use a firmer and thicker cake mix to ensure no pieces are left on the sides.

        Once the giant cupcake is removed from the mould it is a simple case of putting together and decorating. This is entirely a personal choice of how you do this but I feel the decorating side is the most fun aspect for experienced bakers, novices and children. As mentioned earlier it is easier to put the domed top piece of the cake onto the base section if you use the hollow and put buttercream or jam into this as it sticks the cake together more securely. If you decide against using the hollow at the decorating stage you do need to ensure you trim the top of the cake and the base of the cake level and use a filling to fix together so these sit level.

        Cleaning the silicone mould is very easy and even after around 10 uses the Premier Giant Cupcake Mould looks as new and no difficult to when it was taken out of the box for the first time. The mould has retained its shape and even though around the edges of some of the giant cupcakes have burnt slightly on a few occasions the mould has not suffered any damage. The cupcake mould is dishwasher safe and has been through my dishwasher after at least half of the times that I have baked with it. I have also hand washed it in the sink using washing up liquid and water. I have found that unlike traditional tin baking trays which slightly burnt bits of cakes stick to (usually around the edges) with a silicone mould like this these slightly burnt sections just flake off so there is less need for scrubbing. After washing I always ensure the mould is fully dried and get between all of the nooks and crannies as I do find that if silicone bake ware has not been dried properly the next time you come to use it then it feels slightly sticky.

        Storage wise I think the Premier Giant Cupcake Mould is very easy to store and a great idea for those that have limited storage space. You can purchase tins to make giant cupcakes in however these are more awkward, bulky and difficult to store as they retain the shape of the giant cupcake which is quite a size. Once dry, the silicone Premier Giant Cupcake Mould is stored in my baking box and because it is silicone other items can be placed on top of it which squashes it down. So although it is 19cm in diameter it does not retain its almost 20cm height when stored and squashes down to about 5cm. Initially I was a little apprehensive that this would ruin the shape however even with cookbooks and other pieces of baking equipment placed on top of it for long periods of time the Premier Giant Cupcake Mould immediately snaps back into shape when needed.

        I would definitely recommend the Premier Giant Cupcake Mould as it is a great piece of bakeware that allows you to make fun cakes. The cupcake mould is very easy to use, very easy to clean and very easy to store.

        I think the main benefit to this product is that it is excellent value costing only £5 (although some retailers do sell it in excess of £17). Many other brands of giant cupcake moulds sell these products for in excess of £15 so this is a real bargain.

        The product is suitable for all levels of baking and cooking skills although those less experienced bakers may need some guidance and practice with trimming the cake so it fits together, which unfortunately may mean baking lots of cakes (and testing them). The other main issue with the cupcake mould is more a practical one due to the size of the cake that this mould makes and you do have to leave the cake to cool in the mould for 45 minutes after baking to ensure it does not fall apart which can happen if you take out of the mould too enthusiastically before it has fully cooled.

        I would also recommend the silicone giant cupcake moulds over the traditional tin giant cupcake moulds as they are much easier to store and take up less storage space. As someone who bakes cakes on a regular basis and has a number of different cake trays and moulds this is definitely an advantage as the size of the mould needed for giant cupcakes is on the larger side.

        A great product that helps to make great cakes (although that does depend on your baking skills).


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          31.10.2011 10:11
          Very helpful
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          A great fun item for your kitchen

          For Christmas last year, a friend of mine bought me a Premier Jumbo Cupcake Mould. I occasionally attempt to bake nice things like cakes, biscuits etc and I love random, novelty items, so this was perfect for me as a present.

          The cupcake mould itself is red, and made from a rubbery material, like silicone. I was actually expecting it to be made from metal like usual cake tins, so this did surprise me a little bit when I opened the box and took the mould out.

          The main part of the mould is a large base, which is the bottom of the cupcake, and then there is a choice of two top parts, one being a domed style, which gives a more classic cupcake shape, and the other one is coned with a swirl on top, which I think make it look more like a muffin than a cupcake.

          It is possible to just use the main base of the mould to make a giant cupcake, which is something I have actually done more often than using the top parts too. As you can see from the picture, the mould has lines and ridges on it, and this is to add patterns and shapes to the giant cupcakes that you make, and I feel that this makes the cupcakes look a lot more authentic.

          Now for some silly reason, when I first saw this, I thought that the mould was all one piece and you poured the cake mix through a whole in the top!! I didn't even think as to how I would get the cake out afterwards!! Luckily I soon realised that you make each cake piece in seperate moulds, and this became a lot of an easier process.

          To use this mould, just mix up a cake batter of your choice, but obviously making much more. I actually used a muffin mix the first time I used this, and I used 4 boxes just to make enough to fill the mould. Once you have made the mixture up, and preheated the oven, you just pour the mixture into the mould, and fill it up just over half way.

