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Debenhams Collections Black Buckle Front Laptop Bag

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Debenhams Collections / Handbag style carrying case for laptops.

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    1 Review
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      28.08.2011 22:56
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      After going through six handbags in a year, with each of them breaking from the weight of all of the things that I crammed into them I decided that it was time to invest in a decent bag. I tend to have to carry a lot of things around for work, just the usual stuff like note pads, files and my diary and I like to carry my laptop and a book too. So I really needed a bag that could fit it all in, looked professional and wasn't likely to break under the weight. I headed to Debenhams, which is usually my first stop for just about everything and I found this bag, which they advertised as a lipstick to laptop bag. The bag seemed perfect. It has a section for my laptop, it advertised that it had space for pens and side pockets too. It also looked really good. It's made from leather and doesn't really look like a laptop bag as such. In fact it looks like exactly what it is, a handbag that can also carry a laptop. This bag is clearly aimed at professionals and is not the kind of bag that I would carry around just for leisure. It seemed perfect so I just picked it up and bought it, without looking inside.

      When I got it home I was slightly disappointed to find that there is no section that's specifically made for pens. I imagined that it would have some of those little loops that you get to put pens in but it didn't. It does have a little zip pocket where you can put pens but I wouldn't say that this was specifically made for the purpose of pens and I have since ended up with so many bits in that little pocket that I don't want getting lost in the rest of the bag that it actually isn't somewhere where I can leave my pens and grab them quickly when I need one. There are three small pockets in addition to the zip compartment. One is the perfect size for my mobile which is great, the other two are too shallow to keep anything in.

      The second disappointment was the laptop part of the bag. It is cushioned on one side but not the other, which seems utterly pointless to me. The side of this compartment that is on the inside is cushioned very well, the other side isn't cushioned at all and the bottom isn't cushioned. This seems like a real design flaw to me and I can't imagine why they would do it this way. In fairness to them my laptop is in reasonably good condition still but I would feel happier if the bag better protected my laptop.

      However, although I did have some concerns initially this has proved to be very good bag. I have had it for a year now and it's still in excellent condition. Considering my history with broken bags I think this is a testament to how well made the bag is. It's a little bit worn in places now and the bits that keep the handles attached to the bag are beginning to fray but it's still holding together, it still looks professional and there's not a hole in sight. This really is a very high quality bag that has lasted me really well so far and I expect it to last me for some time to come. I have used it almost every day for a year. I have carried my laptop in it, heavy text books, lots of files and various other bits and pieces. Not only is there space for a lot of items, the bag is also strong enough to carry them without breaking. Of course it's not comfortable carrying around a lot of heavy items but this bag is about as comfortable as it gets and I have never found that the straps dig into my shoulders or anything like that. The leather is really soft.

      This bag was a great buy. I paid £45 for it in Debenhams and I feel that the use I have had out of it and the way that it has lasted me so well makes it really good value for money. It's still available to buy in Debenhams or on their website.


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