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Dell Classic Nylon Large Carrying Case

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4 Reviews
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    4 Reviews
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      23.02.2014 19:30
      Very helpful
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      A very useful Briefcase - tight fit to get everything in as a laptop case

      Dell Classic Nylon Large Carrying Case:

      Designed to hold laptops and notebooks up to a 17" screen I was actually given this bag brand new to use as a briefcase. Basically, when my firm ordered a huge quantity of Dell Laptops to replace most of the HP's they naturally requested a discount, instead of a discount they were given a free laptop bag with each machine purchased. The only problem with that idea was the staff had already been given the option of a carry bag or rucksack and about 30 people had requested the rucksack and they had already been purchased. Therefore our IT Boffins had 30 laptop bags that they just needed to get rid of, so naturally I obliged and knowing how useful my existing laptop bag was I was quite keen to get the Dell version home and give it a good going over.

      The main material of the case is Nylon and both the inside and outside are black and the front of the bag discreetly features the round Dell logo.


      For good measure, I tried my HP laptop in the bag and although it does slot into place, I prefer its normal bag.
      The main part of the bag has a half cover and a Velcro strap to hold the laptop in place and a useful document holder that will take a few pages of A4 sized paper. This section is accessed and secured by a strong nylon zip.

      In addition to this area there are three other openings two that are secured by strong nylon zips and the smaller section again only large enough for a few sheets of paper or a thin paperback or magazine is accessed via a thinner zip. The bottom of the case is flat with 2 square ribbed hard plastic feet for the case to stand on and avoid ware and tare.


      The overall dimensions are: 42 cms wide, 35 cms high with a depth of 13 cms.


      To carry the case there is a good wide strong over shoulder or even over body adjustable strap that features a nice soft padding area that slides along to where you need it such as to protect the collarbone. The strap attaches via strong stainless steel hooks and D style clips on the sides of the case. Alternatively, there is a softly padded nice sized handle should you wish to carry it that way or for manoeuvring. This handle is held on by two strong stylish chrome coloured square rings that really do lift the style element of the bag.

      Fitting Things In:

      For the sake of this review I have just popped the laptop and its leads and accessories into the bag and I have to say it is a tight squeeze compared to the Targus bag I usually keep it all in.

      Alternative Use:

      As an out and about case though it is terrific, lighter than the Targus, I can fit a few University books, a notepad, packed lunch, drink bottle, purse, mobile, paperback and my personal CD stereo as long as I use in-ear headphones and all the odd pens etc I need. Making it an ideal bag for travelling on the train.

      Price and Availability:

      Currently £16-£20 from Amazon but look out for the metal handle attachments. Also available from other outlets that sell Dell Laptops/Notebooks.


      Mine came at the best possible price and would I buy one? I think I would if they were significantly cheaper than the Targus as I do actually prefer the laptop bag to use than a briefcase or alternative bag.

      I would recommend the bag, if you are happy that everything goes in at a tight squeeze or that it would be easier to literally just take the laptop. The Dell bag is smart and durable and I suspect it is here to stay with me for a good few years to come. I am very pleased with my free Dell Laptop Case and I have been using it quite frequently for a couple of years now and it still looks like new. Laptop bags are versatile and stylish and I like carrying this one about!

      4 out of 5 for the reasons mentioned above.

      Thank you for reading and I hope you found it useful :)


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        02.05.2013 22:47
        Very helpful



        Excellent bag not just for laptops

        == Dell Laptop/Netbook Carrying Case ==

        I was really pleased to see this in the Dooyoo catalogue , as it's the kind of thing you wouldn't know about, or how good it was without reading a review , and this is a cracker [ the bag , although I hope the review is too! ] I received this case from my father in law as I own a dell laptop, and he had no need for it . I have owned it for about 2 years now and I believe the price was around £30 to buy new.

        == The Case ==
        The case is made from a strong black padded nylon. The overall size is 42 cms wide, 35 cms high with a depth of 12 cms. There are 2 handles on either side of the zip closure, they have a flat style rather than rounded, but are padded and are really good quality .They are strong and are very comfortable to hold and to carry the bag when it's heavy.
        There is also a large adjustable carry strap with an extra padded part to wear on the shoulder for comfort. This is attached to the sides with clips onto the D rings, again these are good quality and have a nice weight to the metal .
        The case consists of 2 main compartments , the main one for the laptop , and an extra one on the front for all the accessories.

