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Solus Adorn Bamboo Chopping Board

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Brand: Solus / Product Type: Chopping Board

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    1 Review
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      31.10.2011 12:21
      Very helpful



      Well worth buying if you don't mind hand washing.

      Solus Adorn Bamboo Chopping Board
      Being vegetarian and growing all my own salad crops I do a lot of chopping each day, and over the years have gone through many wooden chopping boards. It wasn't only due to their poor quality, but also due to my family who would often slip them into the dishwasher when I wasn't looking which reduced their longevity enormously. I have tried plastic ones with some success, but was really looking for a better solution. I found it in my Adorn Bamboo Chopping board which has served me very well over the last twelve months.

      I purchased mine from Amazon, and there are various sizes to choose from. I chose medium as I thought this would be suitable for me now that my family have all left home, but I have been so pleased with it that I am thinking of adding the extra large to my collection shortly. As I have the medium I will base my review on this size which is 34.5cm x 29.5cm x 1.9cm. I paid £9.99 for this with free delivery.

      My Opinion
      The first thing that I noticed was the product was very solid and heavy and looked to be very high quality. It is also made from renewably sourced bamboo, and this material makes the surface extremely smooth, and it is also said to have anti-bacterial properties.

      My experience of using this is that it is superb in every aspect. The surface stays dent and damage free despite daily use, and I do chop up many vegetables in the course of each day including some tricky ones like squashes and swedes which can be challenging for delicate boards. I know many people who never buy these hard to prepare vegetables as they need a good knife and board to prepare them quickly. Last night I prepared celeriac and it took only a tiny fraction of the time it used to take on my old wooden board.

      It doesn't move when you use it but stands firmly in position. I really like this attribute as it makes food preparation so quick and easy.

      All I do to care for it and keep it clean is to wash with a mild detergent and it comes clean each time and occasionally I spray it with Milton. It is extremely water resistant in my opinion, and is not adversely affected by the cleaning process, although it isn't dishwasher proof. It is also possible to moisten the surface with a little oil such as groundnut if you wish, but I haven't done this and the surface still looks as if I have just purchased it. It is said however to reduce the water absorption and so to promote the life of the board. So it might be worth doing if you want this to last and it is something I am considering. It is also worth saying that there are some alternative makes of bamboo boards which have a special coating making them dishwasher proof.

      From my experience my sharp knife has remained in top condition and has not needed to be sharpened at all in the last year since I purchased this, so I can conclude from this that there is less resistance from the board on contact with the blade.

      I love the way this board looks too as they use two different shades of bamboo so that it looks very attractive. It is so aesthetically pleasing that I would be happy to serve food on it if I had guests. I already use it to chop uncut bread, and a few slices with cheese and grapes would look lovely on this board for a light lunch. As it has suffered no wear and tear or warping it has uses both in food preparation and in serving, which makes it a really valuable kitchen asset.

      One point to also make is that as I am vegetarian I only use one board which requires minimal cleaning, but if you are a meat eater and use this for meat preparation, then it is recommended that you wipe the surface with water and a few drops of vinegar after use as an extra anti-bacterial measure.

      I must admit when I first saw this product my thoughts turned to the panda as I know they are totally dependent on bamboo for their survival. However these boards are not produced using bamboo from any areas where pandas live, and furthermore bamboo is a very fast growing grass which can be harvested and left to re-grow or replanted in the same spot making it a renewable and ethical choice.

      I have been so pleased with this that as I explained earlier I am planning to purchase the extra large version in the near future. Highly recommended.


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