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Ronseal Power Sprayer

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Brand: Ronseal / Product Type: Sprayer

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    3 Reviews
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      22.08.2013 12:05
      Very helpful



      A quick and easy way to spray a fence without a brush.

      This item appears to have a very mixed bag of reviews both on here, and on Amazon aswell as B&Q. This left me feeling abit uneasy about purchasing the product to be honest. But I think to myself that if the product was that bad, then surely they would not make it? A company like Ronseal would not want there name dragged through the dirt by developing rubbish products would they?

      Power Sprayer:
      A simple concept really. You have a container which you fill with creosote (Ronseal if you want). You clip the motor to the top of the container. The motor then sucks up the creosote and comes out via a spray. A similar kinda idea as a pressure washer, only difference being that you don't need anywhere near the kind of pressure and your not spraying water.

      It runs on 4 D batteries (those big massive ones) that are supplied in the box.

      So it all sounds simple doesn't it? Ronseal claim that you can do one fence panel in 2 minutes. They recommend that you go from left to right and when coming back from right to left, you slightly over lap. This basically gives you two coats.

      Nothing can really go wrong then? Fill the container, turn on and a little motor kicks in and the spray comes out the nozzle.

      Well.....its not that simple. I have found that the spray can be abit hit and miss. It will spray fine and then the spray alters and its not as fine and it gets abit runny. This means that the fence then gets patches of runny creosote. But on the whole, it generally sprays fine most of the time.

      There is a lot of splash back and found that my hand was getting covered in a small speckles of the creosote. I recommend wearing some gloves for this. This is not back of the wind, but because its so fine, there is a splash back.

      Otherwise, it does what it says really and the fence panel was done in 2 minutes. Ive looked over the work now its dried and does not require any further coats.

      I cannot comment on how long the batteries last before needing replacing. I have not needed to replace them and I have used them for approximately 20 minutes now. The motor turns itself off when you are not spraying which saves energy.


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        13.05.2010 20:47
        Very helpful



        This product is worth it only if you have loads of fence panels to do.

        Well I have to admit this is not the most wonderful of inventions but on the up side it did do what I wanted! We had a pump version of one of these but the pressure was just not enough.

        We then moved to a house with a beautiful large backgarden, until I realised how many fence panels I would have to paint - 37! phew! I started with a brush and it took an hour to do 2 fence panels I thought - no way!! Someone lent us this power sprayer.

        Well the downs are that if there is any wind it is difficult although in the UK a day without wind is very rare - so I just got on with it! I wore old clothes and covered my plants with light plastic covering!

        The ups far outway the downs for me, compared to the other machine we had this was easy to fill and nice because you can hold the paint container in your hand whilst walking along or rest it on the floor, there was a good enough length hose to be able to reach a 6ft high fence.

        When spraying the trick is to do it fairly slowly and keep the nossel so that it's spraying the same was as the fence panels. You can turn the nosel to make this easier. I also found that standing too far away was a waste of time and that actually although there was a bit of spray back it was better to put the wand closer to the fence about 30cm.

        It uses 4 huge 1.5v D batteries but they are good enough to spray onto the fence you squeeze the handle and it comes out.

        I did have to use the brush a little just to smooth out some of the places where it had too much or too little, but compared to doing the whole fence in this fashion it was a doddle!

        The fence doesn't look great when it's first done, it looks all blotchy and terrible but when it drys it seems to all blend together so give it a chance.

        As for cleaning it was fairly easy although the instructions didn't say all the bits which can be undone to clean, basically unscrew as many bits of the wand and where it's attached to the main paint bucket as you can and clean thoroughly and if before you do this you run cold water through the whole system until it runs clear it's worth it.

        Also as far as waistage I hold the container up so that all the paint runs to the end where the paint is sucked up so that it uses most of the paint, then I take the lid off and just stick a paint brush in to use up the last bit so no need to waste any at all.

        I did six 6ft fence panels and two sides of a small shed with a 5ltr of ronseal sprayable paint which I've just found online for £5.99 +P&P at Godfrey DIY - not bought any yet but I will be at that price!

        All in all if you've got loads of fences I reckon this is worth it.


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        28.05.2009 17:03
        Very helpful




        This is the worst DIY product I have ever purchased in my entire life!


        Normally I tend to go for Ronseal products as they do seem to do the job - "does exactly what it says on the tin" is a phrase that has moved into common usage - and although their products are slightly pricier than competitors it is usually worth the premium for the end result.

        The Power Sprayer:

        The wand and hose are long enough to enable most people to reach the top of a 6 foot fence panel without over-reaching, and battery access is easy. The sump is held on by 4 robust catches, easy to fill, and the weight of a Fencelife filled Sprayer is easily held in one hand.

        The Performance:

        What a disappointment! The battery operated pump - 6volts via 4 x 1.5v batteries - is feeble and nowhere near strong enough to deliver a steady continuous spray making an even coating of the fence panel impossible.
        The system has to be primed by putting water through first and then adding the Fencelife, and after a few minutes of relatively smooth operation the filter clogs and you get a pathetic dribble from the end of the wand ,if anything at all, and you have to stop and clean the nozzle filter out.
        You spend most of your time dismantling, cleaning, and priming the system to get it going again.
        The majority of the (overpriced) Ronseal fencelife product is wasted as you need a litre or so in the sump before it even reaches the bottom of the suction tube and a lot is then lost because whilst spraying the stuff goes everywhere much to the amusement of onlooking neighbours. The vaporised spray particles stick to clothes, skin, and pets much better than they do to the wooden panels.
        Don't even contemplate spraying if the side wind is greater than the backdraft from a passing butterfly.............

        So Does It Do What It Says On The Box?

        The box claims the sprayer can do a fence panel in about 2 minutes - this is probably true if the filter nozzle doesn't clog up, the sump doesn't run too low, there is no wind, and the wooden panel is new and untreated.
        The reality is you can achieve a more consistent finish wih a brush much quicker than using the sprayer by the time you have factored in all the stopping, cleaning and re-starting.
        The fencelife product claims to do up to 6 standard panels from the 5 litre tin - realistically this is about 3 due to the volume wasted.


        Ronseal should be absolutely ashamed of putting their name to this product as it doesn't even come remotely near to doing exactly what it says on the tin!
        In my opinion this has seriously dented their previously impeccable credentials in my household, and my experience of this product will certainly make me pause for deliberation before making my selection for the next DIY product I need, whereas prior to this I would have automatically selected the Ronseal version as long as the price differential was not too great.

        My personal conclusion: a complete waste of time and money - my sprayer has gone to the tip - it is so bad I didn't even put it on E-bay!


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    • Product Details

      Ronseal Power Sprayer is the quickest and easiest way to treat fence panels. The cordless battery operated unit can be taken anywhere in the garden and requires no pumping or charging, giving you instant power and the freedom to keep going for up to 40 fence panels. The 6v powered motor delivers consistant pressure resulting in even accrate coverage at the touch of a button. The fan nozzle ensures an accurate spray pattern allowing the ultimate accurate coverage in half the time of a brush.

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