        The front compartment is opened with 2 large quality zips and opens at a 45 degree angle .
        Inside there is a large wallet style pocket , 2 pockets with velcro closure suitable for a phone or camera. 3 further small wallet style pockets and 2 pen pockets. There is also 2 large zipped net pockets on the flap that comes down when it is unzipped . On the front of this pocket is another zipped pocket and the small silver Dell sign.
        The main compartment has 1 large wallet style pocket on the inside and a velcro closing to secure your laptop in place .
        Inside the bag is a plush covered U shaped piece of foam that fits into the bottom to secure your laptop and stop it sliding round .
        The back of the case has another pocket accessible through a zip at the top or there is another zip at the bottom of the pocket.
        The bottom of the case is flat with 2 hard plastic knobbly feet for the case to stand on.

        ==In Use ==
        It was only when I got the laptop case home that I realized that my laptop didn't fit . Despite the case looking big enough for any laptop it is designed to carry a 15 inch netbook or laptop , and mine is a 17 inch . My husband was quite pleased as he had his eye on it for a work bag . But all is not lost , if you remove the foam shaped U from the main compartment , and it comes out easily , you can fit a bigger laptop in. It fits perfectly, and is safe and secure and there is room for your charger too.

        I probably only use this for carrying my laptop 3 or 4 times a year when i go away, as I don't need to take my laptop with me on a daily basis . For this purpose the case is great , it does exactly what you want it to do , it carries your laptop safely and it is very comfortable to use .
        The case is mostly used for a work bag , yes my husband got his way . It is perfect for this , as it's large enough for A4 files and paperwork , and with all the pockets there is room for everything .
        It is really strong and sturdy , when filled with files and paperwork it is heavy, and it does get slung around in the boot of the car, and bashed around a bit . This has caused no damage at all .

        ==Thoughts ==
        I think this is a cracking laptop case and very versatile , not just for 15 inch laptops or netbooks it will hold bigger and its perfect as a work bag too.
        Looking at the bag you wouldn't think it was 2 years old now, its still in great condition which shows how good quality and well made the case it . If i needed a new case I would certainly buy this again and would highly recommend it to others.

        5 out of 5 . A cracking case.


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          15.09.2010 10:53
          Very helpful



          more pockets than you can shake a stick at

          Dell seem to have thought of everything with this case. I received mine free with a Dell laptop however they are on sale for around £30 and I really do recommend you take a look at one.

          What does it look like
          The majority of the bag is made from black nylon. You have a detachable shoulder strap that has a padded section you can slide to position it on your shoulder. The hand grips are also padded, making this a very comfortable case to carry - even when you overload as I have tended to do

          There are numerous pockets you can use to store laptops, documents, netbooks etc but before we get onto them it's worth having a look at the back. Here you will see a zip at the bottom and one at the top. The idea is that if you have a suitcase with a long handle you open both of zips on the laptop case and can then slide it over the handle of your suitcase. You then pull the suitcase along as normal and have your other hand free - this is really handy in airports. If you are not planning on using it for this purpose then you can simply unzip this section from the top and use it as an additional (somewhat tight) pocket.

          The main section of the case opens by zip from the top to allow you to put a laptop inside. I used a fairly bulky Lenovo T61 alongside its charger without any difficulty here. Once inside you can then firmly secure the laptop with a velcro strap. You will be able to put A4 notebooks alongside the laptop but if you do that the other pockets will become a bit tight. There is also a small zipped pocket on the inside wall of this area that can be used for pens or in my case snacks and choccy bars....

          The front section is a little smaller but has numerous pockets inside. The main part again opens by zip from the top and will easily fit a netbook inside. I was impressed that I could store a laptop in the main part and a 10 inch netbook in this front section at the same time. If you do do that be aware that the other pockets will be somewhat squeezed and you won't be able to fit much more in the case. You will also notice two pockets made out of netting in this section. These are just big enough to fit small notepads, my mobile phone and bits of stationery. Lastly you will find a few specially designed sections that allow you to slide pens and pencils into them.

          There is a zip on the outer wall of this section that allows you access to another smaller pocket. You won't fit much in here besides some very slim items such as a passport or plane/train tickets

          This really is an excellent case. You can store a surprising amount inside it and I really do recommend it. There are no major negatives but I did find the material on the corners started to become a little frayed over time. The other thing that I am not so keen on is the fact that this is very obviously a laptop case and I do not feel at all comfortable walking through town centres with it on my shoulder - for security reasons I would much rather have a nondescript sports bag that had all the necessary sections inside


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          03.08.2010 22:41
          Very helpful



          A really good carrying case for your notebook and files

          Dell Classic Nylon Large Carrying Case

          Having a recent up-date to the schools IT accessories (thanks to the schools PTA and numerous fund raising events - not any government or local council grants !!) we have all been given new laptop / notebook carrying cases.

