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The Really Tiny Keyring

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Brand: The Bathroom Marquee Ltd / Product Type: Keyring

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    1 Review
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      16.03.2011 12:06
      Very helpful



      A good emergency light for when you forget your torch

      I bought this keyring in a fuchsia pink (it comes in a whole rainbow of pretty colours) just before going to Africa. It was an impulse buy in a posh shop in Lytham, but it was days before my departure so I didn't think of going home to try to find a cheaper alternative online. I chose it because it includes a very bright and strong LED light and I figured it would be good to have an extra torch, albeit a small one, that I could carry with me at all times.

      On first inspection this keyring seemed very robust. Shaped like a slightly flattened egg, and coated in a rubbery fabric, it was certainly small enough to be attached to my keys though I would dispute the claim that it is a "ReallyTiny Keyring". Small? Sure. But tiny? Not so much. Anyway, it felt solid (it's metal, under that rubber) and I thought it would last quite some time.

      I was also really impressed by the light it emitted. I tested it by shining it into my eyes and literally saw spots for a few minutes. Great, I thought. Should I ever be attacked in the dark this will disable my attacker for a few minutes. Of course the one time I was attacked in Sierra Leone was in broad daylight, while a crowd gathered and watched, but that's another story.

      And so, I packed this in my carry on and waited excitedly to get a set of keys I could thread it onto. It lasted all of 2 weeks and then, juggling it precariously one night, I dropped it and snap went the loop that you thread onto the key chain. The keyring still worked perfectly, but the ring at the top is very narrow and impossible to thread onto a key chain without the original loop. Sure, I could have carried it round with me anyway, but the whole point for me was having something I couldn't forget - if I could remember to take a torch, I would. And so, back in the carry on it went.

      A few months later I was back home unpacking from that trip, preparing from the next. The keyring was still there, and since my mother is eminently clever and practical and definitely not one for wasting things, I asked her for advice. Before I'd finished transferring the rest of my hand-washed-but-not-really-clean clothes to the hamper she was back and my keyring had a new loop. It wasn't as pretty as before, just being a thin strip of boring copper wire, not silver like re original, but it absolutely fitted the bill. I threaded it onto my main keyring and smiled. We were back in business. Now I have a new home in South America (infinitely better than West Africa) and this keyring comes with me everywhere. Just this weekend I used it to confirm that the key I had for my hotel room in Medellin was never going to fit the lock it was supposed to. And I use it to check the time subtly in cinemas, or guide my way along the cobbles when I'm walking home after a late class, or to illuminate my purse when I'm fishing out some money for a cab fare.

      The light is far brighter than my regular torch (which I may or may not remember to bring with me) and though the bulb is tiny it is more than enough to illuminate the road ahead, so in this respect I consider it £6 well spent (though at the time I thought it was on the pricy side).

      Any other comments? A few niggles, yes.

      Although the light is VERY bright, it has no staying power. It only illuminates when you press it, and as soon as you let go the light dies, which can make it a bit fiddly if you're trying to use it to show the way while also needing two hands (for example, trying to light up the lock so you can fit the key in with one hand while carrying shopping bags in the other). You might think this is good as you cannot leave it switched on accidentally but have a look at the next point.

      Another slight design flaw is the alarming ease with which you can press the light on. It takes next to no pressure on the button on top to switch it on, and I'll often reach into a bag to find it jammed up against something and illuminated with no need to be. Because this is not a rechargeable torch, I often wonder about how much this is wasting the battery.

      The two sides of the keyring are separate halves joined with a seam, rather than it being a fully formed coating. The slight gap where the two halves join is a real dirt magnet, and mine is already clogged with bits of much. Keyrings go on keys, and keys go in handbags which can sometimes be a bit, well, grubby, so it's hardly surprising, but it does detract from the look somewhat.

      Now that it has been given a new lease of life, I am taking full advantage of this keyring. It gets regular use and I consider it one of the better investments I made in September 2010. At the same time, the original loop was shockingly flimsy: it's not like I stamped on it, I literally just let it slip about a meter to the floor. For this reason it has to lose a star, but otherwise it's recommended.

      This is available at various places online, or on the high street inc John Lewis- there are numerous versions available but mine is from the Really Tiny brand, and does have the strongest light of any I have seen.



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