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Robert Welch Comet Bright

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Brand: Others / Product Type: Other Ktichen Utensils

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    1 Review
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      28.12.2009 21:58
      Very helpful



      my lovely cutlery

      Come what are best described as "high days and holidays", this is the cutlery that we always use. I've owned it for nearly 10 years, and love it as much as the day I bought it.

      Robert Welch is a British family firm which produce quality cutlery and also a range of homeware, you can find out more about the company on their webpage (link at the end of review). They have shops in Chipping Camden and Warwick and the cutlery is also available from various suppliers. I bought my cutlery after seeing it at a Home Exhibition, and used some of the money I got on the occassion of my marriage to buy it.

      This particular set is made of shiny stainless steel, I'm lucky enough to own an eight place setting featuring all the items above. The company also produce lots of other items from steak knives to salad servers in this range, currently a six person set costs £107 with all the items being available individually - you can also order a seven piece sample set online to see if you like the design, which is returnable with no obligation.

      I supposed I would describe this cutlery as having a modern, contemporary look, as already mentioned I have owned them quite a while but I do think they are distinctive and still bang up to date. Each item is made of 18/10 stainless steel and this is imprinted discretely on the back of each spoon and fork, along with the name of the designer - William Welch, who is Robert Welch's son and well known in his field in his own right.

      You can actually see the cutlery in pretty good detail if you click on the zoomable picture above, you can see that the forks are quite striking as the middle prong is more indented and the prongs are a little longer than my average everyday Ikea fork. The handles are quite nicely curved and shaped to fit comfortably in your hand, they are slightly bowed when laid on the table and the handle reminds me more of a teardrop than a comet - I think the product narme is a reference to the curve at the top of the handle which you can see clearly on the forks in the photo above. Despite the slightly different looking shape of the spoons, which are more elongated than the norm, this cutlery is a joy to use, it feels solid and comfortable. The knives cut well and the items balance nicely in your palm when you use them.

      As I have already said this cutlery is special to me, I don't use it every day but do use it fairly frequently for special meals, which we seem to have quite often being food lovers in our household! I'm not precious about the cutlery and it does go in the dishwasher with everything else, and I would have to say that it still looks brand new, and I suspect it would bear up to everyday use extremely well.

      I did actually have to look up what "18/10" stainless steel stood for in terms of wear, having noticed it on the forks and wondering what it meant. Without going into too much detail, and I will include my source below, apparently the figure refers to the content of the elements used, and 18/10 is high grade, meaning it should stay shiny and not stain like cheaper grade stainless steel. From my experience I would say this cutlery is very good quality and it should last me for many more years - according to the manufacturer it is made from a single ingot, certainly there are no joins or anything on this cutlery and the overall impression is that this is a quality item.

      Obvously whether you like this particular design or not will be down to personal taste, as I said at the start I love it, but if it looks too modern for you they do make a range of cutlery, some with more traditional looks and in different finishes. This, or another design, would be a lovely thing to have on a wedding list or to mark a special event - I don't think many people collect dinner services these days, but this cutlery certainly makes setting the table an event and jazzes up the most everyday place settings. Clearly you can buy cheaper cutlery, but it won't look like this.

      I think it was William Morris who said "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful. " - though I can can't say the same about too many of the things I own, this cutlery to me is both practical and very lovely looking, and for that reason I highly recommend it.

      Website: www.welch.co.uk

      I have ordered extra items from the manufacturer directly in the past, including salad servers and a child's set in the same design, and found the company excellent to deal with.

      Explanation of 18/10 stainless steel, for anyone interested:


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