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Teflon Cooking Liner

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Brand: Tesco / Product Type: Cooking Liner

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    2 Reviews
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      12.11.2011 18:26
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      Great stuff to have around the kitchen

      We have not been using this stuff for very long but it was actually recommended to us by a friend after they came to our house one night for something to eat. We were cooking stuff in the oven and the food was sticking to the baking tray. Our friend recommended Teflon Cooking Liner and said she has been using it for ages. We actually found some on offer in Home Bargains for just £1.99 (I know it normally retails at much more than this) and is measures 40cm x 33xm so you do get quite a bit for your money.

      It is great because you just use it like you would a roll of kitchen foil (I mean, that is how it is packed) and you can cut it to any shape you want to act as a liner for your baking trays. My other half is currently using it for roasting a large chicken in the oven and it prevents the bird from sticking. We have also used it for cooking sausage rolls and those large sweet folded over pastry things that are frozen and we serve with custard or cream. The food has never stuck to the paper - not once.

      If you have not already come across this I strongly recommend it because it is just so versatile. The amazing thing about this Teflon LIner is that you can keep using it time and time again. It simply wipes clean or you can even wash it in your dishwasher - how good is that? I was amazed, and it is really cost effective because it can be reused so many times.

      It feels a litttle odd to the touch - like waxy resin. It always stays cool to the touch too, so even if you have just removed some hot food from the oven the paper liner will never get hot and it just stays at room temperature. It is non greasy and there is no need to pre-grease before using it.

      I really cannot say enough positive things about this stuff - it is amazing and highly recommended.


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        02.09.2011 15:43
        Very helpful



        A decent cooking tray liner.

        The product

        This is a liner from Teflon which is designed to be used in the oven.
        How to use this

        This is a 33x40cm baking tray liner from Teflon. This is designed to be used on bake ware in the oven and has a non-stick surface. I have used mine to cook meat in the oven, line baking trays, in the bottom of the fridge with pastry shapes on it and I have even used this in the microwave when short on plates to defrost a couple of desserts from the freezer.
        Where can I buy this & for how much?

        This can be purchased from selected supermarkets, including Morrisons I believe, mine was purchased, as a gift, from my Amazon wish list & the price at present is £4.95 (August 2011) which I think is very reasonable for something that is saving me money in the long on kitchen foil and baking paper.
        Overall opinion

        I like to have a clean home and particularly now I am a housewife and working for myself, from home, I feel under pressure more to ensure that everything is looking pristine at all times. This liner helps me to achieve that as I simply use it on one of my baking trays and then clean the liner. My baking tray then stays clean and can easily sit out on top of the hob if need be when my oven is full of other trays/grill pans.

        When you look at this it is just a black sheet, it looks a little shiny and maybe even a little greasy. It has a non-stick coating which mean I can just give this a wipe over with a soapy sponge and it comes up clean in a matter of seconds. I then prop it up to dry on my dish drainer and then it is ready to go back in the oven drawer for another day. It is suitable for all the trays that I have, sometimes it overlaps itself on the edges of the tray but this isn't a problem at all.

        I tend to use this for things that are not going to make too much mess, breaded chicken, chips, roast potatoes that I've already coated in spices & a little olive oil. It works well for lining a tray for almost any use though as it can just be wiped clean after use. This can be used in the dishwasher but it is so simple to wipe it over that I have never done this.

        If you wanted to cut this down in size it would be simple enough with a sharp pair of scissors, however, I prefer to keep mine large and just fold it down if I need to.

        I am really pleased with the quality of this liner. It is simple to wipe clean and it works very well at ensuring my baking trays are kept clean and that my dinner does not get stuck on a tray or on the liner when being cooked.


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