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TU 5 Piece Utensil Set

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Brand: TU / Product Type: Other Kitchen Utensils

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    1 Review
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      06.12.2011 15:14
      Very helpful



      Don't bother, even for free!

      When our local Sainsburys closed for a refit they had a fab promotion to get rid of all their household products, it really was a case of everything must go and as well as huge price reductions there was an offer where you bought two items and got a third free. I didn't need any of the 'third item' selection but rather than losing my freebie I picked up this five-piece kitchen gadget set, planning at the time to use it as a not-very-exciting present for someone.

      In the set you get a pizza cutter, vegetable peeler, tin opener, garlic press and cheese grater. Before I even start discussing this set let me tell you that even though this was free I'm bitterly disappointed by both the quality and usefulness of everything apart from the pizza cutter, which is surprisingly good.

      I use the pizza cutter quite regularly as the wheel is nice and sharp which means it slices through the thin-based pizzas I buy really easily. It's not quite as effective at cutting the thick stodgy pizzas but with a bit of patience it'll still do a good job. It cleans up easily and although the rest of the gadgets are destined for the bin (or already there!) I think this one will be a keeper for a while.

      The tin opener was the very worst aspect of the set because it just didn't work; the blade is at a strange angle so mostly it refuses to cut into the metal, then on the odd occasion it does work it'll cut a quarter of the way round the tin then stop dead. Like a ridiculous throw-back to a 1980s tin opener and not a patch on my normal tin opener.

      The peeler wasn't particularly effective either but in fairness that could have been because I don't have the knack, preferring to use a sharp knife for peeling my spuds and veg. It's an A-shaped peeler but the small hinges which allow the blade to swivel aren't particularly effective and this made peeling anything quite awkward. Apples are probably the easiest thing to peel using this little gadget, but it's so flimsy feeling that it struggles with things like carrots and potatoes - it'll peel them, don't get me wrong, but you do find yourself hacking at the flesh of the vegetables rather than teasing off a thin layer of the peel. And you've no chance of peeling a parsnip with it, they're just too tough!

      The garlic press isn't too bad, my criticism about this gadget is the metal section that actually squeezes the garlic clove doesn't meet the base of the cage (the removable bit that you place your clove in) properly so it effectively only presses half of the garlic and then you need to physically press the rest through yourself - not fun to end up with garlicky fingers!

      The cheese grater was pretty good to start with, in fact I was quite impressed with it. Until the handle snapped off, leaving it useless.

      Overall I'm completely unhappy with this set and think Sainsburys have got the cheek of the devil charging £15 for these flimsy and useless gadgets. I know mine was free but I'm still disappointed as the idea is a good one, these items are all very useful things to own and I think if Sainsburys had made them to a (much) higher standard they would fly off the shelves. As it stands I don't recommend them at all, even as a freebie.


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