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World's Sharpest Knife

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Brand: Twin Towers Trading / Product Type: Kitchen Knife

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    7 Reviews
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      17.10.2013 12:42
      Very helpful



      A useful knife to have in your kitchen.

      World's Sharpest knife.

      Three years ago we received what we thought was a bit of a gimmick knife from some friends of ours as a gift. The World's Sharpest knife made by a company called Twin Towers Trading we were a little unsure if they were having a laugh with us! The surgical stainless steel knife featured their new air flow system.

      The knife came in a thin cardboard box just slightly longer and wider than the knife itself. The stainless steel blade was protected by a thin cardboard sleeve. The whole knife in total measures roughly 32cms in length.

      The blade is a 20cm thin stainless steel blade with small very shape teeth. The end of the blade is v shaped. The blade is made from very good quality surgical stainless steel.

      The handle to the knife is 12cms in length and is black plastic with grooves to the underneath making it fit your hand nicely when you hold it.

      The knife is extremely light weight and did make me dubious as many good sharp knifes we have had before have been on the heavy side. As well as being very light the blade itself is a little bendy too so you can understand our reservations we had at the beginning.

      The knife is recommended for cutting numerous things the five things mentioned on the packaging are:

      Cutting fresh bread
      Carves Roasts
      Slices ripest tomatoes
      Cuts through frozen foods
      Cuts through meat bones such as chicken

      It also comes with a forever Guarantee which is also written on the packaging.

      My boyfriend was the first to use the knife and he was more dubious than me as he liked to spend a small fortune on knifes and only liked the very best. He is the main cook in our house so has over the three years has tended to use the knife more than me. He was quite impressed with the knife and so was I.

      Cutting through softer items was a dream and instead with many other knifes the items went to mush it cut through them nice and crisply. I had previously struggled to dice onions up and found half way through the whole thing would collapsed and go to a heaped mess but the blade of this knife easily glides through an onion dicing it up nicely.

      We rarely get non sliced bread but on the occasions we have we have been able to use this knife to cut nice evenly slices from the loaf.

      In the three years since we were bought the knife I found we have needed to use less knifes in the kitchen and found this knife to be quite multipurpose in what it can cut. That said we have had the need for a stronger knife from time to time as I just don't think this blade would hold up cutting through a tough Swede. There are very few items we can't use this knife on but the bendy blade does let it down from time to time.

      Three years on from the first time we used it, it is still a very sharp knife and one I would recommend you take care with when washing. From our dubious first thought to now I would highly recommend this quite versatile knife. It won't be your only knife in the kitchen but it will stop the need for many. It is easy to clean and the light weight of the knife makes using it a dream. The knife is available by a seller on Amazon for £14 which I feel is great value for the knife. They are harder to come by these days but if you do snap it up!


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        19.01.2011 21:20



        not worth the time of day

        The name you will note if you look very closely is a 'Trade Mark'. In other words it may not be a claim, just a name. We tried it out on a frozen joint of pork; useless, as are many knives. However this one is very light weight and spooked me in to thinking that it would break at any moment and cause much harm.

        When we bought it the reassurance was that the guarantee was for life, just send it back with the 'original packaging' (if you still have it) and £4 to cover postage and packaging and a new one will be returned. Very good, but being made in China with a plastic handle, I would doubt that a new one would cost as much as a £1 and postage and packaging would sureley cost less than £3 pound....hmm.

        Too good to be true.....it's not. (the good thing is that in the USA the postage and packaging is $1; so 'Rip off Britain' is still around).


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        10.09.2010 15:46
        Very helpful



        A good all round kitchen knife

        We have a couple of these knives and have had them for a few years now, proving that they are quite reliable and lasting. They come with a lifetime guarantee anyway so you should be satisfied! They cost around £20 each though - quite expensive. The knife is meant to be the sharpest in the world. I wouldn't go touching it but I haven't found it to be overly sharp.

        The edge is actually slightly serrated and in my opinion this loses the knife's sharpness. However on a positive side, it makes it a lot better for cutting through a larger variety of things from bread to fish and tougher meat. The handles are plastic and grey. They are of quite a good size but the quality isn't that great and the attachment to the blade is a tiny bit bendy to the sides, so it's obviously not fixed in place well enough.

