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Hewlett-Packard Notebook Bag and Mouse Travel Essential Kit

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Manufacturer: Hewlett Packard / Type: Laptop Bag and Mouse

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    1 Review
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      22.07.2013 10:23
      Very helpful



      An excellent bag!

      For my birthday this year my Mum really shocked me by getting me a refurbished netbook which meant I was no longer tied to the PC which was in my bedroom and could be a bit more mobile when using the internet and things. What I didn't anticipate was how many issues we would have with the new netbook and in the end the store she got it from replaced it with a different machine more suited to the things she had requested in the model for me. What came with the laptop was the Hewlett Packard notebook bag and mouse travel essential kit and this is my review of the product.

      More often than not I work on my laptop at home and so I don't really need a case to put it in but sometimes just for the sake of things looking tidy and so it is not obvious there is a laptop in the house I will put it away in this bag. Sometimes I have allowed my son to take my laptop up to my parents when I am working so that he can play on bin weevils or something and this bag has been invaluable in those times.

      The bag is suitable for up to 16 inch notebooks or laptops and I personally think it is a really good size. It is mainly black in colour but does feature a light grey section around the front pocket which breaks up the plain black colour well but still looks professional and also stylish. It would suit either a male or a female in my opinion as it is a very neutral looking product and I would certainly be happy carrying this about with me should I need to on my travels. There is a small rubberised grey band with the HP logo on there but this isn't particularly prominent. The HP logo is also on the silver zip ends too so you can see the branding of the bag if you look closely for it.

      What I really like about this bag is the fact that there is so much space in there for all of the things you may want or need to store in it. On the front of the bag there is a zipped section which is a reasonable size and I like to store pens, instructions for use and a notebook in there for when I am doing my reviewing and am making lists of what I need to do and when. This zipped section is on the front of a larger pocket which has various little sections inside suited to popping the mouse, pens, usb sticks, power cables or whatever else you may want to put in there. The main section of the bag is basic in that there are no additional pockets there but it is nicely padded and so I feel as though my laptop is protected when it is in there. Finally there is a section on the back of the bag which is held with velcro as opposed to a zip like the other sections but which is a good sized section for putting anything in that you would need to go in the bag really. When my son takes this to my parents we have popped the laptop and its essentials in but also added things like books, my son's pencil case and colouring books and other bits and bobs in there so there really is plenty of room for carrying things in this.

      The bag features carrying kinder on your hands when you are carrying the bag with your laptop in it. The bag is comfortable to carry like this I find and I never feel as though I am going to lose grip or anything. There is also an additional shoulder strap but I haven't attached this to my bag as I prefer to just carry it using the handles on the main body of the bag.

      What you also get with this bag is a usb mini mouse and this has been an excellent addition to my portable computing needs to be honest. Whilst I can often use the laptop without the mouse sometimes, especially when typing a review, I must nudge the touch pad and end up either deleting half of my work or starting typing in the middle of something I have already written. The addition of the usb mouse means this is less likely to occur when I plug it in to the laptop. The mouse is a sleek, shiny black colour and only small but it is really responsive and meets all of my needs so I cannot complain at all.

      This bag is selling on amazon currently for £25.00 and I think that is a great price really for a good quality bag which has plenty of space for your portable computing needs as well as a very good quality, functional mouse as well. It makes travelling with your laptop easy or just makes things look more tidy if you pop it in to the bag at the end of the day and I have no reason not to award this set a full five stars.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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