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Tupperware Ice Tups

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Brand: Tupperware / Product Type: Other Kitchenware

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    1 Review
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      21.04.2011 14:29
      Very helpful



      Perfect item - too bad the price isn't a bit more reasonable..

      About 5 years ago we got some little ice age juice pop moulds in cereal boxes, but they were such a hit with my oldest son, who was teething at the time, I quickly went online searching for more. I believe I paid about £8 for these, which although dear has been well worth the money. I can spend up to £2 for a package of 3 juice pops in Tesco, and my sons have always preferred the real fruit and juice ones to the sickeningly sweet cheaper ice pops. Of course, as a parent I would prefer my sons have frozen fruit juice to frozen sugar water as well.

      The Tupperware ice tups set comes with a small plastic tray, 6 cups or moulds to pour the juice into, 8 tops and 8 sticks, the idea being that these are the most likely parts to get lost. In fact we now have 7 tops and sticks, as the children do run about with this part and they are easy to lose. The set is made of Tupperware plastic, which is a bit hard to describe, but it is a very flexible and long wearing plastic. I have these for about 5 years now and they really are as good as new. I do have some difficulties with my hands, and the flexibility of this plastic makes these by far the easiest juice pops to open up. These would be the only ones I don't need to run under water, or hold in my hands a while to that the outer layer enough to slip the cup off.

      We use these primarily to freeze fruit juice. We just buy a carton of juice, fill it up and let them freeze. You'd be surprised how many juice pops you get from one small carton, so these really do save money in the long run. We have also made strawberry ice cream bars. You just throw some strawberries, vanilla ice cream and milk in a blender, whip it up, and pour them into freeze. Lovely fruit bars can be made by making a puree of almost any kind of berry and then mixing this with juice. I have found blueberries work best cooked. You could even make and freeze smoothies. Finally, for those of you with an ice cream machine, if you reduce the cream in your recipe and add a bit more milk , you can then pour the mixture into these cups for lovely homemade ice cream bars. The reason for using more milk is the higher water content, as opposed to fat will make it freeze up into a firmer bar.

      My children just love these, and I am very happy with the product. I am very happy with them as well. I even enjoy some of the juice or ice cream pops myself, as I find most of the commercial ones too sweet, and I can make these to suit my own taste. Plus the flavour of real berries is so much nicer then the artificial syrups used to flavour many ready made ice cream pops. The fact that these are much more healthy then most ready made ice pops is just and added benefit, and my sons will often choose these over sweets or chocolate bars in warm weather.

      There are two major downsides to this product though. The first is limited availability. Tupperware is usually sold through Tupperware parties, where a hostess has all her friends over and they buy from a catalogue. I have never been invited to such a party and will assume it because no one here holds such parties - it's either that or nobody likes me ;) You can find these on ebay, which is where I bought my first set, but when I tried to buy more this year, I found the prices excessive. Used sets were bringing about £8+, and a new set, on buy it now would set me back £17.97! If you take your time though and keep bidding low, you may eventually get a set at a reasonable price. Even at £17.97, I have to admit, this set would have paid for itself in the money I have saved making our own frozen treats. I do expect this set will last forever basically, as Tupperware does seem to last for an eternity. That is if the tops don't get lost. But I ended up buying extra sets from IKEA. It isn't quite as nice as Tupperware, and may not last 20 years, but I expect they will last until the children outgrow them, and at £1.50 per pack I was able to get enough to make 18 pops for a fraction of what only one set would cost me from Tupperware.

      So do I recommend them? If you can afford the best, then these are just what you are looking for. If you can find them at a reasonable price, then snap them up, they are an excellent product. But as much as love these, I can not recommend paying almost £18 for 6 ice pop makers, unless you really do have a lot of disposable income. I have taken one star off my rating for the price of these, and unless you are lucky enough to find a bargain on ebay, I'm afraid the average family may be better off with a cheaper set.


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