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Spudnic Potato Masher

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Brand: Simplehuman / Product Type: Potato Masher

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    1 Review
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      19.08.2011 23:22
      Very helpful



      A strong vegetable masher


      What on earth is a spudnic? No it isn't in the wrong category, it isn't some Star Wars toy; in fact it is a sort of potato masher but it looks quite different from any other one I have ever seen before.

      I bought this some years ago where we had some non stick saucepans. The nylon potato mashers were rubbish and kept snapping when we used them and we couldn't use the metal ones because they would damage the Teflon coated pans. After going through several of the standard nylon ones I found this on the internet and thought what a great idea it seemed to be.

      When it arrived I thought it was most unusual looking but reasonably interesting which was lucky as it didn't fit in any drawers we have and would have taken up a lot of cupboard space so it sits on top of our microwave ( away from the vent) so that it is easy to grab when you need to use it.

      It is about six inches high and the arms spread across about the same distance. It looks a bit like an octopus with a very long body. Our s is white plastic with a blue rubber tip at the end of the handle. Presumably this is to make it a bit rounder and softer when you use it as this is what you hold on to in order to push down and mash whatever you are mashing.

      It is VERY sturdy and strong. I think you would have trouble trying to break it. The arms are moulded onto the handle and it is all made from hard but not brittle plastic. I haven't tried putting it in the dishwasher, mainly because it is so big and such an odd shape and I was not sure whether the plastic would melt. The other reason is that our dishwasher hates mashed vegetables and if ever we put anything with mashed veggies in then the entire dishwasher load is covered in a gritty residue so I avoid adding things with mashed vegetables, rice or thick soups without rinsing first. I find that by the time I have rinsed this under a running tap all it needs is a quick swill in washing up water and it is clean.

      That is the good stuff now the less good. It mashes all vegetables that you choose to mash, potatoes, swede, carrots parsnips and a mixture too, however it produces a very rough mash. There is no way you would present this as creamy mashed potato. There are still chunky bits in it no matter how long you mash with the spudnic. If I want creamy mash for some reason then I use this then finish it off with my hand held blender thingie .

      The way it works is that you put the gadget arms down into the pan and then press and twist, lift, press and twist in a mashing action. It does an excellent job of breaking up quite big potatoes and other vegetables and mushing then into a sort of rough mash. We particularly like a mix of root vegetables with potatoes, carrots, swede and parsnips or a combination of any of the group and is gives a nice flavour and then dribble olive oil or even chilli oil over this and it is very tasty; rustic looking but very tasty. I wouldn't win prizes for presentation on Masterchef but it does taste good. We always make quite a lot as it also fires up nicely for another meal. This mix also makes a change on Shepherd's pie too.

      So if you want a good strong, virtually unbreakable gadget to roughly mash vegetables then this is perfect. If you are hoping for a place in Masterchef and planning on presenting creamed mash potatoes then forget it. It is easy to clean and looks okay on the side in the kitchen as it is quite unusual. Quite afew people have asked me what it is and have been intrigued playing with it to test it out.

      All in all I am quite happy with my spudnic and if I need creamier mash then I just blip it with the hand blender. It is strong and easy to clean and as I have said virtually unbreakable. It also makes quite a novel toy for babies and young children when they come visiting as it has no sharp buts that can hurt them and no bits that come off it either.

      Thanks for reading and hope this has been of some use or interest to you. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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