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Tesco Coloured Silicone Pastry Brush

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Silicon Pastry Brush

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    1 Review
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      26.04.2012 15:33
      Very helpful



      An affordable way to experiment with funky silicon cookware

      I have picked up a few items of silicon bakeware when shopping and been impressed with the quality of them, so when my pastry brush was starting to moult quite badly (a traditional wooden handle with bristles) I decided it was about time I joined the 21st century in my kitchen.

      I had been lusting after the pastry brushes in Tesco for a while, so I had no hesitation picking one up while doing my shopping. It was packaged minimally with just a bit of cardboard attached to the handle end with a barcode. I had to stop my son brushing everything we walked past in the shop as he insisted on holding it.

      The brush I picked up has a clear plastic handle which is 16cm long and has a hole in the end so you could hang it up if you wished too. This is very smooth to the touch and comfortable to use in your hand. The head end with the bristles is then made entirely from silicon. The head is made from a 7 cm long piece of silicon. About half of this is a solid section, and the remainder is the bristles of the brush. There are 45 bristles, in 3 rows of 15. At first I didn't think this looked a lot compared to a traditional brush as the bristles are quite thick. I wasn't sure how well this would do basting, but for £2.77 it looked pretty enough to appeal to me even if it wasn't that functional.

      The silicon ware at Tesco is available in a few different funky colours. I spotted green, petrol blue, and bright pink. We ended up wth a green one.

      I have found that this brush is really easy to use. I haven't used pastry since I bought it, but I did use it to baste a joint of pork with a sticky honey sauce I picked up. I found that the bristles were really very flexible, and they covered the joint very evenly with the sauce.

      The brush was more than up to the job. The heat did not affect the bristles in any way, and my joint cooked perfectly with a lovely coating of the sauce. Washing up the brush was a doddle. Just putting it into the sink of bubbly water and waggling it around made it really clean, though I followed this up with wiping with a sponge. My only slight concern was that I can still smell the sauce on the bristles of the brush after use. This is a slight concern as I thought silicon wear would be more hygienic and less likely to transfer taints between different uses.

      Another minor niggle is that I think this brush does pick up dirt easily. I just took it out the draw in the kitchen to write this review, and I find that the bristles look a bit grubby. I would want to give it a wash before using it again on food. It looks a bit like the way static attracts dust.

      Overall, I feel that we have definitely moved on and finding bristles all over your pastry from a traditional brush is a problem none of us need to have any more. This pastry brush is well made, does its job no problem, and I am likely to buy another one so I can have one for sauces and one purely for my pastry as I hate the thought of transfer of flavour even if it is only in my head.

      I thought thicker bristles would be less efficient, but I have been impressed with the way they moved so flexibily. I can see one slight weakness in the design which is I think the silicon head should be the same width as the brush handle where they join, as it just looks a little odd to me, but it is not a weak point in that I don't think the brush would snap in normal use because of the design.


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