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Be.ez LArobe Color Protection Classic

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    1 Review
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      25.08.2009 21:33
      Very helpful



      Good protection, good fit, good job!

      I may have mentioned in a previous review; I love my MacBook.
      I'm a convert from PC land, and perhaps I'm in danger turning into a bit of a Mac-bore, or evangelist, but I really am impressed with the whole Mac experience.

      I am obviously keen, having spent all that dosh on my nice classic (for classic, read shiny white) MacBook, to keep it in pristine condition. So decided to get a case for it, to give it a bit of protection.

      I decided against the whole over the shoulder type, with pockets and such, for humphing around as, being only 13.3" in size, I reckoned I'd be sticking it in another bag if I was taking it somewhere. I was more looking for the light sleeve type to offer some general protection when sticking it in the drawer, down the side of the sofa or in another bag.

      So, when my first Amazon voucher came through from Dooyoo, I knew exactly what I was going to spend it on.

      Now, as you'd expect, I'm a stylish kind of guy, so I was looking for something stylish and after hunting about a bit, I plumped for the Be.ez 13.3 LArobe (pictured above). I assume the Be.ez is pronounced 'be easy'.
      It looks good and ticked the boxes for the level of protection offered.

      I got mine from Amazon (of course, because of the voucher) and it cost me £19.38 inc Post and Packing. I reckon this is a tad pricey, for instance there are some available in the £5 region if you look, but neither is it the most expensive in class. Delivery was speedy; ordered on the Wednesday night, delivered on Saturday, registered post.

      The technical bit:
      - It's made out of "Low Resilience Polyurethane (LRPu)", black on the outside, and coloured on the inside. Mine is green on the inside, or "Wasabi" according to the blurb.
      - The thickness of the memory foam is 5mm. Memory foam means when you press into it, it leaves an indent for a short while before returning to its original shape. This is good for shock absorbing should you drop anything on it, or indeed it on anything.
      - It has a rigid piping as an edging on both the top and bottom of the case so it gives it a little bit extra protection from edge knocks.
      - The zip has tough plastic teeth and two metal closer tags. The zip covers the top end and halfway down each of the sides.

      I particularly like the zip like this, because it means you have to actually take the laptop out of the case to use it, and put it fully in to close it. This means you won't have any of those not zipped up moments when the laptop comes sliding out onto the floor when you least expect it.

      There is a backwards 'e' logo in the bottom right corner of each side of the case, matching the colour of the inside of the case.

      Despite some of the reviews on Amazon, I found this case fits a 13.3" MacBook perfectly. It does not move about inside at all; it really is quite snug. I can only assume the reviewers bought, or received a larger size case than they thought.

      The MacBook feels nice and secure in this case and it's comfortable to carry, adding very little weight to the ensemble.

      For info, the manufacturer does many sizes of these cases, for larger laptops, and handhelds like the PSP and they come in other funky colours too


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