          You can grease these up should you wish to, but I have personally not found a need to, as the silicone material is a lot easier to use than the metal cake tins. When it comes to cooking times, this is a bit of trial and error, but I have luckily not burned or ruined a cupcake yet *touch wod*

          When your cake is cooked, leave the mould to cool around the cake before you attempt to get the cake out. I usually leave mine for around half an hour or so. It is then really easy to remove the cake, you can just pretty much peel back the case and pop the cake out. Then leave the cake or cakes to cool completley, and then the rest is up to you and your creative side.

          I find that this cupcake mould is really fun to use, and I have made many a giant cupcake for me and my friends and family to enjoy. It is a bit more work than normal sized cupcakes, but awesome fun too. It is always great to see the look on a persons face when they first set eyes on a super sized cupcake!

          The cupcake mould is also easy to clean. You can easily wash it by hand with the normal dishes, or you can pop it in the dishwasher. It cleans up really quickly, as nothing really sticks to it, and it dries quickly too. It is easy to store away when it is not in use, and no matter how many times I have used mine, it never seems to smell of anything.

          Now, I am not too sure where my friend bought the mould that she bought me, but I have seen them for sale in Robert Dyas stores, but you can get them much cheaper in places like the Works, where I have seen them for the small price of £5.

          I think £5 is a brilliant price and it makes this cupcake mould amazing value. If you like to bake, or just want to have fun in the kitchen with the kids, this is a great item to have. It provides easy, good fun and can easily be stored away when not in use. All this for the awesome price of £5 - what more could you ask for?

          I give this item a 5 out of 5 stars, and I hope you have as much fun with it as I do. Recommended.


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            26.10.2011 22:57
            Very helpful



            Easy to use, end result is good. Worth paying what I did for it.

            Thanks Dooyoo for adding this for me, I'm surprised it wasn't already on here.

            Well I was very excited when I purchased myself one of these recently with the plan to make my baby's 1st birthday cake with it.
            These can be found for sale in various shops and on line shopping places at varying prices too, I was tempted to pay £10.99 for one recently but decided to look on line and I found it new for under £5 with postage on ebay.
            When it arrived it was actually smaller then I had expected and slightly confusing with the fact that it came in three pieces, I will explain that shortly. It is made from the growing popular non stick silicone material and I gave it a wash in warm soapy water before using the first time. Mine is red just as the picture shows and I've not seen any different colours before.

            Now the three parts are a base and top as you can see in the above picture and then a third piece which confused me at first until I read the instructions is a piece that fits on top of the base like a lid, it has air holes around the edge so that steam can escape when cooking and the whole reason for this lid part is that the middle of it is a scoped out part like a dome but the dome bit underneath it. The reason for this is if you wish to put a filling into the cake then when cooked after you remove the lid it will have a crater in the cake, well that is how it's meant to work anyway.

            I was like a big kid getting excited to use this and got on with making up the chocolate cake mix. No need to grease the moulds so when ready I poured the mixture between the base and top moulds which I'd placed onto a baking tray for ease of getting in and out of oven as they'd be wobbly with the mix in to hold onto. I The lid fits onto the base mould quite easily and firmly. The base mould has a flat base and the top mould has a re-enforced rim bit on the part that will be the base while cooking.
            Now the saying is a watching kettle doesn't boil but in my case a watched cake doesn't bake. I couldn't keep away from the oven with the excitement lol. after pacing about for 30mins the top part was nearly ready after testing with a skewer but oh my word what had happened to the base? well the lid had started to raise from the mould,
            opps Lesson learnt there is that the two lines inside the mould must be the level the mixture should go to.

            Well after they were finally cooked and slightly cooled I was able to remove the moulds, the base one came away from the cake perfectly if however a bit bigger then should have been but that isn't a problem as you need to level it out ready for the top to go onto. Even though the lid had come away during cooking there was still a small hold for any filling to go into. The top part of cake didn't come away quite so easily from mould but that could have been my fault for rushing to do it, it wasn't a problem as the icing would cover the damage caused.

            When totally cooled I preceded to put the two parts together with a bit of butter icing in the middle to hold it together then decorate the cake with lilac icing, pink rice paper butterflys and pink buttons and a sprinkling of pink glitter sugar...You didn't need to know that bit but thought I'd tell you how it looked in the end. I was very proud of it and even though I had thought the mould was small the cake was high so a thin slice was still plenty.

            The moulds were put straight into the washing up after use and all came clean fine with no scrubbing involved. Once dried they are put away for the next use.

            I'm so pleased with this mould and my son wants his birthday cake made from it too so I'll definitely be getting my moneys worth from it. It seems to be an American product as the instructions that come with it have American terms in it. My cake was traditional cupcake but you can also make houses, animals, faces etc from using it.

            If anyone doesn't have a good cake recipe I follow the following recipe which a lovely lady that makes fantastic sponges gave to me...
            Basically weigh the eggs you are going to use, in my case it was 5 and then weigh all others ingredients to the same amount. so for example the eggs weigh 200grams, then add 200grams of sugar, marg, flour etc.

            Having baking and I hope if you were considering buying one of these your mind is now made up.


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