        However these knives do perform excellently. They have a couple of sharp pricks on the end, used for picking up things such as bits of cheese, or even piercing packaging or food. The quality of the blade is excellent but it's just not fitted into the handle as securely as some of our other knives. The knife is comfortable to hold however thanks to the well-shaped handle.

        The best way to use the knife is let the blade do all the action. Lightly pressing it on the food and doing a 'sawing motion' will get it cut in no time. There is no point putting loads of pressure on, as it doesn't feel as sturdy anyway due to the blade's attachment to the handle. The knife does give way a bit though because of this, so shouldn't get stuck in anything.

        I have cut myself accidentally with a few knives and this was one of them. You should be very careful when using it and always try to face it away from you and judge with great care when it may jerk into your hands whilst cutting something! It left me with a deep cut but it wasn't too bad! You certainly shouldn't use it for skinning potatoes for example, but it can be used to simply cut things such as bread, fish, chicken, beef, pork, lamb, cakes, pies and more as well as raw meat. The strength is all in the blade so let it do the work! I'd recommend one of these for your kitchen but it's not necessary.

        Thanks for reading!



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          29.08.2010 12:04
          Very helpful
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          The only knife you need to use

          OK so I admit it, I was sucked in by one of those slick presentations by a sales rep in Tesco's. The offer of a free gift sounded good and by the time I had listened to her speak I was convinced enough to fork out £25 for the set (the free gift was a fruit peeler by the way...and a not very good one at that!)

          For my money I received 3 of the standard 30 cm knives (similar in appearance to a bread knife), 2 pairing knives and a fish knife.

          With each of these you get a promise that you will never need to sharpen the knives and a lifetime guarantee - not that you will need it as the knives won't break. Sure the handle looks cheap and tacky and blade is so flexible you can nearly bend it in half but they really have surpassed all expectations.

          To backup the claim that you never need to sharpen them the presenter used the knife to cut into the head of a hammer and then went onto to slice fruit and vegetables without problem. Having used and abused my knives ever since I can totally agree with this. We even used it to scrape some stubborn paint off the walls, and 2 days of doing that didn't blunt it one bit

          Washing is a doddle as they are dishwasher safe although do take care to avoid the blade when washing by hand

          Well I ended up breaking up the set, keeping the 30cm knife and pairing knife for myself and giving the rest away to friends and family (the pack included a lifetime guarantee each for them as well). Everyone who has used the knives has been very very impressed. The knives are as sharp today as the day I bought them and my other knives lie unused in the cupboard.


          There really isn't much to criticise about these at all. They are a bit lightweight for some peoples taste and the paper case they came in, cheap plastic handle and bendy blade do not inspire confidence but in terms of use and value for money you cannot fault them.


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            20.07.2010 16:10
            Very helpful



            A great knife

            ==The Worlds Sharpest Knife==

            Now I don't usually get a lot of gifts from my mother in law but when I do they are usually shocking so tend not to mind getting them that often. Having said this however she has given me a gift which has probably got to be the best to date and that is this, The Worlds Sharpest Knife.

            I was rather cynical at first thinking that she probably picked it up from the market and that it was bound to break the first time I used it, but I was wrong. She had apparently ordered it from the shopping channel and got a whole load of knives for around £20 and of course instantly thought of me!

            Well I have to admit to not being very grateful at the time of receiving it, purely because I thought it was such a strange gift to give to someone but now I have used it and realised that it is probably the best knife I have ever,and will ever, use I am very happy of her gift!

            The knife is a good 30 or so centimetres in length and it has a stainless steel blade with shark teeth like edge. The handle which is a nice size and shaped to fit the hand well is made from a black plastic. The blade is not the strongest I have ever used and does indeed bend a little bit but I have found this no problem for me when cutting anything.

            We have got to have had this knife now for well over a year and unlike other knives, it is still going strong and cutting this so very effectively and quickly. The claim is that it can cut through a tin can without effort although this I haven't tried! I do use it for everything really from fish, meat, vegetables and even my home made bread. The knife works well at cutting the toughest things to be soft and durable for cutting soft and delicate bread.

