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Dicota AluSlight Dicota AluSlight

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    1 Review
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      31.10.2012 21:27
      Very helpful



      It's made of aluminium not aluminum... remember that Mr America

      I usually have to carry my laptop around with me on a daily basis and when I do I tend to use a rather nice looking rucksack which has given me my monies worth since buying it, (I won't mention its name but I have written about it).
      Anyway, the rucksack that I use is still in nice working order. A little frayed around some of the edges, with a few little marks appearing over its time.
      However, a while back I was given a flat looking metal box which, to my surprise, was in fact an aluminium case that I soon found out was a laptop case. But this was no ordinary laptop case, this was in fact a laptop case with the added bonus of it being capable of protecting what ever you put into it.
      So I decided to use this to carry my laptop around just to see what it was like. And to be perfectly honest it hasn't turned out as bad as I thought.

      So what does this case look like then..?
      As I said, the body is pure aluminium, which makes it not only strong but light and easy to carry.
      It's not small, which is great really, being about 460mm by 350mm by 85mm, and it weighs just over 2kg, although that is when it is empty of course, once you've put your laptop into it, plus a few documents and the like, the weight does go up a bit.
      On the front, or side. No, it's the front. It is where the handle is which could make it the top couldn't it? Anyway, where the handle is the are two catches, one either side, which flick open and click closed, locking onto position with no fears of opening accidentally at all.
      As for the handle itself. This is solid and also manages to fold down so that the entire case can be stored away a lot easier in such places as over head storage on trains and the like.
      On the base, bottom, lower section, the part that you may put on the ground when you put it down, there are four small yet strong little knobbles that keep the main body off the ground so that it doesn't get damage no matter how hard you drop this onto the floor.
      On the top, or the part that is opposite the base part, there is a well shaped handle which fold over so that it lies almost flat. Plus, there are two catches which lock the two sections together. These catches are a slightly different material and may look on the small side but they are stronger than they look, and as they are capable of being locked it makes this case quite safe indeed.

      Now for the inside of this metal protector...
      When you open it up there are two separate sections, top and bottom.
      The lower section of the interior is bathed in a very soft foam, (technically called HDF or High Density Foam... I know????), which protects the laptop from most knocks, keeping it safe inside. This section easily houses the laptop, being securely held in place by a strap which uses the good old fashioned 'Velcro' in order to compensate for different thicknesses of laptops. Also on the bottom section there is room for something like the charger and a little more too.

      On the top section, there are four pockets with two small one above two larger ones, the larger pockets being almost transparent so you can see what is in there.
      The top pockets have elastic edges around the tops whilst the lower pockets have flaps to keep everything in place.
      Then behind these pockets there is a large area for paper work, easily accommodating A4 size folders without any trouble at all, with this folder section having a Velcro type flap to lock anything in position.

      And finally, to stop the lid from opening too far there is a foldable arm which is neatly placed near the edges to the rear.

      So that's the inside then. Doesn't sound like much but it gives lots of room for a standard size laptop and everything you need to take with you to keep your daily computing world in the go.

      My opinion...
      After usually using a rucksack to carry my laptop and work things around with me I was a little uneasy about using this one, although not horribly uneasy, more thinking that there would be very little room for all the paperwork, memory sticks, more paper work and even laptop charger. Plus, I thought this might make me look more like a 'fuddy-duddy' business man, which I am not really.
      But after using this for a while I found that I felt more 'business like' as I strutted my stuff from place to place, using this aluminium case as more a status symbol rather than an aid to convey my wares, so to speak. It did, and sometimes still does, turn a few heads when I walk into a building with this hanging from my hand. I don't know if people think there's something dangerous inside the aluminium case or they maybe think I'm a few sandwiches short of a picnic hamper. Either way, heads do turn, but no one's ran off yet?

      I couldn't believe how strong the case actually is, considering the fact that it weighs almost nothing at all. A bag of sugar weighs more, until I start putting my stuff into it, then it does get a bit heavier. But even then the handle is shaped in such a way that carrying it is still so comfortable in my hand, which is great on my fingers.
      I like the fact that it manages to protect what ever I put into it, especially my precious laptop.
      When I say protect what ever you put into it I don't mean that it will attack anyone that tries to get into it without the right permission. Nor will it sprout legs and make a dash for it in the event of a fire. What I mean by protecting your contents is that it is a sturdy build and, to add that extra bit, the interior of the lower section, where your precious laptop will live, is bathed in a very comfortable foam that hugs your laptop with that loving feeling.
      I have actually dropped this a few times, accidentally of course, I've not really thought about deliberately throwing it around to see how it copes, maybe I should?. Anyway, as I said, I've dropped it accidentally and it has survived every drop without any serious damage at all, a few scratches is about it. It has landed on the corners a few times and, however this is made and the way they've designed these corners, the corners just won't dent, keeping this case nice to look at from all corners.

      The inside isn't anything really special, looking like most other laptop bags that I have seen, used or owned. It can easily accommodate laptops up to 16 inch and still leave plenty of room around the edges for other items. Then the top section has plenty of room for lots of A4 size papers, files, memory devices and lots more. It's like carrying a small office around with you in a secure state.

      The shoulder strap is very adjustable and can be unclipped from the case, which I tend to take off most of the time and end up carrying the case just using the handle, which is a good size and very comfortable indeed.
      The four little 'stoppers' on the bottom are a good size and do a great job in keeping the aluminium body off the ground when this is stood upright. This stops the case getting unnecessary scratches and mud on it, possibly dog doings which is even worse.

      In all this is a rather sturdy, if a little 'formal' case which will protect your laptop with ease. It may not have hundreds of logos splattered all over it, telling everyone that I have spent all my money just to keep up with the Jones's. but it has a very nice shape, with curved edges so there's no danger of stabbing myself in the leg, causing serious injuries.
      The lockable catches are strong and smooth in motion, flicking open with ease and snapping shut with an air of authority. With the locks themselves managing to withstand being force open by hand. I Haven't tried really forcing them open using a screwdriver or even some high explosives as I don't want to cause any damage to it.

      So what about the price of this laptop protector..?
      It's pricey, selling for about £60 or more, but it will protect what ever you put into it with it's walls of steel, well, walls of aluminium anyway.

      You may think that £60 is a bit much for a laptop case but if you've got a laptop that worth a few quid, which you do have to cart around from A to B, visiting every other letter in the alphabet as you go, then this could be money well spent if you want good protection.

      ©Blissman70 2012


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