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CompuParts 10.2 inch Neoprene Laptop Sleeve

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Brand: CompuParts

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    1 Review
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      29.05.2013 15:26
      Very helpful



      A sleeve which seems to work but I still want a nicer one

      I was recently given an Asus Transformer Prime, and as it's such a pretty tablet/notebook, I wanted to make sure I looked after it well and protected it from damage as much as possible.

      I looked at sleeves on Amazon - at the time I was a little bit cash-strapped so was looking for something cheap. There are absolutely loads to choose from, with pretty pictures and patterns on them, but I selected the basic and functional 10.2 inch Neoprene Laptop Sleeve. This name could apply to pretty much any of the sleeves for this size of notebook which are available on Amazon, so let me tell you about it...

      The Neoprene Laptop Sleeve is available in four colours. The bulk of the case is black in each case, but you can have it with purple, blue, orange and white design. The design isn't very exciting, just some polka dots on the lower half and a coloured zip. I chose purple, it being my favourite colour and the least boring on offer. The case cost £4.99 with free shipping. It has a zip opening around the side, which I specifically wanted as I think the flap-opening or sleeping bac style sleeve that I have for my 7 inch tablet is getting a bit loose around the opening.

      When the sleeve arrived it look fine, but on first touch I realised it wasn't what I was expecting. I have two neoprene sleeves already, the abovementioned one for my tablet, and one for my Kindle. Both have a soft and slightly silky feel to them, but this new Neoprene Laptop Sleeve does not. It is quite rough to the touch, no matter which direction you move you hand along it.

      The sleeve is also fairly cheap looking, which to be fair it is - cheap that is. The material looks as well as feels rough, and before you even feel the thickness of the case you can see it. This is the thinnest of the three sleeves that I own, and while my Kindle one was more expensive, the one for my tablet was in fact cheaper. It is so thin that I wouldn't want to trust it to keep my new toy safe out of the house.

      The sleeve is labelled as being for 10.2 inch laptops and mine is 10.1 - so the sleeve is a little large for it. I didn't think this would matter but because it it so thin, you can feel the notebook rattling around inside it.

      As for protection in general, I don't really trust the sleeve but it has done well so far. My Asus has so far been a stay-at-home toy, as for such a small size it weighs heaps. The sleeve was intended to protect the notebook from dust and cat hair, but it has actually been tested with more than that.

      The first day I had the sleeve, a cat threw up on it. Sorry to share that with you, but it does serve to demonstrate the sleeve's protectiveness - nothing seeped through the case onto the notebook, although I was there when it happened so I cleaned it off pretty sharpish. I'm just glad the cat waited until I had put the sleeve on the tablet before throwing up on it. The case was easy to clean, although there is still a mark on it.

      For a while after that the sleeve really just acted as a dust guard, a job it seemed well suited to. But just the other day, the same cat was wandering towards me along the back of a sofa and bumped into the notebook in its case which was lying on the arm of the sofa - and knocked it off, down between the two sofas. It landed with quite a thump, but on inspection there was no visible damage to the notebook, so it seems the case did its job - I have to admit I was quite surprised.

      The evidence is that the case does do a reasonable job of protecting my notebook within limits obviously - you can't expect any neoprene sleeve to protect against serious knocks or drops. I still don't trust the Neoprene Laptop Case though - it feels too thin and rough to be much good. I'll probably buy a better quality one before long, but I can't really say anything against this one given that so far it has done its job. I suppose I just don't like it much.


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