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Titan Super Peeler

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Brand: Others / Product Type: Peeler

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    2 Reviews
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      17.08.2009 21:30
      Very helpful



      You'll wonder how you ever managed without one!

      What Is It?
      The Titan Peeler set comprises of three kitchen gadgets; a multifunctional peeler (or 'kitchen magician' as stated on the packaging!), a julienne cutter/garnishing tool and a slicing board. The peeler and julienne cutter are made from metal, whilst the slicing board is blue plastic. The blades on both tools measure about 5cm across and both come with a rather impressive lifetime guarantee.

      What Does It Do?
      The multifunctional peeler (the middle one in the picture above) has a serrated metal blade and can be used for peeling any number of fruits and vegetables. The packaging shows it slicing cheese, shredding cabbage, peeling an onion, grating chocolate, shaving coconut and garnishing an orange. Apparently the blade is strong enough to 'peel' a pineapple!

      The slicing board (top gadget in the picture) fits into the peeler tool and turns it into a mandolin type slicer. It also has a 'v' shaped cutter built in (plastic, no blade) to create those oh-so-pretty fancy cut tomatoes and kiwi fruits you only ever see at buffets.

      Finally the julienne cutter, this has a sectioned blade for easily cutting thin strips from carrots, courgettes etc. The side of it has a little notch that can be used for garnishing, i.e. creating stripy patterns in food.

      Where From and How Much?
      I bought my set from the Ideal Home Show in London after seeing it demonstrated and getting suckered in by the salesman's patter. I paid £15 for the set of three, which at the time I thought was quite expensive but they seemed good quality. After the show I saw the same sets on sale around the web for anything up to £30 and felt quite pleased with myself. However, at the time of writing I've just seen this set available from Amazon for under £8. Not feeling quite so smug now! I believe some of the TV shopping channels also stock the Titan peeler, and if you put the name into Google you'll no doubt find several websites which feature a video demonstration, so you too can be won over like me...

      My Experience?
      If you're anything like me and have previously bought gadgets you've seen demonstrated in-store, you'll probably agree that when you get them home they never seem to perform as well the salesperson showed, and within days they're abandoned to the back of a dusty drawer or cupboard never to be used again. Well I can happily report that the Titan Peeler set has never seen a dusty cupboard or drawer in my house and in fact is hardly ever put away, it's in use virtually every day.

      The main attraction for me was the julienne cutter, I make stir-fry's quite often and always hate the chore of cutting a carrot into thin strips. The julienne cutter does the job really well, though it does take a bit of getting used to. The first time I tried to slice it while holding it in my hand but this was not very successful. I now lay the carrot down on a chopping board and slice from left to right, turning the carrot over frequently. It produces a huge pile of fine carrot slithers - brilliant. To be honest a carrot is the only thing I've used this tool for, but I can see it would be equally effective on courgette or cucumber, or for slicing runner beans.

      The multifunction peeler really is just that, I've used it for all sorts and it gets used almost daily. Because the blade is serrated and double sided it can be used for peeling vegetables in double quick time. For instance with a carrot you pull the peeler down from top to bottom and can then push back up from bottom to top. The serrated blade grips virtually anything and requires no effort at all. It takes off the bare minimum of peel so you don't lose huge quantities of your fruit or veg along with the peel. I've used it to peel potatoes, carrots, kiwi fruit and onions and it's great for stripping off the stringy bits down the edges of runner beans. I've shredded cabbage for homemade coleslaw and I frequently use it to cut very thin slices of cheese for sandwiches, I've even grated a block of chocolate over a trifle with it.

      Finally the other part of the set (yes I really do use all three parts!) the slicing board. This can be a bit fiddly at first to fit correctly into the peeler but when you get the hang of it, wow it's a revelation. Using my trusty carrot as an example yet again you simply rub it up and down across the blade section and watch a pile of super thin circles of carrot drop from under it. I can literally demolish a carrot into a pile of slices in seconds. The same principle can be used for creating potato slices for making crisps or a topping for a stew, slicing mushrooms, cucumber etc. However, one warning, because it tool slices very fast you can tend to get carried away and your fingers can reach the sharp serrated blade much faster than your would expect. Am I speaking from experience? - Oh yes!

      The only functions of these three tools that I have never used are the garnishing functions. Not because they don't work, I'm sure they do, but I have no necessity for cute looking food with little notches and grooves carved into it, and no desire to experiment.

      Both tools feel comfortable to hold, they are well made, lightweight and strong. Actually one of the videos I saw on the web shows a car driving over the peeler to demonstrate just how strong it is - I wouldn't recommend you try this though! Both tools (not the slicing board) come with a lifetime blade guarantee so if, "you should lose, damage or dull your blade in normal usage" you send them £3 to cover postage and they will send you a replacement blade - can't be bad.

      The only downside to the set I can find is that is does love to nip at your fingernails. You have to be really careful when using it as it can very easily slice a fingernail, or worse still cut your into your finger - I've done both - several times. Perhaps they should consider supplying the set with a chain mail glove!

      I love the Titan peeler set, for the first time ever I have bought a truly useful gadget that I would recommend to anyone. Well worth the £15 I paid, and even better if you can buy it cheaper.


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        27.07.2009 17:54



        You really need to buy one of these today

        This really is the king of peelers. It is extremely sturdily made out of metal, not plastic like some of the cheaper peelers. The blades are extremely sharp and come with a lifetime guarantee, so this is the only peeler you'll ever need to buy.

        The best thing about this peeler is the twin blade technology, meaning you can peel in an upwards and downwards direction. The ability to peel in both directions means that you can make short work of peeling fruit and veg. Carrots especially are peeled in seconds with this peeler. The only downside to the faster peeling and sharp blade is you have to be more careful not to peel your fingers!

        The grip is comfortable, making this non-slip. Indeed, even the serrated blades are non slip; where other peelers slip while peeling cooking and baking apples, this one does not. In addition to this the peeler is also dishwasher safe.


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    • Product Details

      The twin micro blade technology makes peeling, shaving and slicing a breeze.

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