            There is a lifetime guarantee with the knife although his seems only to cover the blade and not the handle and I suspect if there were to be any problems with the knife then it is sure to be the handle that breaks!

            The knife itself is easy to clean although care must be taken when hand washing it as the blade is really very sharp and stays that way! It is suitable for the dishwasher but does always need a towel dry off after it has been in the machine to prevent any water marks or worse case rust marks!

            So to round it all up, the knife is a good one. It is super sharp and does keep its cutting abilities even after a lot of use. It is good for cutting practically anything and does this with ease. Washing it is also simple and the price is a good one for such a nice piece of kitchen wear.

            All in all I think I will give a great score of 5 out of 5 stars as this is probably the worlds best knife!

            High Recommendation!

            Many thanks for taking the time to read.

            I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.


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              21.01.2010 14:58
              Very helpful



              Highly capable kitchen knife

              Whilst I am by far the biggest fan of tech and gadgets I like the simple things in life that make things easier or more simply, just do a job well. Whilst kitchenalia is not a pre-requisite for my window shopping trip there are sometimes good buys to be had in the homewares department of many big stores.

              Heralded by the proclamation of alleged amazing qualities the 'World's Sharpest Knife' definitely deserved a look at the promotional stand. I must mention at this point that I am not elitist when it comes to products and simply go for what offers best performance and longevity. I have a set of 5 Le Creuset pans that were discounted to just under £400 but they were bought because they will definitely last a lifetime. Equally I have scales and implements of just a few pounds value that have served equally well and continue to do so. With this in mind it is best to approach new products without prejudices to the price or the location in which they are bought.

              The World's Sharpest Knife:

              The 'World's Sharpest Knife' is brought to us by the Twin Towers Trading Company of New York who have an additional three offices in the US and internationally in Canada, Mexico, England, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. They specialize in homeware, cookware, cleaning products and cosmetics. They do however have other interests and have an extensive online e-catelogue which can be accessed at www.twintowerstrading.com

              The demonstration related to the the main product which was the above named sharpest knife which could perform unbelievable cutting tasks and still retain it's complete sharpness and without the need for maintenance. Subsequently the demonstrator used the knife to cut through rough surfaces of wood and plastic and then clean cuts through veg to show the blade was unaffected. A promising start for what looks like a basic kitchen knife. Things got more interesting when he cut into a thick shatterproof chopping board and again made clean cuts to show the retained sharpness. Incredibly the demonstration was taken to a new almost silly level where he claimed he was going to cut into a stainless steel hammer. Initially skeptical despite earlier success he indeed did make a marked cut into the head of the hammer in two places. Impressively the knife was still able to cut vegetables clean and evenly including the tough swede!

              Product well demonstrated and most probably sold. There were lots of different combinations of knives available but we went for the kitchen, fillet and paring trio which was £20. We were so impressed with the performance of the product for such little money that we bought another two sets for both our mums. Bear in mind that a single branded kitchen knife can cost as much as £50 and a lot more for the best in the designer ranges.

              Home Use:

              We have had this knife for quite some time now and the blade is as sharp as it was the day we first bought it. It easily cuts through anything you care to throw at it within the typical domestic setting though I imagine a few people have them laying around the house and garage for other little jobs too.

              I found the toughest things to cut are really swedes and this knife manages with those quite well whereas other knives, even electric, are next to useless. So be it fruit, vegetables, meat or bread this knife is more than capable of all tasks.


              I know some bargain hunters like to hang around the 'reduced' section in the supermarket which is a great place to find joints of meat. Too big for two? Just slice in half. Frozen joint? Just slice in half. The knife is capable of slicing through a large frozen joint of meat which may help get two or three meals out of one piece of meat.

              Let's be critical:

              The product does have a cheap feel to it and this is reinforced by the cardboard sheaf in which it is housed. Nothing about this says 'quality' despite the clearly marked lifetime guarantee. Bear in mind that cutting hard things like frozen meat does involve actual effort so you will need plenty of elbow grease. Annoyingly, you can't really say anything else negative about it because this IS a value product and as such does it's job very well.