          This is a more serious review for me, so sorry for the lack of puns and jokes to those who have enjoyed them in the my past reviews.


          The new cases were from Dell, simply because all our notebooks (apparently we can't call them laptops any-more not PC, excuse the pun) are Dell. When I was handed the box it was wrapped well, in a strong cardboard box, and not too heavy. On opening, the carrying case was wrapped in a thin plastic bag with several layers of protective sheets of polyethylene in and around the carrying case itself. All layers were sealed with minimum amount of sellotape so no need for silly time wasting trying to get the packaging off. So the product's packaging in my opinion - very well done and easy to open.


          As I mentioned the PTA raised that money for the teachers to have these but I have found out that they usually cost around £28 or less as I have seen a few on ebay. There is also another slightly smaller case available prices do vary.

          ~~~The Carrying Case ~~~

          ** Material - black nylon
          ** shoulder strip with padded section for comfort and can be adjusted for all heights of carriers.
          ** 2 padded hand grips enclosing 2 main openings for the notebook and another for files.

          The bag is jet black with a round, silver Dell logo badge on the front of the case (approx 1" in diameter). At first I did think it was quite large and wide for just carrying the notebook home in the evenings. However, on closer inspection I found there were 5 separate sections.

          All the sections are lined with a waterproof dark grey nylon which keeps the contents clean and dry - always a good aspect when carrying electrical goods I think!

          ** Front opening section - zipped front (with the silver logo positioned just below the zip). This section is approx 7.5" x 14.5" and is ideal for storing the battery charger and any connection cable, such as UBS leads for cameras. I like to put these cables here rather than the back opening as the plugs aren't positioned next to your hip or thighs when carrying.

          This section is also larger enough to hold small diaries or notebooks.

          **Section 2 on the front of the carrying case - zipped opening that runs around the sides and top so you can open this section out further.

          Inside this area there is a netted side (outer area) that is sectioned into two storage parts. This is ideal for keeping discs, I have put up to 8 discs in and they fit comfortable, and a selection of highlighters, pens, rulers and even a small calculator.

          The opposite side has some really handy pockets positioned on a sturdy partition. These pockets comprise of 2 sections that have Velcro sealed flaps. One is the perfect size for a mobile phone and the other slightly larger pocket could be used for a blackberry size gadget or calculator. Next to these are two areas that will hold onto your more precious pens - to finish this section there are 3 horizontally placed pockets similar to the credit cards holders you have inside your purse / wallet. The partitioned section will carry an A4 size file / folder easily, although you could only fit one or two that are not too full.

          ** Main sections - The 2 main section are again both zipped and open vertically down into the carrying case.

          The area nearest the front of the bag is for the notebook / laptop and has a stronger padding on each end for extra protection of your machine. There is another Velcro strip to attach over you notebook which holds it firmly in place.

          My school notebook is a Dell D520 15" screen that fits perfectly inside however my home notebook is a Dell Inspiron 1525 - this also fits nicely into the carrying case. Because I don't often take the chargers home I can often fit many of my files and books into the bag.

          ** The second main area, positioned parallel to the notebook section is the same size but has 2 parts to it - is great for storing files, folders and books.

          It doesn't quite fit the 30-90 books in that I usually have to mark each night, but than that isn't what its designed for !!!

          What I have noticed is that - if I'm only having to take files and notebooks home with my school laptop this is ideal. When I've attended courses and had to take my own notebook I don't need to carry another bag. I can fit the notebook and necessary files as they can all be stored into these 2 areas of the bag.

          **final section of the bag - this area is not as large than the first one on the front of the bag. It is slightly smaller than an A4 file height wise but longer in length. I have used this to put in letters or smaller notepad books for meetings and have also found it useful for (dare I say it - snacks!) Well - a girl needs to eat when on the move!

          ~~~ Overall Opinnion~~~

          I must admit this has been an extremely handy bag for many reasons. The main reason being that the various pockets allowed you to carry what's important in one bag - and we all know how that is a bonus within its self.

          I have been told that when our new notebooks arrive, hopefully before Christmas, that they will be compatibility with this carrying case. I hope so because I have come to rely on this so much more than the small carrying case that I have at home that only has 2 sections small enough to carry a notebook and 1 file.

          ~~~Would I recommend this carrying case~~~

          Yes I would.

          The only disadvantage is my son has been eyeing it up for his year 10 schooling that starts soon!

          He has seen the benefits for me and had already seen which pocket his Macbook will fit into - hands off son, it belongs to school not me.

          Thanks for reading and I hope this information has been of great use to you.

          X hev (on ciao and dooyoo)


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