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Wilton Cookies Teddy Bear Comfort Grip Cutter

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Brand: Kitchen Craft / Product Type: Cutter

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    1 Review
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      13.10.2009 23:52
      Very helpful



      Just get one for the fun factor

      I am writing this review, not only to review the product, but also to give hope to those out there who are parents to picky eaters.

      My daughter is constantly asking for something to eat, but never seems to want to eat anything I give her, especially not sandwiches and most mealtimes are quite a stressful occasion. So everyday I'd offer her a variety of sandwiches or what ever, but she would usually just end up eating a piece of toast...

      But after reading a review on here (by Jo1976 I think!) about a dinosaur shaped sandwich cutter, I went on the hunt for various shaped cutters to make my daughter's sandwiches seem more appealing. I purchased the Dino Cutter, which worked a treat, but I also bought this teddy shaped cutter (currently available on Amazon for £6.49) to add a bit of variation to her meal times.

      The cutter itself is larger than I thought it would be, it only just fits on a slice of bread, so you only get one teddy per slice. The cutting part is made from metal, like a standard cookie cutter, but around the top is a soft plastic material which allows you to firmly press the cutter into your bread (or whatever you are using) without making a teddy imprint in your hand.

      The cutter is quite sharp so it cuts through bread and toast with ease, without having to apply too much pressure. It is also easy to clean.

      So, do novelty sandwiches make my daughter eat more? Surprisingly enough, yes they do! As soon as she saw that she had a teddy bear for lunch, she couldn't wait to bite his head off, and then his arms and legs!

      The whole sandwich was demolished in less than 5 minutes, which to me is a complete miracle. Usually after 5 minutes, a full 'normal' sandwich is still sat there untouched waiting to be devoured. And I then spend the next 5 minutes persuading her to take one bite, after which I then have to be satisfied that she is full up.

      The one obvious downside to this type of sandwich is the leftover portions which don't make up part of the teddy, but its not really a downside to me because there is definately more bread going down her neck than in the bin, even if some is immediately wasted.

      But saying that, I usually use the leftover parts and rip them into small pieces and give them to my 11 month old, who is actually a human dustbin and wastes nothing. But to those of you who don't have a human dustbin the house, then these extra bits may be seen as wastage.

      I don't actually give her teddy bear or dinosaur sandwiches every day now because she has actually realised that my sandwiches are edible and will eat square ones as well, but I do treat her every now and then with a teddy.

      So, I think this is a great product, not only for sandwiches but for cookies too! And if you do have a picky eater in the house, and haven't tried the novelty shaped food idea, then I strongly suggest you do. There's a lot to be said for teddy bear sandwiches!

      This is also a great item for making fun sandwiches at children's parties. My youngest daughter's 1st birthday is coming up and I'm quite sure there is going to be teddy & dinosaur sandwiches galore.


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