              A cheap knife with a very high quality blade which should serve you perfectly well for many years or perhaps forever. In the unlikely event of any damage occurring to the blade you can return in to the manufacturer for a free replacement as long as it is in it's original sheaf. A must buy really due to it's cutting strength and longevity.


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                08.01.2010 20:58
                Very helpful



                Just because it looks like a bargain, doesn't mean it's any good!

                "All customers in store this morning will be given a free gift..."

                Well, you can't say no to that! I was shopping in Tesco one morning and they were giving out a "free gift" of a vegetable peeler, to all customers who stayed to watch a demonstration of The World's Sharpest Knife.

                ~~~ The Demonstration ~~~

                An insanely smiley lady climbs onto a small podium, waving a knife... most sensible people would leave, but I wanted my freebie!

                Now, I don't watch shopping channels and I've never seen an instore demo before, so I did find it quite fascinating, although I was very dubious (I thought, they're giving away something free so there must be a catch!). But as I had to watch the demo in order to get my free veg peeler (which wasn't worth it of course but by then I was commmited!), this is how is went...

                The lady launched into a long and overly cheery schpeil about how fantastic and sharp the knife is. She slices tomatoes thinner than you'll find in a Mcdonalds burger and makes light work of a cucumber. All very impressive of course, but then it was the World's Sharpest Knife! She also told us several times about it's lifetime guarantee and how we would never need another knife again. Etc etc etc...

                However, the impressive bit came when she cut through the chopping board and made a sizeable groove in a steel hammer. Now, when I was a child I fantasised about having a magic sword that would cut effortlessly through anything, so perhaps that explains why this Knife seemed so appealing!

                ~~~ The 'Sharp' Sell ~~~

                After the demonstration the smiley, rather scary lady with the very sharp knife offered us an amazing opportunity. These knives cost £25 each, but today, just for us, because we're so special and lucky, we could buy not one, but two knives for £25! Not only that but, because she liked us so much, the lovely smiley lady would also give us two free paring knives. And a wierd plastic orange juicing tool. Two, in fact. AND ANOTHER KNIFE!

                So for £25, just for today, for us few special people (who hadn't wisely legged it 10 minutes ago) we could buy

                3 World's Sharpest knives
                2 paring knives
                A couple of wierd plastic things

                and of course, our original free gift.

                ~~~ Why I fell for it ~~~

                Like I said before, I'd never really witnessed a sales pitch like this. The knives were shiny and impressive. The smiley lady smiled a lot. The knives were very sharp...

                ~~~ The World's Sharpest Knife, my opinion ~~~

                On getting home, one of the first things I did was get out one of my new knives and test it out. On an onion...
                Everyone knows that if you cut yourself the last thing you want in it is onion juice!

                After recovering and feeling rather silly, I took a closer look at the knife.
                OK, so we know it's sharp. However, as far as quality goes, it left a lot to be desired. The handle was obviously cheaply moulded and didn't feel very secure or comfortable in my hand.
                The blade was thin and very bendy, which considering it's length is not a good thing and made it feel very unsafe in my hand. It was rather hard to use and my dreams of slicing chef-style through mountains of veg in seconds were beginning to shatter...

                My concerns were confirmed by my husband when he inspected my latest purchase. He is a man who knows his knives (he sharpens his own and finishes them off on the car windows!) and he instantly recognised it for the cheap tat it really is. I felt very gullible and silly, I am normally the first to poo-poo something like this but I had totallly fallen for it... oops!

                ~~~ Lifetime Guarantee ~~~

                I inspected the guarantee certificate that came with the knife (for that lifetime guarantee the smiley lady ahd made such a song and dance about) and realised that was barely worth the paper it was printed on, by this point I was not surprised. If the knife does break you have to pay to return it - to the USA - and pay have it sent back. Which would cost nearly as much as buying the over priced piece of rubbish in the first place.

                ~~~ Summary ~~~

                If a lady who smiles too much offers you a free vegetable peeler, don't buy a knife off her...

                Oh, and the vegetable peeler turned out to be a wierd gadget for cutting veg into spirals. That doesn't work...

                I returned the knives two days later...


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